July 4 Rained Out!

We got almost 2″ of rain yesterday afternoon which really must have put a damper on the Clear Lake activities. Fireworks were postponed until tonight when more rain is expected. Yikes.

Our friend, Mareen, came for supper on the porch. Good thing we didn’t plan to grill! She made guacamole and it was delicious – I have to try to make it because we loved it! We had lettuce from her garden, cold rotisserie chicken, garlic toast and rhubarb pie with ice cream for dessert. Moe’s (the black golden doodle) dad makes homemade beer and Mareen and I started with a raspberry flavored bottle of it. Not bad actually although give me a Busch Light anyday! Haha! I do not have complicated tastes in food or beer.

As the storm moved over us this was the scene to the east – magnificent clouds.

When the storm was over about 9 pm, the sun or the reflection of the sun made the light look yellow, almost orange and it was very light one minute and within a few minutes it was very dark.

Odd weather for sure.

An email friend mentioned that Bonnie Hunter has a new mystery – I will check it out. I’m working on my #8 and determined to get it done so I can move on to my rug.

This is a short post AND a reminder that the winners should be sending me their addresses. I have only one so far. And her book is going in the mail today!

27 thoughts on “July 4 Rained Out!

  1. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    So sorry your fireworks got rained out. Around here I could hear them from far away then at 9:30 the ones here in Carroll Valley went off and were beautiful. The weather here is also crazy with mini wind & rain storms that only last a short time. The TV shows a storm every day for a week with 90f. Hope you have better luck today (night.)

  2. Susan Dangelser

    Not sure if I won or noti never see the posting of who won, but just Incase
    Susan Thompson DANGELSER
    2830 S. Riata Ct
    Gilbert, AZ 85295

  3. Diane Bauer

    We had rain last night as well, but fireworks went on in between the raindrops. I stayed home with the pups and had a lovely fire on my patio.

    Jenica felt yesterday’s 6.4 earthquake in CA. Thankfully, she was a hundred miles away from the epicenter, so no damage in her area. She said she wasn’t scared but isn’t anxious to add that to her daily life!

  4. Sherry Whalen

    Good morning Mary! So sorry your celebrations got rained out. We up here in the ‘north country’ actually missed a rain storm for once. We got an inch of rain Wednesday afternoon, but since we are still recovering from the 7.5 inches we got last Friday, we don’t really need more. The sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular this year….when we can see them.

    Bonnie started a new ‘leader and ender’ project for the year. She does that every July. It was in her yesterday blog post. The blocks are so cute – shoofly; even though we were busy with our ‘photo project’ I had to take a break and make one. I will likely make the 4 inch block. Great, another project started lol. I hope today I can get work done on my #8, the quilting, I spent an hour yesterday ripping out some quilting that didn’t quite look right, I hope for a better day today. And i have about 2 feet of binding left and a label to make for Audrey’s quilt….maybe it will get done today as well!

    Have a great day! Sherry

  5. Ruth Cozad

    I’m Ruth but probably not Ruth 63 however I’m sending my address in hopes that I am that person!!!

    Ruth Cozad
    36 Highland Pkwy
    Bella Vista, AR 72715

  6. Cathy D

    The Humboldt parade was postponed u til 8 PM but the rain persisted so it was rescheduled to tonight at 7 PM. I hope the rain holds off! Our fireworks went on as planned at 10 PM. What a great half hour show that was!

  7. Susie Q

    AS Sherry mentioned Bonnie released this year’s lead ender…. not the mystery…. which comes in Nov.

  8. Joy in NW Iowa

    We had a beautiful day here on the 4th at Lake Pahoja near Larchwood, ia. We had a table full of various delicious foods brought by all the attendees. Sat in the shade all afternoon and enjoyed each others company. It rained this morning about 7 and had 1:1 inches again. Sure don’t have to water my flowers. Got my needed weeding finished so now I can play.

    Not sure you watch the northwest Iowa news but Rock ?Valley, Iowa has been hit twice this week. First a new assisted living that was about a month from completion burned and early on the 4th a micro burst hit the west side and totally demolished one home and damaged others. So sad!

