I’ve said it before…..

What a difference a day makes!  This was yesterday when I finally made myself take on my most hated fall chore – cutting down the pampas grass.  It was sunny but very windy.

I use a shrub trimmer and it’s a hard job but the grass surrounds our entry gate so if we don’t cut it down, the snow will fill up the entire entry which means the gates won’t open and nobody can get in.  I hauled the cut grass to the barn for the goats to lay on which probably won’t be easy to move out in the spring. Ugh. Nothing is easy, is it?

That was yesterday. This is today, about 6 hours ago.  We’ve easily gotten 10″ of snow by now.  Like I said, what a difference a day makes. 

I played piano at the care center this afternoon.  My friend Lavohn is not feeling so well this week – it’s hard to watch someone you care about be in pain.  

My Gypsy  Wife book has not turned up – has anyone from the retreat discovered it in their things?

Winter has definitely arrived in North Iowa.

27 thoughts on “I’ve said it before…..

  1. Mary R.

    Love the pictures since we rarely get snow down here in New Orleans. We had rain yesterday with 70 degree temperatures, but woke up to 40 degrees this morning and a very strong and cold wind. We go from bathing suits one day to coats the next day and then shorts the next day. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving day.

  2. Nancy Poole

    Love the pictures Mary. Thank you for keeping my memories of Iowa and Minnesota fresh. I’m sitting in a drought wishing it would rain. We always wished for snow starting Thanksgiving. Sure miss it.

  3. Judy

    We have also been “blessed?” with our first snow here in Northern Calirornia, 5″, but oh the mountains are so pretty once again. As if your post today wasn’t wonderful enough…all of your reader’s comments giving their personal weather reports was just too great! It’s as if you were all chatting on one warm and cozy conference call. Really enjoyed it. By the way, my daughter and I each made one of your 16 Patch cot quilts with the jelly rolls. They were lots of fun making them but the best part is that we each took our unquilted tops to our Fall Quilt retreat where every year we hold an auction for Breast Cancer. The proceeds stay local to support women and their families. I’m happy to tell you that those little flimsies each brought $85. We are now each making one more for ourselves. It’s a great little quilt, a good size to wrap up in. Thank you for all the inspiration…and I hope you find your book. I am anxious to see your finished Gypsy.

  4. Freda Ireland

    Here in Alabama, I Burn the Pampas Grass (non-windy Day…duh)! Adds nitrogen to the soil & no more cut Arms & Face! But, you have a Wooden Fence… Bummer!!! Almost worth putting back some Fence Panels after they Burn! Wet Fence Down before & as you burn the Grass ??? !!! ??? Even if put up with Screws, the Panels may be difficult to Remove 1st!
    Yours is the only Blog I Follow! Love your Quilt INFO & Books, Cats & Dogs, All your animals, the Farm! (My Father & Grandfather Farmed)! Also, I love All your plants especially Cacti & Succulents (I am a Master Gardner.)! Love your Rocks & Antiques & your Farm house & of coarse, your antique-looking QUILTS! Ordered Julie’s book on Amazon: Remembering the Past, about Quilts, Antiques Favorites_ & about how to make them! Every Quilt in Book is a Winner & an Inspiration and so is the INFO in Book! !
    Got INFO about your Shop a just a few years ago, when, I was sent one of your books as a bonus (EBay)! Book was about a Cat (Emma???) Best Book in the order! Bing’d you & found that you still had your Shop! Happy Day! Thanks for the PIC’s & little Stories & INFO! Best Email I get!
    Freda, Oxford, Alabama (On I-20, about half way between B’ham & Atlanta!) Here we just got some rain from last week’s Cold Front!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Freda – your comment was the sweetest I’ve read in a long time! What seems like a wonderful but quite ordinary life becomes special when someone enjoys the blog. Thank you!

