Junk Bonanza!

Yesterday Connie and I went to Minneapolis to Junk Bonanza held at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, just next door really to where Prince died.  There was only 30% chance of rain but every time we stepped outside, that 30% happened to be raining! Ick!  Oh, what a great selection of junk, antiques, re-purposed home decor you’ve ever seen!  Oh, I was so wet by the time we got into the building.

This sign was the first thing I saw that I wanted to buy but it was really big and I don’t have many walls to hang it on that aren’t already filled with quilts or pictures so I had to pass it up.  I loved it tho’, don’t you?

Here are more pictures taken at the  show.

We loved this green pie safe.

This is what we had for lunch – a Bloody Mary with all these appetizers and a beer chaser included.  Yum!  Everybody was walking around with these drinks – after all, women with a buzz will buy just about anything, right?

After we left Junk Bonanza we went to the Crafty Planet in NE Minneapolis and shopped for fabric.  I’ll show you that tomorrow.  After fabric shopping we went to Bachmans greenhouse and nursery where we had quiche and cheesecake for lunch.  They weren’t really geared up yet for spring planting but we still managed to find something to buy.

On the road again we stopped at Urban Finds in Medford where we shopped some more.  Then it was on home where Faye was waiting with Michele and Bentley and Telly.  She was so upset that she wouldn’t even go to the barn with Michele.  I had such a fun day but this is why I don’t leave her.  I got her to eat a little bit later on but it was not a good day for my sweet Faye.

It was a GREAT day for Ben though – his test results came back wonderful and he is in remission.  He will continue to get chemo but the steroids are finished, he is no longer so hungry and he has started to play again which makes his parents so happy.  Connie is at Ben’s house today so I’ll know more when she gets home.

Here is what I bought.

Two pieces of cupboard that match in color but not in size or together.  I’m going to use them side by side.

Also an olive bucket, a basket, 2 cross stitch dog pictures, a wood framed mirror, a small chartreuse pothos plant.

And this very unusual pitcher plant that actually “absorbs” bugs in the pitchers similar to a Venus flytrap.  I hope I can keep it alive.  Connie says they’re hard to find so I’m going to give it a try.

Tomorrow the painter is coming to paint the little upstairs bedroom and then I can finally put everything back in place after the new floor was laid.  Seems like it’s been dragging on awhile now, doesn’t I?

Tomorrow I’ll have time to play with my new fabric.

27 thoughts on “Junk Bonanza!

  1. Nancy Wines

    So happy for little Ben and all who love him! Celebrate! Make sure you keep water in the pitchers of your pitcher plant! Happy Saturday.

  2. Lorna

    What good news for Ben & his family! And what a fantastic day of shopping….love your olive bucket! And looking at the posted pictures I see lots of stuff my friends & I would like! We will have to check into that shopping spot! We spent this morning at a farm in NE Iowa that had their first “The Barn” sale! Such fun…we brought home wicker porch chairs, an outdoor garden chair planter, a chicken waterer full of planted pansies, a nice barrel jar (for the agate polishing hubby) to display his ‘gems’ in! It was a great day to spend outside! LOVE the photo slide lamps!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. jennifer

    looks like you had a great day! and a fun one, too! just curious- how much was the big green pie safe? not that it really matters, but I’m just wondering! I love the 2 pieces you came home with- I know you’ll put them to good use.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jennifer – the green pie safe was over $500 which we thought was too much. The color was so great tho’.

  4. LeAnn Keenan

    So happy to hear Ben’s good news!!! And I’m envious of all your great junk!!

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing those photos. Is that stuff there all the time or is just once a year? I have heard of it, but did not know when this sale is scheduled. Your purchases are really great. And, isn’t Bachman’s just fun?
    So glad for Ben. What a blessing!1
    It was a great day here to clean some flower beds, but the Junk Sale would have been more fun.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kathy Schwartz (SW Minnesota)

  6. Patty McDonald

    Great news about Ben. Very happy for him and his family.
    Your shopping trip looked like a perfect day to me…..Bloody Mary’s for lunch, beer chaser, then quiche and cheese cake, antique shopping followed by fabric shopping. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but they haven’t been shopping with you.
    Many blessings for Ben and his family. Patty Mc

  7. Cynthia Sabinske

    Wow, that Is a Junk Bonanza. Will try to go next year! Great news about Ben, you gals really shopped around in the cities!

