Last Monday



The sign on our door says 5 days to go – and our last Monday was a busy one! Many times we had to let the phone ring because we were simply too busy to answer.
We sold our prized seed counter to our friend Gloria. She even remembers when I printed the picture in the Goat Gazette way back in 1997. Rick and I bought it in Oronoco at Gold Rush Days and we used it for a check-out counter for the first few years. Then it moved into the quilt shop where we used it in many different “departments”. It was kind of sad to see it go but we know it got a great new home at Gloria’s house!
Mary Baker couldn’t be here today because the big backhoe was at her place tearing down their house. Yikes! You remember they built a new garage with an apartment that will become a B&B after the house is finished.
Mandy is not quite ready to “go live” but that will be coming sometime this week. She will be posting the November sampler block on her site Her phone number is 641-430-6341.

I will post again tomorrow on our 4th to the last day of business!!