Java 18, 10-15-20

I have not had coffee at the local coffee shop, Java 18, since last winter….until this morning. Oh, it felt so normal again – I loved it! Now I wonder why I didn’t take a picture.

I posted earlier that the winner of The Old Farmhouse kit is Maggie from Northern Minnesota and she has emailed me her mailing address. This was a very successful give away – I gotta remember how I did it so the next time it will be equally as successful.

Someone asked about Sock It To Me.

I used all the new fabrics that I bought on our shopping trip to Gruber’s – just because I wanted to play with them. Here is my version – a bit smaller than the original.

The puppies were very interested in what I was doing.

Here’s a closeup. Such an easy pattern – I loved making it and wouldn’t some little girl like this for a TV quilt?

Now to the quilting machine!

And here is Kathy’s quilt again with the pattern she used.

And here’s a little surprise recipe for you – Connie’s Jack O’Lantern Jumble snack mix. I wouldn’t dare make this because it’s just too good!!! I want a bowl full right now! Haha!

Now I think I’m truly caught up! I’ll leave you with another look at Nala and her puppies. Nala will be spayed next Tuesday and go to her adoptive home on Thursday. The puppies will follow that schedule the following week.

55 thoughts on “Java 18, 10-15-20

  1. Pat Smith

    I’m relieved as it sounds like Nala has a home. My husband is relieved too as I was already plotting a trip out to Iowa to get her! I’m attracted to broken beings that don’t have homes. The puppies are so adorable that I have no doubt they will get homes soon. After the care they received at your farm, they all look healthy and happy.

  2. Jacque

    The Sox quilt is wonderful – what fun matching up those fabrics (my favorite part)! Nala looks so good – you’ve done her right, Mary – you’ve fattened her up and made her a happy mom again. Now she’s going to her furever home and I know she’ll be a wonderful addition to that family (but sure hope they don’t have chickens)!

  3. Jean

    Poor nala. I pray she finds love and comfort and permanency in her new arrangement. I just wonder what goes thru a pups head with so many drastic changes. A human being would implode! God bless you mary for giving her weeks of warmth, love, comfort and a feeling of safety.

  4. Lois Ann Johnson

    Bless your heart, Mary, for nursing that poor mama dog back to health–and taking her and her new puppies in for fostering. You are indeed an angel on earth. We are all breathing a “sigh of relief” that Nala has a permanent home to go to soon. May God watch over her and her beautiful puppies. Another lovely day here in northern Iowa. I hope everyone is out enjoying it while they can…..

  5. Kay Crandall

    So glad to see Nala looking so healthy! Also happy that she has a new home – hope she continues to receive the love and care that she deserves. Thanks so much for nursing her back to health – what a job you have had with her and all those sweet puppies! Love your quilt – looks like a really fun project.

  6. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Nala is looking very sleek & the puppies adorably inquisitive. You have done a great job saving them!

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful day here in Gettysburg also. Wish it could stay like this all winter. Those puppies are so dear. Hope they all have been spoken for. Thank you for posting Kathy’s quilt again. I’m going to try to find the pattern, love it.

    1. Pat Williams

      I love that pattern too but so far am not having any luck finding it. If anybody finds it, could you please post it? Or maybe Kathy knows where she got it. Colors are very pretty. Thanks for any help. Pat in Iowa City

      1. Cecilia

        I found Sock it to Me on Etsy just now for $5.40 includes shipping. I just ordered it.

      2. CountryThreads Post author

        Pat Williams – have you searched online? That’s the first place I’d try.

        1. Pat Williams

          Yes, just doesn’t seem to be anywhere on there that I can see. Searched Strips n Bits by Bloom Creek. Maybe somebody else will have better luck. Thank You! Pat in Iowa City

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Pat Williams – why don’t you do what many do with us? Email her and ask for the pattern. If it’s not available, she’ll tell you.

