It’s Monday, Folks!  More About MEH

I’m going to use today to answer all questions and comments in separate blog posts .  Connie went to IKEA and I’m dog sitting so today seems like a good day to get caught up with my notes.

One more post about Mary Ellen Hopkins.  In a previous comment Judy Linn wrote about working with MEH during those days of booking quilting seminars at big hotels and  recently I was looking through one of my notebooks from a retreat in Las Vegas.  I wrote down some of the comments from women passing by the ballroom where we were sewing and these comments are hilarious. Yes,these are comments from ladies like any of you who might have been vacationing at the casino where we were sewing.  Judy – I hope you’re reading this because you, of all people, will appreciate this.

1.  Are you repairing the upholstery?

2.  Is this a fundraiser?

3.  I see all this sewing going on – can you fix this strap?

4.  Are you making draperies for the casino?

5.  Is this for regular people?

6.  I always wanted to make a quilt for my bedroom but I don’t think I’d do it this way!

7.  Do you work for the hotel?

Honest to God, these are actual comments from the public.  Many times at shows I would jot down questions and comments from the customers.  Some were hilarious, some were insulting, some were very complimentary and some were just repeated time and again.

Thanks again, Mary Ellen – I had a super good time!

12 thoughts on “It’s Monday, Folks!  More About MEH

  1. Nancy T

    Hi Mary,
    In your post of Feb. 12th there is a picture that shows two quilt blocks on the side of your house (or what I think is your house) that I would love to know what is it you use to make these beautiful eye catching works of art! What board, OSB, etc. do you even start with and then move on up to paints and sealing finish if necessary. I have a tack room for the horses that I would love to doll-up and I would consider tackling it if you have a “Mary’s” way in which to do this. I love all you do and all you post, wouldn’t miss a day! Fondly and Friendly, Nancy T

    1. Mary Etherington

      Country Threads used to sell barn quilts made from a very light weight aluminum with a foam core center. Our printer made them for us from a quilt block we chose. They actually printed the fabric on the block. Sadly since we closed the business they chose not to continue making them. These blocks are on the side of the quilt shop which has now become my personal playhouse.

  2. Susan Sundermeyer

    Never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but watched her on television every chance I got!

  3. Nancy

    She was a great teacher and lady. She was one of my first teachers and I learned so much from her. I took several classes with her. When ever she was close I would go. She would tell the story about how she worked on her quilts in her living room, with her sewing machine in front of the TV. I may have to get one of her books out and make another one of her quilts. Nancy P.

  4. Diane

    My favorite is” is this for regular people.?” Heck no, we’re special not just regular–we’re quilters:).

  5. Judy Linn

    Yes, I am reading and laughing and remembering with such great memories!
    Yes, people REALLY said those lines!!! Made me laugh-out-loud for sure. I don’t think we said LOL was anything but Lots of Love back then!
    I remember one seminar I was taking notes for the umpteenth time from Mary Ellen. Instead of writing about quilting, I changed it to Mary Ellen’s notes on philosophy of life. I will have to find those notes and share! My kids will remember them as soon as I say them! I quoted her often while raising two boys and a girl.
    One story – my daughter (14 years young) and I signed up to go to Vegas for Mary Ellen one year. Kay England who was coordinating ME seminars at that time told me later that she was in disbelief that ANYone would sign up their daughter. She was sure she would be babysitting this snotty/teen who probably did not know anything about quilting. My daughter “ran” the quilt shop we owned at the time and we decided that no one needed to know how old she was. We had such a blast running the quilt shop together! Anyway – back to seminar…
    One evening I could not find my daughter. I was ready to go back to the room and I strolled the halls looking for her. Yup, you may have already guessed, I found her – She and Mary Ellen were in the bar sharing many laughs! What a HOOT! I am sure ME did not waste any of those moments to pour some of her philosophy of life into my daughter. I am grateFULL!
    PS Kay and my daughter became best buds too!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – Kay is a great friend of mine as well. Yes, I could have guessed your daughter was in the bar – MEH true to form. Hilarious!

  6. Amy

    Mary Ellen Hopkins was the first quilt guest lecture I attended. It was 1981 in Tulsa OK after I had graduated from college. I had joined the local quilt guild to meet people but at the time was not really a quilter. I had taken a class to make a folded star in the embroidery hoop (remember those!) and a tote bag class. I remember her standing on a chair as she lectured so that everyone could see her. She was so fun and entertaining, I decided to join the quilting craze. I only lived in Tulsa for 3 years but through that guild I also took a class on Amish quilts from Roberta Horton and learned how to rotary cut with a ruler by Nancy Crow (I don’t think Omnigrid was in the game yet!). And so it began…..thanks Mary Ellen!

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