This brave little kitten let me get a picture this morning – look at that sweet face!  I think they’re older than I think – when I saw Mama in another pen, I think she was throwing me off the kittens’ whereabouts.

See that orange speck in the photo?  It’s my chore glove!  Yesterday when I was pushing a plate of food towards Mama, she struck out with her claws and snagged my glove so those kitties are learning my “smell” because they’re sleeping on my glove.  Oh, how I wish I could hold that kitty!

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  1. Gayle Lacey

    I LOVE baby kitty ears! Baby looks pretty huggable. And mama looks like she really needs some love. Poor thing to be so scared.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    It may be Spring, but it’s miserably cold and wet here on the Great Plains/Midwest U.S. We may have some snow on the daffodils, tulips and lilacs tomorrow morning!

    Mary, is it possible to surround Mama Barn Kitty and the kittens’ nest with a blanket, or sheets, or some straw for this cold weather? And would Mama be O.K. with that?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – we think alike! I put up plywood etc around her “nest” and closed up the barn. I think she’s toasty!

  3. Launa

    We have so many Robins nesting in 🌲 trees here. And this morning we counted one buck and five
    Does eating outside the kitchen window just across the driveway. Spring is here. So many different birds. In Tulare we had one Robin last year. Am watching for hummingbirds.
    That little kitten 🐱 is so precious.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Laura – I think that kitten is pretty cute, too, but I’ve got to catch everybody!

  4. Diane

    I think Mary Says Sew is right. There could be a little leg by a head nursing and a black bottom by Mama’s leg.

  5. Colleen

    We had a feral momma “drop” off her female kitten at our house. We fed her and 6-12 months later she had 2 kittens they got separated during her moving them so one we took to our vet to be hand raised
    Momma took care of him and I caught and “fixed” him
    A year later she had 2 kittens and brought them in the house in my bedroom we were able to use the bedroom door to limit her access to her kittens and were able feed and pet her a little
    We were able to find homes for those kittens
    A year later she had a lot of kittens 8 I think. I found those kittens and put them in the bath room and we did the door thing and momma really taught us to open the door when she wanted in or out finally we moved the kittens and momma to the garage when the kittens were eating food I used oven mitts and took mamma to get “fixed” she was all hair she was so light weight I asked the vet if she was able to get fixed and if she was being sucked dry by her babies.
    All went well momma became an inand out kitty she would curl up with us visitors to our house never saw her she talked to us all the time and followed my husband around the yard
    She was a small kitty but mighty.
    I think each cat dog is different hopefully you’ll be able get your momma fixed and her babies fixed and placed
    They sure are pretty

  6. Patricia G Hayes


  7. Diane

    Baby kitty is gorgeous! Everyone is right, it takes patience. But, Squeak was in the Bug Lots parking lot, 4 weeks, twenty ounces. . She ran up into the engine of a lady”s car. The volunteer firemen came with huge gloves because she screeched and clawed! But, once we got her out, to the vet, and home, she did ok. I held her a lot in a small fleece pillow case so she couldn’t scratch me. I fed her kitten food thinned with fake kitty milk with a tiny spoon, and I talked to her a lot. She did come around and she’s a cute car😺😺. We love her!!

  8. Brenda archambault

    Little baby looks exactly like my “Heathcliff” of about 70 years ago. Her mommy was named “Company” who came to visit us, newly arrived in CT , on New Year’s Day, 1946. A little sex education for us as we didn’t know where babies came from!

  9. Anna M

    Kitten is so cute!is that the only one? Mama is very pretty too! Hopefully you’ll be able to tame them all in time.

  10. Mary Says Sew!

    Is there a dark kitten between the one facing the camera and mom’s front right leg?

  11. Kaye

    Mama surely looks like she’s not about to let you or anyone else near her babies.

  12. Pat Smith

    Is there anything cuter than a kitten? I hope these kittens accept you eventually so they can be adopted as house cats. Don’t let me come anywhere near Garner, IA! We aren’t going to GNR this year in Forest City, thank goodness!

  13. Marian

    Kittty and mama are so cute! Keep sending us updates about ALL your animals. I can’t get enough!
    God bless you in all your endeavors. Now, wish for warmer weather!!!!!