  8. Martha Engstler

    Wonderful junque. Looks like you had a great time finding treasures. Blessings and prayers continue for Ben and Faye.

  9. Launa

    Hey Mary, Here’s to such a terrific looking hors d ‘oeuvre Bloody Mary!! Would have been so much fun to tag along; I had a date with a CT scanner.
    It’s just wonderful to read that Brave Ben is in remission and feels up to playing once again. An answer to every prayer.
    Very blustery winds here in the valley so we are wishing it brings some sprinkles.
    Thanks for the news and photos……..Love those two blue pieces.

  10. Carol

    Wow, you sure know how to have a good time! A junk-palooza, liquid lunch, quiche and cheesecake and fabric, oh my! Wish I was your best friend and shared such adventures!

    So glad for Ben and his family. God is blessing them, I guess, although too bad he has to go through so much to be blessed with remission.

  11. Linda Baker

    My friend bought my mom the kind of pitcher plant you have. She lives in Florida and hangs it from a tree so it gets shade and humidity. It requires lots of water-like rain water-not tap. I live in CA and have 2 similar plants that I had shipped to my home. I hang them on a shower rod in my bathroom and use distilled water as we don’t get much rain. They are doing well. Good luck with your plant. You can also pour a little water in the pitchers.

  12. Diane

    Oh my gosh. You had a great day!! The green striped chair that matched your jacket would have been fun to have. Great news about little Ben:) And, the two cupboards are awesome. I am trying to weed out–ha. Squeak eats some of our plants, but she especially loves the Shamrock. Odd child!! Give Faye some extra hugs:)

  13. Kathy

    I would love to go on an expedition with you and friends! I don’t know many places like you visited. It must be due to my husband’s reluctance to acquire anything unless it is “useful.” That includes garage sales. I’ve cut back a lot and even started giving away anything that can’t fit. But it’s so much fun to find an item that is at a great price and can be “regifted” in the future.

    So glad to hear Ben is recovering. Hope that his parents have a plan to incorporate healthy diet and supplements to aid in his continuing health agenda. My prayers go out to this family that they might find ways to cope with the future care of this youngster.

  14. bernadette

    PS: pitcher plant should do nicely for fly control on your porch, and it looks so exotic. Do your kitties leave your plants alone? A sis of mine couldn’t keep a live plant in the house without the cats investigating.

  15. Angie Rowland

    Such good news about Ben. Connie is right Pitcher plants are hard to find. Lucky you.
    Looks like GREAT finds as well. We have a place near us that when they buy something they will have a hundred BUT you have to buy it when you see it otherwise a week later GONE. LOVE those places.
    May your weekend be wonderful and Faye forgives you.

  16. bernadette

    Wow, I would need a serious nap after all that shopping! Looks like lots of fun, and you had good company. Happy about little Ben. Our dog is rarely alone, since we are both retired. Whenever she comes back from a walk, she always races thru the house to see where the other of us is. Gotta love ’em!!!!

  17. Synthia Noble

    What a glorious day you had. I’m impressed with how many places you were able to find time in which to shop. You sure found some great stuff. Look forward to seeing your fabric purchases.

  18. MartyCae

    So happy to hear the news about Ben. God is good.
    Love the pictures of your treasures. Looks like some good finds.

  19. Connie Rademacher

    The junking trip looked like it was a lot of fun. Such a great day with friends, finds, food and a bloody Mary to top it off.

    I am so thrilled to hear that Ben is in remission. The power of prayer…

    Thanks for sharing the good news!

  20. Nikki Mahaffey

    Have never seen a pitcher plant…good luck with keeping it alive. Love the little quilt your goodies are sitting on. Two cupboards are great..I have a use for them if yu decide to get rid of. Wish the antique/junk sales around here severed Bloody Marys…………

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