It’s Tuesday!

Connie and I filled orders this morning and listed all the things I should talk about this week and there are many as it turns out. I always think I don’t have anything to say until we start listing what we think is blogable – is that a word? I remember one time Jo’s kids announced to her about something – “no, you can’t put this on the blog!” Haha!

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Becky even said that to me once – something like “you won’t put it on the blog, will you?”

We were at Jodi’s funeral yesterday which was certainly a testament to her faith – the pastor spoke so lovingly about her and it was very plain that they had a wonderful relationship. It’s always fun to see the cousins – we had a great time at our table and we were probably too loud and laughed too much for a funeral but we just couldn’t help ourselves! They served warm, fresh homemade buns that were delicious. I wish I’d remembered to tell the ladies in the kitchen what a nice lunch they served.

Roger Kramer’s private funeral is tomorrow and reception for friends and neighbors is at 4-7 pm in Waucoma.

And here’s some outstanding news about Ben!

He had his last chemo after 1168 days since his diagnosis, over 3000 pills and hundreds of pokes and IV infusions. Connie says he loves everything “ball” and they played some kind of “ball” all weekend at the lake. Doesn’t he look good? And Claire was celebrating her 9th birthday last weekend at the lake. Ben will turn 7 in August.

Next month we’re going to start a new game and I will give you plenty of time to prepare. This is Connie’s UFO game. Find 12 unfinished quilting projects and put them in 12 bags. Number each of the bags 1-12. On the first of every month Connie will draw a number 1-12. We will announce that number and you’ll have 30 days to finish up your corresponding project. Now July 1 is several weeks away but we’re giving you time to find all your UFO’S and if you would like to pick one to work on during June, you’d be one up on all the rest of us. We both used a large index card labeled 1-12 and wrote down our projects. You will not know which one you’ll be working on that month until Connie chooses a number and I post it. After that time you’ll have a month to get it finished. Anybody in? When you finish a project I’ll be happy to post all the photos on one day during the month. Let’s all get together and do this – I know I need a nudge to finish some things and would love to finish one for every new one I start – wow, now that’s a challenge!

Book Review — Countdown to Christmas by Susan Ache

Jo reviewed this book not too long ago and it’s really such a coincidence that my first choice in the book to make is one of Jo’s favorites, too.

You all know how much I like red and white quilts and just take a look at this one.

It’s called Background Music and I’m going to do this in Civil War prints because I have so many. I’d really love to make it like Susan’s but I just don’t have those fabrics on hand.

The premise of this book is really about quilts that can be displayed all year round as well as some Christmas themed quilts. Connie’s theory on books is that she must like at least 3 quilts in a book to make it worth buying. If a pattern is around $10, a book at between $25-30 will only be worth the money if there are 3 projects she wants to make.

Here are my 3 quilts:

Love all the piecing! Susan, if you’re reading this I want you to know that Connie and I both love your new book!

I’ve worked hard on getting my plants outside. Remember this space in front of my house? First picture taken a week ago and the following pictures taken today. What a change!

And more plants by the playhouse and sewing room.

And one more picture from the yard of my Dogwood Pagoda tree in full bloom.

That’s all for today, Gals! Don’t forget Minnesota Quilters in Rochester on Thursday, June 13, 1:00 pm in the food court. I’ll have a sign to hold up so you’ll see where I am. I have a small quilt to put on the longarm this afternoon so I can show you later this week. It’s from Beyond The Battlefield.

53 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday!

  1. Colette Greene

    It’s a great idea, I’m new to this but I will certainly enjoy the challenge. Lots of ufo’s.

  2. Wendy P

    Great idea about the 12 projects. Count me in – I’ve got my list made.

  3. Vicki

    Mary, your plants are wonderful! So glad to hear about Ben! I’m in on the UFO fun!

  4. Beth Laverty

    I am in. I found # 1-3 this morning. But there are no doubt many more hiding.
    I loved all the scenes on your garden. Now that my rotator cuff surgery is pretty much on the mend I NEED to get out to my yard. I see work every where. I can’t rely on my husband’s help. With the help of some friends he is restoring his 1929 Model A Ford truck. AND he wants to get it done before the summer is over. He has been working on it for several years but the end is in sight!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Schrader

    Mary and Connie, I really like the UFO game project. Maybe I can get some projects done. I will have to skip July because I will be on a month trip to California and Denmark with my oldest son and daughter-in-law. Good news about Ben. Mary, your yard looks terrific. Wish I had a green thumb.