    Have a Good Friday! Love you blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs.Goodneedle – Diane is making a copy of Debbie Mumm’s sewing machine pattern but she needs your mailing address

  9. Carla

    Western Michigan’s lakeshore communities are in the midst of high summer and almost no rain. Highs 80 to 90 along Lake Michigan overnights 70, the lakes are beginning to feel like bathwater. Usuualy the big lake keeps us cooler in the summer, not the last few days.
    Not sure what this will mean for farmers who could get crops in, but corn is only about 4 to 6 inches tall in most places.
    Fruit bushes and trees, not sure. We are one of the large blueberry growing areas and those can be irrigated, cherries, peaches, pears and apple orchards are not. Have yet to see the first cherries at the markets. We usually spend part of the Fourth pitting cherries to dry for snacks and baking.
    Those who one books, Congratulations!
    Bread baked, cake in the oven and I need to work on a project for Tuesday nights meeting.

  10. Kathy Zuehl

    The wind was a little much over our way last night. We had two grain bins that we had tethered down because they were moved off of their cement pads to pour new ones, and the wind came through and took one of them and tipped it right on its top. 2 inches of rain came with it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We got a burst of high wind on Weds nite about supper time and yes, we got about the same amount of rain -,so sorry about your bin!

  11. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Super hot in Western New York again today, 85 at noon, feels like 92 with the humidity. Phew, it’s palpably wet out there. I watered the garden at 8 am and bugs almost ate me alive! So many errands to do, I’m sweating thinking about it!

    Summer and me? Bah humbug!

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Uh Mary, rain, rain, rain=mow, mow, mow! Your farm is very pretty and green. We too have had a lot of rain. I’ll take it anytime. It didn’t stop the neighbors from shooting off fireworks, they banged till after midnight.
    I’m making pillow cases today. My friend hopes a fresh one every night will help her complexion. With my stash, I could make plenty. Hope it helps, if not she will dream in many colors.
    Got the serger out last night, what a complicated machine. I only do one stitch and hope it’s the correct one.
    We have not had any sweet corn at the grocery store. Any idea why?

  13. Tammy Guerrero

    Please share the recipe for guacamole. We are hot here in Indiana. Humid and hot. I guess it’s better t by an all the rain and cold! It wou look d be nice to get s in between day! Love your texts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tammy Guerrero – Mareen has no recipe- I looked online for what to buy and I think you just have to make it to your taste!

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    No rain just heat..cooler, if 96 can be called cooler, than normal for July 4th. Fireworks are scheduled at Hell’s Gate on Possum Kingdom Lake tomorrow night. That display is usually spectacular. Drove into Weatherford to day to do grocery shopping & run some errands can do up here,Stopped in Bath & Body, had a carry basket full of sale items, most to put up for birthdays & other gifts when fire alarm went off…had to evacuate store.. left basket inside & after waiting mor than 25 for all clear just gave up & left. Hate to miss out on 75% off but tired of waiting in heat. Hopefully next time in town sale will still be on.

  15. Jan B from TN

    Sorry about your rain-out for fireworks but sounds like you had a good time visiting with friends!
    Bonnie Hunter has a new Leader/Ender project. She generally starts a new one every year around July 1st. You can find it on her blog & of course it’s free!
    Hope you don’t get too much more rain…….been there done that, last spring into summer, into fall! Crazy, recording-setting year in 2018! This year, not as much but we’ve had a lot of pretty darn warm/hot weather so far! I already notice the daylight being a bit shorter since 6/21. I hate that!
    Have a good weekend!

  16. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Your picnic dinner sounds perfect. It was nice of you to share your birthday pie😃😃.
    Rain, rain!! Our daughter lives on a direct line 30 minutes from us, but she got 2” and we didn’t get any. Usually, we are about the same. We were able to have fireworks.

  17. Joyce from NY

    Very hot & humid here again today. Thundered here about 5:00pm but just a sprinkle, down the road about 6 miles it just poured, funny weather. Worked on my #8 yesterday, using my charm squares as leader/enders, want to try Bonnie Hunter’s new one too. So many projects 😊

  18. Carol T

    Hi Mary! I want to make sure you see my belated birthday wish …. I wrote in on the 6th but it’s entered on the 4th of July rained out blog comments.It will be the last entry I think! I really mean all the things I described about you! Thanks again….Carol T T

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol T. – thank you so much! That is high praise indeed and not quite sure I deserve it all. Because of this blog I have friends everywhere and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times – those of us connected through this blog are more alike than different. Mary

  19. Carol T

    Hi Mary! I want to make sure you see my belated birthday wish …. I wrote in on the 6th but it’s entered on the 4th of July rained out blog comments.It will be the last entry I think! I really mean all the things I described about you! Thanks again….Carol T

  20. Shirley Svoboda

    Send some of that rain our way! No rain in Alaska for for a month! Drier than a bone and hot! Too many.ny forest fires!

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