It’s the baby’s fault!

With all the excitement of Camber’s arrival last week, I completely forgot about the next step in the rug!  So I’ve been to church this morning, Rick is in Houston, it’s about 90 degrees outside – what better time to sit in the AC and start the rug?

I assume you have your frame warped so please turn your book to page 5, step 3, Weaving Row #1.

I am going to make my little runner with t-shirt knit and since I have an abundance of yellow strips (it was a sheet), one of my twining strips is always going to be yellow.  I will add different colors as I go.  The first row will start with one yellow strip.

This is when the rubber band is helpful – it keeps the warp on the nails while you twine that first row.  After that it can be removed.  Push the twining up close to the nails.  Continue going over and under the warp across the frame.  Watch the DVD for a very clear demo of this step.  When the one end of the yellow strip runs out, add a different color.

Continue to twine  to the upper left corner and refer to Step#4 on page 7.  This is titled **Very Important Step for a good reason.  If you miss this one step, your rug will simply come apart after all your hard work!

You must go through that loop you hung on the first nail to secure the twining strip to the warp!  Double check this or you will be sorry.  When you twine the first row on the other end, you will go through that loop as well.  I put the letter opener through the loop so you might see it easier.

Each twining strip must go around the rod and then start twining left to right – over the top and under the warp.  Continue across the row.

When you reach the right side pass the twine under the rod, wrap the other twine around the rod and start back the other direction.  Both twining strips must always combine the last strip and the rod so that when you pull the rod out, the edge of your rug will be straight.

Turn your frame upside down and repeat working on both ends and finishing in the middle.

I will check in with you in a few days.  My email is if you run into problems.

Here was my boarder yesterday – Ginger and a visitor named Natalie who just loved to carry her around.

Ezra belongs to Natalie so she came along on the short visit to see Telly.

And guess who came today?  Here is Bentley in the car whining as he gets closer to the farm.

Emma can find the darnedest places to lay!

And here’s yet another new project – a hosta garden under a tree where no grass will grow.  Me – a hosta garden!!  Ha!

Connie got 4 semi loads of black dirt delivered last week.  Pictures coming.

Big week coming up – good friends coming to sew, talk, laugh and soak up the country air – can’t wait!


13 thoughts on “It’s the baby’s fault!

  1. Donna Ondler

    Mary your life is so full. I admire you and all you accomplish in a days time. Nothing will be left untouched with you around. Emma is so funny and Bently is too cute for words. Can I come and spend a week with you and see how you accomplish so much đŸ˜‰ Really I would love to come spend a day with you just following you around and visiting with all your animals too. Is Colton still around. I never hear about Colton and am wondering. We ladies met Colton shortly before you closed up your shop and fell in love with him. He was so affectionate.
    Do you ever have sewing weekends or sewing days where quilters can come and spend a day with you and sew? Just curios is. Thanks Mary. I love your posts and congrats on the sweet bundle of joy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna -‘Steph and carol are coming to sew in the classroom so I guess you could, too. What shall we sew? When do you want to come?

  2. Sheryl Austin

    I bought a lug loom a long time ago with every intent of making a rug, believe I bought in Chicago. Anyway, I left it on my enclosed porch but there was moisture & the nails rusted, have kept it thinking there was a remedy For removing the rust. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Hydrogen Peroxide takes the rust out of my clothes from the washing machine…..maybe worth a try? And we all love Country Threads. Maybe she could board us for a day of whatever?

        1. Janice Hebert

          Oh boy, a road trip! I’ll have to get out my map books and see how long a drive it would be from Topsfield, MA! lol! Would very much like to join you girls! What fun it would be to meet you all…

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Sheryl – I don’t think the rust will matter at all – in fact, I’m sure one of mine is rusty.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I’ll just be happy reading about all of the Country Threads adventures, looking at all the pictures of the critters, kids, quilts. They are so much fun, even from here in Rapid City. Thank you.

  3. Launa

    A cool mid to upper 90’s coming today later…..then the real heat sits on the valley for a few days.
    Looked like Emma was going to play lifeguard sitting on the bench so near the wading pool!!
    The final game is in Oakland this evening……Was glad to see Sam Hornish win the Exfinion race at Iowa Speedway this Fathers’ Day.

  4. Diane

    Hi Mary–I am not quite ready yet, but I’m going to try my second rug with flannel strips. I”m known as the Flannel Queen in the Quild so I have lots. Is little Camber home yet? I love her name; is it a family name? Emma–soooo funny and little Natalie looks like she loves Ginger. What fun. It’s going to be hot for a few days here in Central Ohio so I’ll be quilting:) Enjoy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – congratulations on the big win tonite! Camber went home about 20 minutes ago. Her name is their concoction alone.

  5. Carol

    I guess I can’t join the fun at the sewing circle that is developing here as I am in WNY! But I do love the daily report from the farm…from babies to nanny goats and all manner of a farm woman’s life! You are so entertaining, Mary, and so sharing of your joys and sadness. Your readers are blessed to know you from afar! And those who get to spend a day playing with and learning from you are truly blessed!

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