  6. Tanya T.

    What CUTE kids! And smart, too, no doubt! Glad to see both looking healthy and happy!

    Thanks for the recommendation for the red and white quilts, too! Love your idea to use Civil War reproduction fabrics on them!

  7. Kay C

    I love the UFO challenge idea! Does sewing binding count as a finish? Sounds like this might be just the motivation I need to get a few projects out of the way!

  8. Sally Melchert

    Count me in on UFO project….love the idea and hope this will give me a push to finish my projects!!!

  9. Sunflower

    Ben looks so wonderful! I’m so happy for his family. I loved your photos today and in all your posts, really. I love the idea of 12 UFOS and will join in. Thanks!

  10. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, it is so good to hear news about Ben and he is still so cute, that little is a beauty. Thank goodness he is doing so well. It is sad that so many people won’t see each other unless it is a funeral or a wedding. But it is better than nothing.

    Your plants are looking great, never heard about a Pagoda Tree, though. I will have to google it. I am going to see where I can get some rhubarb to try your recipe.

    Take care, Mary.

  11. Linda in North Carolina

    I was so glad you posted about Ben. I don’t remember hearing anything about him for along time. I probably just missed those posts. Have had them all in my thoughts and prayers, so thankful for the good news. I am definitely up for the UFO’s and I will try to be faithful to the challenge each month. Really need to get things finally finished! Thank you for doing this. It makes it fun knowing that others are working on finishing things too! Love all your plants, you are a wonder woman!

  12. Sue in Oregon

    What adorable kids Ben and Claire are. Plus, such wonderful good news about Ben. What a huge relief for him and his family. God bless them all.

    I will start looking through my many UFOs. I guess it does not matter how far along they are, right? Some months it will be easy and some will be lots of sewing. lol

    Your plants are beautiful and look very happy outside.

  13. Rosemary

    Great to celebrate Ben and Claire while at the lake. I think summer is here! Your garden really came to life with your indoor plants transplanted for the season. Looks great!

  14. Agatha

    The kids look so grown up and healthy, glad to hear Ben is doing well. I am definitely in on the new UFO game looking forward to it. Moved a little over a month ago to the Branson, MO area from Iowa, so I haven’t had much time to sew. Trying to get my sewing room in order. I noticed on the red chest you had a Hoya plant is it in the direct sun. I have one but always been afraid to put it outside. Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Agatha – Hoyas can burn in hot sun but they like bright early light before it’s too strong so you’re right, they don’t do well in hot sun! They love it outside though – try it!

  15. Jennie Cruzan

    Ben looks good and so does Clair. Prayers do work. Your plants are great. Count me in on the 12 UFO project. Have a blessed week.

  16. Paula Philpot

    i remember a girl that used to write from new york in the Goat Gazette. I have wondered about her. Who is she? Does she still live there? Was it Becky you mentioned above? Please give me an update on her. Also, love all those pics. Yes, I will try to do the UFO’s. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – that was Kate Irving – she still works for the Discovery network and has two little girls named Quinn and Hadley. Quinn just turned 6 on May 20. Thanks for asking – I’ll let Kate know she was remembered!

  17. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Only 12 UFO’s? I am still working on my list from the last time we did this, but I did finish 6 plus several others so that’s good😃. I’ll do it again; it was fun and productive!! I like Connie’s way of choosing to buy a book. Good idea. And, aren’t Ben and Claire adorable? Ben looks great. I love seeing your gardens progressing. I think you’ve told us about the playhouse, but I forget. Would you mind telling about it again? Only 4 ads today on the iPad, but I’ll go on the computer and close more.

  18. Launa

    Mary, I may call my list The DUSTY DOZEN as I keep starting new projects when I see patterns and new fabric to blend in with my stash! Susan Ache’s new book is so very tempting, but I’m so waiting for Returning To Temecula….and Sheryl’s second line of fabrics, Special Scraps to appear. I enjoy sewing the smaller projects.

    Can’t believe how tall Ben has grown; wonderful to see him and Claire. Amen to praying!

    No rain here today. Sat out in the sunshine looking at so many volunteer yellow flowers in every direction up here. No Elk nor Deer here this morning.

    Your plants are marvelous! Off to make my UFO list.

