It’s Game Day!


Iowa State plays UConn tonight at 6:30 and Mandy is decked out for Game Day. Can’t wait and hope we win! My whole neighborhood and all my church friends are big Iowa State fans!
My little friend Dakota gave me a new coffee mug that I used this morning for my coffee. It says “When I die the dog gets everything.” Perfect!! I love it.
I promise I will never abbreviate Baby Moo’s name ever again. I apologize to everyone who was offended. I just was too lazy to type it all out every time and I just didn’t think it would matter. Sorry!!

19 thoughts on “It’s Game Day!

  1. Connie Tharp

    It doesn’t matter one bit to me if you abbreviate Baby Moo’s name if you feel like it. I knew why you did it. Go Iowa State! And I love your new mug!

  2. Carolyn-Cold in Minnesota

    Really–offended, oh well. Go Iowa State–you are the last Big XII to survive. We are pulling for you!

  3. LaRue

    Oh for crying out loud!! Abbreviate to your hearts content! I thought it was funny! Go State! And my cup would need to say “leave it to the cat!” LOL

  4. brenda a

    I thought the nickname was adorable. Now, as to Iowa State, I am from CT and don’t care too much about the men’s tournament but … tomorrow … I’ll be cheering for the Uconn WOMEN!
    And on another note, Cathy, who’s mother lives in Britt, received the Arizona Quilter’s Hall of Fame Award last night at the AQG show in Mesa (2014 QS).

      1. brenda a

        Cathy Vaught. Her mother is Ruby Brock who used to own the Ben Franklin store.
        Cathy appliqued a beautiful William Morris inspired quilt. I’m sure it will be viewable by checking the AZ quilt guild web site.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    Okay, since I was the one who first mentioned the acronym, I just wanted to put it on record that I was not offended, thought it was funny since I get so absorbed in your post it took my train of thought to a different path (I’m easily distracted). So I’m reopening another issue I brought up earlier, you don’t think your life is a reality show, sneaking around in the dark with a flashlight to make sure the goats are behaving. I rather watch Baby Moo Moo than Honey Boo Boo.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sometimes I would have to agree that my life resembles a reality show! You should have seen me helping unload bales yesterday!
      I should have taken pictures of that!

  6. Katherine Firch

    Love your posts and rooting for Iowa State all the way! College sports are just the best.

  7. Linda

    I love the mug–I have to search on line for the mug…..I have to have one

    Go–Iowa State–I am pulling for you guys….

  8. donna j

    Dear Mary…I was the one to say the dreaded BM Bowel Movement…and I was not offended…it was humorous. Just it means something totally else! If it makes you feel any better…my roommate and I in the ’70s called Barry Manilow “good ole BM”. We knew what we were referring to but all our nursing classmates said it meant something else. So, if you would need to shorten her name to BM, that would be just fine. I like to abbreviate everything when I type, too!

    Love the mug. My family would be mad it I left all my quilts to my dog. But we all know that our beloved pets are family to us.

    I will root for ISU, too. Lived in Iowa for 11 1/2 years and loved it. So will be more than happy for them to win the whole kit-n-caboodle (aka the k-n-c). Enjoy the game!

  9. Nikki

    Good Heavens! No offense taken and if anyone offended they need to grow up..(or maybe grow a pair).

  10. Julie Burkhardt

    Awe — Just call him BMoo — no problems with that one. I didn’t think a thing of it when you typed BM — I knew who were talking about.

    Go STATE!!!!

  11. anita fetzer

    Let’s just call her Boo. Offended? Life’s a little too short for that. We’re rooting for our Univrsity of Dayton Flyers. Would love to see them win over Florida but whatever the outcome they have done our city proud. Such exciting games

  12. Judy

    I knew why you abbreviated it and nothing even crossed my mind about it. Some people have way too much time on their hands and need to get a life.
    I enjoy your blogs, keep on keeping on. 🙂

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