  8. Lina in So Cal

    Relieved that Nala has a home. I considered adopting her but I’m on the west coast. She will need lots of TLC. When do the pups leave? Will you keep them until they are spayed? It’s going to be quiet after everyone leaves. Time to catch up on quilting… Love the quilt. Great way to use scraps. Thanks for sharing Nala & her pups with us.

  9. Ellie

    So happy to hear Nala has a home to go to! The puppies are adorable and it’s a good thing I don’t live closer or I’d have to adopt one of those wrigglers! You have done a wonderful job with them all. Now you can concentrate on quilting that cute quilt.

  10. Emily Pittenger

    Oh the puppies are growing so much!! And Nala looks fantastic – I’d say she’s at her normal weight! You will miss her and them, but they will all find good homes!

    What temp does Connie bake the Jack O’Lantern Jumble? The recipe is missing that temperature!

    Don’t blow away in this wind!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Emily Pittenger – oh, good grief! This is why I almost refuse to post recipes – there’s always something missing – I’ll ask C.

  11. Sue in Oregon

    The mom and pup photos are so cute. Every one of them look so happy, plump and relaxed. Pat yourself on the back many times. They must surely love you at the rescue center, Mary.
    Sock It To Me and Strips and Bits look like great (and easy) patterns. Love both the quilts made from them.

  12. Gayle

    Thank you Mary for taking care of Napa and her puppies. Good Karma will follow you. ALWAYS! 😘
    Ps. Love the Sock it to Me scrappy quilt! Charming❤️👍

  13. Kelli

    You’ve done a great job with Nala and the puppies! They look so healthy 😊 thanks for sharing your life with all of us out here in blogland!

  14. Diana in Des Moines

    I’m happy that Nala will be gooing to a good home, but sad she will be seperated from her puppies. It made me cry, although I knew it would happen. I could never foster puppies or kittens. I would have a houseful.

    We fostered a little boy who was 4 in 1998. Needless to say, he became our son. Couldn’t give him up!

    Thnak you Mary for sharing your life with us. I feel like we are friends! Take care!

  15. Cathy Davis

    What a blessing you’ve been to Nala and the pups Mary. Kudos on a job well done. I’ve missed reading the blog and am so glad you were able to fix it and post again! Enjoy the beautiful fall colors in Iowa!

  16. Janice Hebert

    So good to see Nala looking healthier and as everyone has said, you did a great job with her and her puppies. They are so cute, I love the ones with spots! I tried sending pictures but your mailbox is full, I’ll try again tomorrow. Jan in MA

  17. Diane Bauer

    You house will feel empty when this bunch leaves!! You have such a lovely and generous heart!!

    Love the sock quilt! Your colors are softer than the original, and I like that!

    We’ve been under a cloud of smoke from the biggest fire in Colorado history. It was at 164,000 acres this morning after taking a 19 mile run yesterday (that’s a massive one-day run). I have so many friends/acquaintances who were on mandatory evacuation by late afternoon. Very scary.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      We are all thinking about you. A big fire has to be absolutely terrifying. Take care and evacuate if necessary. You should have told Mary about forest fires.

    2. Amy M

      Prayers and thoughts to you and all those especially the first responders. I have friends with a cabin in Glen Haven that was evacuated yesterday.

    3. Jo in Wyoming

      That is a huge advance! And the wind up here in Cheyenne gusted to about 80mph, I can see how it moves so fast.
      Stay safe, I hope the wildlife can find safety too.

  18. Connie R.

    I love your Sock it to Me quilt. What a difference the colors make in the same pattern. I bought the pattern too and it may be my next project now that I see how beautifully yours turned out. Also glad that you posted the pattern for the Strips ‘n Bits quilt. Just beautiful.

    You did such a wonderful job with Nala and the puppies. They all look healthy and happy. Lots of work but, what wonderful results came from all your loving care.

  19. Michele

    Love your Sock it to Me. Reminds me a little of vintage kitchen towels. Perfect fabric selection.