    1. Janice

      Launa, had to laugh at your “Dusty Dozen” label! That is very appropriate in my case! Much more fun to sew or hook rugs than to dust, right? Jan in MA

  19. Jeanine

    Ben looks wonderful, and so does his sister. So happy to hear he is doing well. God is good. I still have not had any ads no matter what I do. I would click if they were here. Do not have ad blocker. On another note, we had a turtle stroll through our yard first thing this morning. We have no idea where it came from. We do not have a pond, only a small creek away from the house. Not sure what kind it was. I took a picture of it on my camera. We have never seen a turtle here. It was pretty good sized.

  20. Patty DeHeer

    I just got home from a wonderful girl’s weekend in Clear Lake and I thought of you and Country Threads and how I miss making an annual trip up to see you! It was a gorgeous weekend and the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

  21. Nikki in Tx

    👍 Ben.
    Count me in on the UFO challenge, need motivation on some projects, the underbed in a box with name on box just isn’t getting it done.

  22. Katie

    Thanks for sharing your fun vintage planters and items in your gardens..❤️
    Katie in Gilbert, AZ.

  23. Rhoda Ebersole

    Wonderful news about Ben. He looks very good.

    I made your rhubarb dessert recipe and used half n half instead of whipping cream. It was fabulous. Thank you.

    Love your outside plant arrangements too

  24. Diane in WI

    Great news about Ben. In another breath, so sorry to hear about Roger Kramer. Life is certainly ups and downs. Your plants look wonderful. I planted seeds in my raised planter today. It is still too wet for farmers to be in the fields. Some neighbors are running out of feed. All the rain makes it hard to get any baling done. I going to try to do the UFO game. Some friends and I were doing it our local quilt shop until it closed. I still have projects from my last list. It is a very good feeling to get sewing projects done and be able to use them or give them as gifts.

    1. Karen in FL

      I’m going to join in the 12 UFO projects as well. I am new to following the blog but have enjoyed it immensely. So glad to see the update on Ben. Poor child has been through so much in his short life but the future looks much brighter for him now. God bless him with great health. I, too, was sad to see the report on Kramer. He fought a good fight and the family really gathered around them both in support. May they find the comfort and peace needed in Christ.

  25. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful news about Ben! Ben and Claire look like they are ready for a fun summer this year!

    I’m in for the UFO game. But I have a question. The answer will depend on which 12 projects I choose. To mean “finished”, does it mean it has to be quilted and bound? Last year I guess I kinda did a variation of this “game” and challenged myself to get 8 quilt tops finished, backs sewn up, and batting to go to the quilter this year. I met my challenge. In fact, my LAQ e-mailed last night she has #6 ready for me to pick up! Since I don’t do the quilting on the larger items myself, I would like to do the same thing this year.

    But – I do have some Kim Diehl projects I could get quilted up myself and get completely finished. Or get bindings on my quilts I’ve gotten back from my LAQ this year. In order to be on my “finished” list, a quilt must be bound and labeled and if I’m going to hang it on my quilt racks, it must have a sleeve to be checked off.

    My, my, what a dilemma – which 12 to pick for my list? What a dilemma to have in life, huh?

  26. Carol

    Yea Ben, best news ever! He’s so cute, that big smile … the family must be overwhelmed with joy and plans for the future.
    I’m in on the 12 projects… we had a builder at the house for a few weeks in February and the only rooms my husband and I had unfettered access to were my sewing room and his music room. I completed so many projects during that time, and started and finished three or four new projects. It felt so good and made me wonder, why can’t I do this all year long? So the “dirty dozen” sounds like a good plan… uncluttered your space, uncluttered your mind and watch the creativity bloom, right?
    Mary, I don’t think you will ever run out of things to share! Your life is so rich!

  27. Sharon in CT

    I started working on an old ufo today. It is one I really like so hope that motivates me. Would not have any trouble finding twelve projects that need to be finished. I am up for the challenge. Great news about Ben Beautiful children

  28. Janice

    What a nice quilt book! Love the middle one that you showed, Christmas Vacation. Very pretty! Ben and Claire are adorable, so happy to hear he’s doing well. I have been guilty of having too much “fun” at a funeral with family we rarely get to see but it’s so nice to get together and I feel that there is nothing wrong with a celebration of our loved ones lives. I can’t imagine keeping all of those plants watered! Where we are we get days without rain and I know I’d lose a bunch. They do look happy though! I’d like to join in on the challenge. Hope it’s ok to be working on other UFO’s besides quilting as I don’t have that many quilts started, lol. I do, however, have lots of stitchery projects “almost” finished and I’ll be doing those. Right now I’m learning how to use my cute little 1954 Singer 99k machine to piece. I love it so far . Jan in MA

  29. Diane Bauer

    Outstanding news about Ben!! I imagine there are huge celebrations going on in his family!

