It’s National Dog Day! 8-26-22

We should have organized a bigger outing of dog friends – but Mollie visited Telly and Hazel and then there’s brindle boy without a name yet. I mowed the goat pasture and then brought the dogs down to play!

If you’re a long time reader of the Goat Gazette you probably recall Kate’s essays about living in New York City. Today Kate with her husband Brian and their two girls Quinn and Hadley visited the farm. I had not seen them for 3 years and oh my, you know how kids can grow up in 3 years to ages 6 and 8.

Hadley left, Quinn right. I bought this golf cart from their grandpa about 30 years ago and now these girls are here driving it all around the farm. Sweet!!

They’re here visiting Kate’s dad and friends in the old hometown of Garner which includes me! Had the best visit with them – they live in New Jersey and life is good for their family after Covid settled down.

Hadley loves Hazel! And the feeling is mutual, don’t you think?

Quinn is not so sure about JB
A man outstanding in the field

I had such a lovely time with them – wish they didn’t live so far away. Maybe after Rick’s hip gets fixed I’ll be able to travel a bit??? His hip replacement surgery is scheduled for October 13. At least it’s scheduled. Thank you to everyone who chimed in about my foot – I just want someone to tell me it can be fixed! I don’t want it to be just arthritis – I already have plenty of that and there’s no fixing it – just pain pills. Ugh.

Three says Happy Dog Day to all his dog friends!

28 thoughts on “It’s National Dog Day! 8-26-22

  1. Sue in Oregon

    How about BB for Brindle Boy.
    Happy you had such a great visit. Darling girls. I bet they had a ball at the farm.

  2. Marilyn Miller

    Bryn, for your brindle boy, maybe? Your foot just looked painful. I hope it’s temporary so that it doesn’t slow you down permanently.

  3. Kris in WI

    Oh, Mary, I don’t know anyone who would enjoy National Dog Day more than you. I was about to nominate you for the Patron Saint of Dogs, but that honor is already taken by Saint Roch (pronounced “rock”). He gained the position when he gave grateful thanks after his dog brought him bread and stayed by him when he was ill. Maybe your snuggle buddy could be named Rocky?
    How wonderful to feel well enough to welcome your guests to the farm! Talk about “What I did on my summer vacation.” Dogs, cats, goats, chickens, geese, and driving the golf cart! What good memories to take home with them. Hooray for you to make it possible.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Every day is National Dog Day on your farm with the gorgeous dogs that grace your lawns. I love how the cats mingle with your guests and enjoy being social.
    So cute along with the doggies.
    Nice you could spend time with a lovely family. I am sure you had so much to catch up on. Coming East would be a fun trip for you and Rick. I hope it happens.
    My husband use to take ibuprofen but now has to take Tylenol due to his meds since last summer and he felt it wouldn’t be as affective but it has once he kept taking it. He too has to be selective to buy sneakers and found some with mesh on the top and sides so lots of flexibility. He’s particular about sandals so no straps are rubbing on the foot bump.

  5. Mary

    Love reading your posts and seeing what is going on at the farm. So happy to hear you are doing better. And to have company to brighten your day was so wonderful. You are one special lady to be able to do all that you do. Keep hanging in there, and with God’s blessings you will overcome the obstacles. Love you.

  6. Katie in Gilbert, Az.

    Looks like the DOGS had a fun day on National Dog Day, and your guest enjoyed the visit, take care of your foot..
    Thank U always for sharing your life in the Farm…
    Today I am a lil under the weather and your post perked me UP

  7. StephE

    Great visit! Three looks perfect perched in the supervisor spot! And maybe you’ve found your name…. BB, Brindle Boy!

  8. Dorothy

    I had total hip replacement in Dec 2021 on a Mon afternoon and they “kicked me out” 24 hours later because I could walk to the bathroom using a walker. I am 80, and I have to say honestly–no pain involved with the surgery. The pain was before when I walked on it for 2 weeks thinking it would get better. 1st broken bone I had ever had. I love BB for the pup’s name–but also Lucky because he has you

  9. Sue H

    What a lovely family. I’m so happy you had a great visit. New Jersey is a long way away from Iowa and three years was a long time. The golf cart story was super sweet. Grandpa would be so pleased!

  10. Janet

    Thank you for sharing another wonderful day on the farm. Years ago, I read a ‘cure’ for arthritis. You simply put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it EVERY DAY. You may have to add a little honey until you get used to the taste. I’ve been doing it for years and at 75, I still have minimum pain. Good luck with your foot, it looks painful.

  11. Mary Ann

    I enjoy reading your posts every day. My daughter has a rescue dog and the whole family loves her. Hope your foot improves.

  12. Kim from TN

    What a fun day with the girls on the farm, not sure who enjoyed it more, them or you and your pets. I sure hope your foot is something they can fix, painful feet is the pits for sure. It was wonderful to see the dogs enjoying the newly mowed goat pasture and have a grand time of it on NDD.

  13. Jill Norenberg

    Did you have a chance to see my previous comment? My suggested name for brindle puppy is “Scout”. Do you like it?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – I DID like Scout – I even wrote it down to consider. I have to write them down before the comment disappears.

  14. Marilyn Miller

    I woke up this morning and the name Briar came to me, I’ve apparently been thinking of your brindle boy. I don’t know if that will work, but I thought it was worth sharing. I became a first time great grandma last evening to little Lennon in Oregon and here I am all the way in west central Illinois. Oh well, he and Mom are healthy and we have a beautiful late summer day here once again. Be well, Mary.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Congratulations Great Grandma on little Lennon coming into this world.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn – Congratulations on little Lennon! I just love his name, don t you? Bet you’ll find time for a trip out west this fall! Yes, a beautiful day!

  15. Kathy B

    BB for brindle boys name. Someone dumped a black cat at our place and I called her BC. Love reading about your farm life. THANK YOU 😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I had a BC – named for being Barn Cat but then he followed me to the house until he moved in. Then he should have been called HC for House Cat.

  16. Kim

    I would name him Brin – sure would be nice if his personality could shine through at the right moment so he is adopted, he appears to be a nice companion. Does it seem that he’s settled down since his littermate was adopted?

  17. Ann in PA

    Love, Love, Love your posts! We are dog-sitting our granddog German Short Hair Pointer, Pearl. Two of our grandkids came over yesterday to spoil her for National Dog Day. We watched a fantastic family movie on Netflix, “Rescued by Ruby”! Hubby and I saw it earlier and loved it. You would LOVE it, too! It’s a true story. Even Pearl perked up when she heard some of the dogs barking in the movie. There are great “outtakes” at the end that show a dog named Bear who was cast as Ruby. Bear was also a rescue dog.
    Hip surgeries are so much better these days; recovery time is quick.

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, happy national dog day! Bella celebrated by sleeping on my lazy boy last night instead of the sofa! My brother is in wellington for the weekend, he is doing locum work in New Zealand till December, so great to catch up with him. Have a great day everyone, best wishes from Sandy

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