Kudos from a Quilter

We received an email this weekend and wanted to share it with all of our readers.


On November 2 we became proud grandparents of our first grandson (2 granddaughters before him). Mid summer I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery in October, so I had not been able to concentrate on making him a baby quilt. I had pulled piles of fabric from my stash and looked at patterns, but had not been inspired.

 I read your blog regularly and visited your shop two years ago while visiting my sister in Minnesota.  Fast forward to now. March 7, more surgery and 3 days in the hospital. After getting settled in back at home, I checked your blog and saw the cutest graphic quilt posted on March 7.  I had my inspiration.  I selected my fabrics and started cutting, sewing, and pressing. Last night I finished a crib size top in patriotic colors. My daughter saw it today and we selected a plaid from my stash for backing with a bold red for binding.

 Your post was my inspiration. I certainly give credit to the pattern maker, Moda, and to Mandy for her excellent presentation. I have attached a photo of the quilt top just so you can see that what you do can really motivate your readers and customers every day. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Sandy M

.inspiration quilt


9 thoughts on “Kudos from a Quilter

  1. Michele

    That little baby doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to love this quilt his grandma made……FOREVER!!

  2. Anita Fetzer

    Good for you and good for that sweet grandson…He will love his quilt and sounds like you on the road to good health. God Bless….


    a very cute quilt and a size that he can use for several years! congrats and congrats on being a BC survivor. I, too , am a BC survivor and do not know how i have gotten through the last 5 years without quilting. It has been my salvation and my solace. KEEP SEWING!

  4. Peggy

    What a great story! Country Threads should be so proud of what you do for so many people. It takes a story like this to remind you & others of what fun it is to hear from you! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Ann Barlament

    Wonderful story and you ARE an inspiration!!! I know first hand, as when I grieve…my sewing machine gathers dust and all those UFO’s sit sadly in the corner.

    It’s been 11 months since my beloved died…but it was your complete a UFO a month that gradually got me back behind the sewing machine. I too am grateful to have you in my life…and the beat goes on!

  6. Kim

    I am so happy that Sandy shared this thoughtful story of her Country Threads inspiration that helped her to find her way to the perfect quilt for her baby grandson. I will keep her in my thoughts as she works her way through her cancer treatments.

    As a fairly new grandmother to twins, I understand the deep and driving love that motivates us to create, with much love, the finest quilts for our grandbabies. Country Threads has inspired and motivated me to see the quilts that I wanted to create and to actually make them for my family and friends. It’s not just about patterns and fabric, it’s about the spirit and soul in each quilt design created by Mary and Connie. So thank you, Sandy, for reminding me to say thank you to all at Country Threads who have brought much joy and inspiration to my life as well. And thank you, Mary, for blogging about the farm and friends of Country Threads. There are many good and dear stories shared here.

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