    What a transformation in your front yard!! You have an incredible green thumb to have that many plants going. I’ve already lost a basil plant in my garden (victim of the last freeze). So far, everything else looks pretty good!

    Last year I was busy sending care packages to Afghanistan while Justin was deployed there. Now it’s Jenica’s turn since she is in LA for her internship. I’m collecting red, white, and blue and flag themed items for a 4th of July box. Maybe I’m early, but I was disappointed with the slim pickings at the stores this morning!

    I am definitely in for the UFO game. I started my list and was surprised at the number I have given how many I finished as deployment projects last year! There will be a few multiples of Harvey and Uncle Sam that I cut out for gifts and didn’t manage to finish in time to get them sent this year. I think they are timeless, so next year is soon enough!!

  30. Angie from Baltimore

    Ben looks super great. He is certainly growing and happy. What an ordeal for a little fella and his family. They may not have gone through the shots and chemo but trust me they went through an ordeal as well just on a different level .
    He just looks happy.
    The UFO ideal is a great idea. It may be the boost I need.

  31. Kathy Hanson

    How wonderful that Ben is doing so very well! What beautiful children and what fantastic news!!
    Your flowers are just going wild – how beautiful. Looking forward to the MN Quilt Show and meeting everyone that will be able to make it to the get-together with you. Beautiful red and white quilts…I have one more seam to do on my 9-patch small quilt and it is red and white. I think I will straight line quilt it.

  32. Renee Arnett

    That’s such wonderful news about Ben!!! Claire is so cute! I’m in for the UFO Game!

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi Renee
      I am going to be at the KCity quilt show next week with some friends. Will you be there? Maybe we can meet if you are.

  33. Nancy Wines

    Fabulous news about Ben! He and his sister are growing like weeds. Know all who loveBen are so happy he is feeling good and doing well! Your plants look great and are happy to be out in the fresh air.

  34. Kathy in western NY

    Your outdoor gardens are so fun to admire!!! I love gardens like this that look like outdoor rooms with so much cool stuff to look at. I am so in awe on how hard you work to do your gardens every year.
    Such happy happy news on Ben. I pray he remains healthy. We need good news to hear.
    I am off to see if I have some manageable UFO’s cause your challenge sounds fun. Trouble is once warm weather hits, I find sewing time is harder to find so might have to work at this challenge to complete some items like Gameboard being Halloween.

    1. Carol (from Western New York!)

      Just think, Kathy from Western New York, we have duch a shirt dinner you will be hunkered down indoors before you know it! Find some hand binding that had to be finished, I think that counts!

      1. Carol

        Oh my, such a short summer… I should pay attention to spell check, which seems to change my words without my notice!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Ha! Ha! You gotta love spell check, Carol!!!!
          Summer better show up pretty soon but I think if it does, I am more excited to finish some UFO’s. And we need to plan a NY meet up of Country Threads followers before snow flies again.

  35. Paula S.

    Mary, your plants, trees, everything are gorgeous! If you hadn’t owned a quilt shop you could have owned a greenhouse. I’m quite impressed with your green thumb!

  36. Carla J

    When close cousins get together there is always laughter. Our family has done it too.
    Great mews about Ben, he looks wonderful.
    I’m in for the UFO challenge. I have some big ones to finish and would love to get them done this year.
    I didn’t have any ads to close today, last week one day there were six.
    Thanks for all you are doing for us.
    Dental visit this morning and my hygienist and I always talk books. I may have an add to the book list once I’ve checked her recommendations.

  37. Mary Hehlke

    OMG, I love all your flowers, plants and blooming trees. I don’t know how you do all that and sewing too. You are one busy lady. I am working on a jean quilt for my great granddaughter. Enjoy the summer, would be nice if it wasn’t so buggy and wet. Enjoy a sunny day.

  38. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures- your plants are so happy to be outside! Such great news about little Ben, praise God! Yes, that book appears to be a winner; I love red and white quilts too!

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