Labor Day Weekend



What a perfect day and Millie agrees as she passes the day sleeping in a window. Ricks son Eric and his fiancee Nikki and their little dog Bella visited this weekend from Greenbush, MN, a 9 hour drive to the north of us. It was such fun to have them here and the weekend was gone before we knew it. Rick left this afternoon, too, and now I’ m preparing my work for the evening.
Bella Tapper, the dog who loves balls, also spent the weekend with us. All in all, it was a busy 3 days! The hot humid weather left us with a gorgeous day and week ahead.
It’s time for me to do the chores.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Ann Barlament

    I used to complain about the ride to Crookston – but Greenbush is even further!! That’s WAY up there in God’s country!!

    Hope you all had a wonderful visit!!!

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