  5. Cindy Sabinske

    We dodged the snow and had none. It did not miss us by too much tho. Your yard was unrecognizable after you cut the pampas grass down, but glad you got it accomplished before your snow. It is cold here this morning, it was 10 degrees earlier, but I don’t miss the snow, ever! Enjoying your blogs!

  6. Carol

    You got that grass out just in the nick of time! And your yard looks like St. Nick’s playground! Nice and green here in Western New York…compared to our six or seven feet last November 17th!

  7. anita fetzer

    Oh boy you all really got dumped on. It’s been beautiful in Ohio but that “big chill ” is coming here tomorrow. Not 10 in but a dusting they say. Stay warm and safe. Anita

  8. Ann Barlament

    The temps have definitely dipped into “winter weather”, but thankfully no snow yet. I would say that the first snow is pretty, unless you need to go drive in it. Nice to be able to just stay home and stitch to my hearts content!

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Bill was just asking if I heard if you got any snow, now I know. We’re going to have 10 inches also. Snow Days make the best Sew Days!

  10. Mary

    Wow! Beautiful photos but I still wouldn’t be ready for snow when I know it will keep coming through March. I have a question. I noticed the very tall birdhouse. What birds nest there? Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – the tall birdhouse is a Purple Martin house but it’s mostly sparrows although we’ve had martins in the past.

  11. Dorothy Sheldrake

    The snow is beautiful. I can’t imagine how cold it must be. Tomorrow here in Temecula Valley, CA it is supposed to be 81 dry and windy. High fire danger. What a difference.

  12. Diane

    Your pictures are beautiful. I know cutting that grass is a big chore!! We were in the high 40’s today in Central Ohio. Last year it snowed 6″ on 11/17. Never know what we’ll get. That cold snap is coming here, too, but not staying. Stay warm everyone.

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Another thought. Couldn’t you have sold bunches of pampas grass when you have Pumpkin Day? I tried to grow the stuff here but the dirt wasn’t good and I got a couple plumes which I proudly put in a vase in the house.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    We had 70 mile gusts on Wednesday here in Rapid City. I did go out to put the garbage pail back and check on the roof shingles. Not a good day to be on the road. This morning we got up with about 2 1/2″ of snow at our house. The west side of town probably got more and even more in the hills and on the plains. This is our first snow. Our niece in Sioux Falls said they have 12″ of snow. We are very fortunate here as our snow usually melts in a week or so — not like Iowa where this snow will still be there come April. More is supposed to be here for Thanksgiving. I remember the trips to Iowa at Thanksgiving and the storms. We’re really glad to stay home now. Being out on the road is no fun. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and stay safe.

  15. Mary McCarron

    It has started snowing here in West Allis WI Sadly I didn’t get the front yard raked but we finished installing the new front entry door

  16. Launa

    Mary, Did you have a “premonition” to get the pampas grass cut and hauled to its second use before the snow storm hit? The goats are going to enjoy it for sure.
    I’ve enjoyed the contrasting pictures you posted today. Stay warm and cozy.

  17. Cynthia Arneson

    I know you don’t want to hear this…but is sure is beautiful! Spoken by a homesick Iowan living in the desert of AZ for 36 years!! Enjoy!!!

  18. Charlotte Barnard

    Sorry to hear winter has already arrived, Mary, but the pictures do look pretty and I know you know how to make it cozy inside. Love all your posts!

  19. Diana W

    The Des Moines weather guy just said you had 10 inches. Only 4 here just north of DM. Good excuse to stay in tomorrow and work on Christmas gifts. Enjoy digging out 🙁

  20. Paula Walker

    Oh My Goodness, this girl in Texas is very impressed!!! We are expecting the cold front tomorrow, I hope it calms down before it arrives!

  21. Claudia Voorhees

    Oh my….guess I have not been listening to the weather. You did get a lot of snow !! We just got a dusting here in eastern North Dakota. I am not ready for winter. I just want to stay in the house all winter and sew. I would come out again in the spring ! Take care – stay warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mozzie’s Grandma – I think I am being conservative when I say 10″ — ha! Lots of snow!

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