  20. Barbara F

    Nala and her puppies look great – they are so lucky to have you! Like your new version of the quilt. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Sounds yummy!

  21. Jan Smith

    Sock it to Me is very fun! It would make a good scrapbuster, too, I think.
    Will Nala be sad to leave her puppies, and such a fun, and safe home she has made with you? I’m asking because I really don’t know. I’ve never dealt with a situation like that.

  22. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    I’m a soft heart; will Nala get to have one of her pups with her? She looks so much better and the pups are adorable.

    Lots of quilts being made in this pandemic😃. I like yours. I have made that recipe once, too. It was too good so I shredded it!! Another nice day here, but colder coming.

  23. Nikki M in Tx

    Nala looks 10,000% better than when you got her… job well done. Be proud of yourself !!!!
    Puppies just too cute, looking their fat, happy appearance. You have done such a good thing. Heels have been added to your crown.
    Oh to feel normal again, I envy you .
    Found a forever home for Trixie & she has happily settled in & is thriving.

      1. Judy

        I am glad you clarified that because I was thinking I have never heard that before, You gotta love that auto correct it does provide for some great humor.

  24. Brenda Ks

    Nala looks so healthy. Hope she never has to endure abuse again.
    Love sick it to me!!!

  25. Susan K in Texas

    Those puppies are in so many different colors! So cute! And Nala looks so much better. I sure hope her new home is a good fit for them both.
    I really like that quilt. A great way to show off a lot of different fabrics.
    I met my sister at a park today. I haven’t seen her in months. Of course today was cooler and windy. I got cold and then remembered a jacket was in the car. We had lunch and a quilt show of our recent finishes. The quilts look so different in person than in pictures.

  26. Susan

    How great mama dog looks, you’ve truly done a terrific job, thank you. The puppies will have a great start to life! It must’ve been a job plus to take this family on-you’re an angel!

  27. Kathy in western NY

    I adore the picture of Nala touching noses with one of her puppies. I have such a soft spot for her that I pray she will be treated kindly by her new owner. She deserves to be. I couldn’t let her go knowing I had brought her back to life. You truly are a saint for animals.

  28. Gayle Shumaker

    So glad to hear Nala has a new home. I like your Sox’s pattern, I do think your version would make a little girl very happy. Mary, I am now at the rehab facility getting whipped into shape. Thankfully the nerve damage is mostly reversed since surgery. I know I’m doing well because I can’t wait to start sewing again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – I sent you a message on Facebook that said try to enjoy your downtime at rehab – soon you’ll be back at your sewing machine! Yay!!!

  29. Kim J LeMere

    Sock it to Me is a great quilt and I really like the fabrics you chose. So glad that Nala is going to a forever home and that she will be loved and cared for, you have done a great job Mary. Oh the snack mix looks delish!

  30. Jo in Wyoming

    That is the best news about Nala getting a new home. Chances are the puppies will go fast.

  31. Patricia

    I found the Sock It To Me pattern. It is from Purple Pineapple Studio and price is $3.50.

    Love the puppies

  32. Diane in Maryland

    Adorable pictures of the puppies and Nala! Nala looks healthy and filled out. A forever home on Thursday?! Prayers are answered! She will be loved and I know it’s all because of your posts. The quilts are so pretty. The fabrics you bought are so cheerful. I am so glad I have had this hobby this year and all of the unfinished projects have come in handy during this pandemic. Several weeks ago a friend, my granddaughter and I went to a quilt shop and then had lunch sitting at a picnic table outside at a little luncheonette. It felt so good to do something normal. Not to mention having someone else fix my food and serve me! The food tasted better than anything I’ve had in 6 months…haha I bet your cup of coffee did too!

  33. SusanfromKentucky

    I’m so glad Nala is getting a forever home. I was most worried for her, everyone loves puppies. She deserves a better life!

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