Jax and Snickers

Last nite Jax did not want to eat and I was concerned.  I tried one last time at midnight and then went to bed.  I did not sleep well as you can imagine and when I got to the shop at 6:15 with 2 warm bottles, I was met with squeals and protests of hunger.  The kids ate like lumberjacks!  And then back to the carrier for a nap they went and I hit my recliner for a nap.  All kids are lots of work, aren’t they?  Ha!

For those who commented about there being nothing new under the sun, how true!  Scrap vortex quilts have been around forever and we act like they’re something new.  And Angie, I can just feel how heavy that quilt was – ha!  Sewing like that, with no pattern and no rules, really appeals to me.  And here’s the progress on my rug.


14 thoughts on “Jax and Snickers

  1. Launa

    Two of the granddogs are here this weekend with their owners. Busy times. Am enjoying your rug progress and of course seeing the two bottle babies, Jax and Snickers. Am nearly finished with 3rd Friday sew a long Circa 2016 with Sheryl at Temecula Quilt Shop. 28 scrappy hourglass blocks to sew this week. Heard there is another sew a long with a large group of professional quilters starting this month. I just finished all the Moda designer blocks and put my favorites into a table topper.
    Stay warm Mary!!

  2. Martha Engstler

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the “babies.” Hope you get some good sleep tonight. They are cute. I really appreciate the time you take to take pictures and post them and the blog. I look forward to seeing them so much. Here in Pennsylvania we live near Ski Liberty and today is the perfect day to ski and there must be thousands of people out there. Next weekend will be the BIG weekend because of the holiday. We may get more snow on Tuesday but they do make snow. It’s no fun I’m thinking to be out there with so many people. (I don’t ski.)

  3. Ellie

    Thanks for the news about the babies. They are cuter than cute!

    Love your rug! I would be tempted to make some as I have lots of scraps but throw rugs have been banned from our house . Too easy to trip and fall over them. Boo hoo!

  4. Dee W

    I love goat babies and these guys are no exception. So good of you to make the sacrifice to help their mom out. I know she appreciates it. And the puppies are so sweet. You have the best of all worlds there. Dogs, goats, geese, quilting time. You worked hard and earned it that’s for sure. Take care. Tomorrow’s weather is going to be iffy, please be safe.

  5. Tammy Guerrero

    Just received my booklet and CD on making the rugs. I’m excited. My husband was showed the frame that he ultimately will make. He asked, if there is anywhere you can buy a kit to make the frame? Just wondering if there is one out there.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No kit that I’m aware of but frame can be purchased from Farm Chick Quilts online.

  6. Diane

    Those babies can be puzzling! They are both so cute. Your rug is really coming along; I better get moving when we get home!

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