  14. Mary Says Sew!

    I have no doubt Mama Barn Kitty and her kittens will successfully train you well with some time. If the mom didn’t trust you, she would not have kept returning to your barn or had her kittens where you could find them.

    All our cats are rescues who adopted us. Three of the four came from our neighborhood, first moving into cat condos in our garage, accepting food and water from us, then moving into our house. Of course, the price of room and board here is a “nab and neuter” trip to the vet clinic for an Ultimate Extreme Makeover, plus vaccinations.

    The fourth cat came from our vet. He was turned into our vet by a local police officer as a stray about six months old, to be euthanized “because he walked funny”. She of course fixed his leg instead! He celebrates his 17th (estimated) birthday Monday.

  15. Beryl

    Patience…she will be your friend as well as her little ones, if not she wouldn’t let you this close or even take your glove. Are the other babies around too or has she hidden them? So cute!! This is probably wishful thinking as I read the other posts! I don’t know the first thing about cats as I am allergic to them…wish not I love to cuddle them and listen to their purring. Thanks for your fun posts!

  16. Jane Wolfe

    I’ve dealt with those feral cats & you have your work cut out. The cat will no doubt not let you touch her but as the kittens get older…they might. I had a set of 3 kittens that I knew were in the barn but Mom hid them well. I kept food out & eventually Mom wasn’t showing up but the kittens did. It took quite a while but I eventually got them all tamed down. However…feral kittens/cats don’t stick around the best. In a matter of a week they had all disappeared. That’s when I went to the shelter & got one that was fixed! He’s my barn cat now & so lovable! Good luck with this new project!

  17. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…momma cat and baby have pretty faces. I see the M mark very plain on the kitten forehead. I have no advice either your kindness will win them over or maybe not. Maybe momma cat is smart enough to warm up to kindness as you have provided shelter and food on a timely schedule. You were even concerned when momma cat skipped away for a while. You are doing your best with All the animals. Enjoy your posts! Little Hazel Jane looks like a windup toy dog…

  18. Susan Sundermeyer

    Perhaps if you would leave some pieces of scrap material with your scent up where mama and her babies are they might start to accept you.

  19. Sara Reynolds

    I wish that mama would let you touch her and the kitty. Both of them look so sweet!

  20. Amy

    I think we are going to need an “April giraffe” camera on that momma so we can all take shifts watching her to tell you to run out to the barn! Get Rick right on that 🙂 but I really don’t know what she is going to do when they start the terrible twos and start wandering away and ignoring her instructions. I can’t believe foe as much as she sees you and you feed her, she hasn’t warmed up any. She must know by now you aren’t going to harm her or the kittens. It’s like on those animal shows, we need to knock her out for about 30 minutes to peek in there to see what is going on! Expert advice from me the city girl!

  21. Sue

    Yes,,,best of luck. But, do be careful, Marry. Maybe you should always wear gloves when dealing with them because feral cat scratches can be very poisonous to our bodies. Even the little ones.
    They are so cute and innocent, even the mama.

  22. Jean Elliott

    Darling picture….thanks for posting…I’ve been wondering how the kittens were looking.

  23. Kathy

    What sweet kitty pictures! Nothing cuter than a baby kitten and mama doesn’t look old at all so wonder if it’s her first liter. She seems so good with them but she knows she and you have kept them all safe from harm. Thanks for sharing these sweet kitties with us.

  24. Jenn

    What a sweet face! Mama kitty is beautiful too. Keep trying to be friends. Love your posts.

  25. Donna

    Mary that kitten and mama are so sweet. That kittens face is precious. Obviously mama is a feral cat but maybe the kittens won’t be. I don’t know much of anything about feral cats & hopefully your work glove will entice those kittens to let you hold them. Mama kitty doesn’t know how fortunate she is with all the love & food you’ve provided her. Keep us posted as I know you will. I look forward to your posts. Enjoy your weekend Mary.

  26. Martha Engstler

    Oh that kitten is so dear. I want one like that, med. to long hair but it has to be one I can love on. It’s hard to tell when they are little but my Lucy was about 10 weeks and we could tell she would be a sweetheart and she was. Hope you can tame these babies down. Wild mom doesn’t help.

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