Learning To Piece Squares

Meet Nikki Etherington, Eric’s wife, who along with Eric, Bella and Boo, are visiting for the week so I asked her if she’d like to learn to sew.  How could I not ask?  She is sewing a layer cake together for a small quilt and I will quilt it while they’re here.  

As Boo gets a cuddle from Mom, Bella looks on as if to say “what about me?”

I’ll post a picture of the quilt when we’re done.

9 thoughts on “Learning To Piece Squares

  1. Cathy

    The pups are so cute! Yay for a new quilter! Is there a pattern for Thank God for Dogs? I love it!!!

  2. Louise

    Welcome to our world Nikki! Bella and Boo are too cute, good stitching companions…

  3. Diane

    It’s great to have “help” while Nikki quilts!! Mary, your studio is huge. It’s so good to have “newbies” join us, Nikki, we need you. Good luck.

  4. Launa

    Nice to have family (two and four legged) come visit. Looking forward to Nikki’s first quilt’s picture.
    Bella has such cute Mickey Mouse ears!!

  5. Jane b.

    One of a quilter’s greatest joys is to interest another person in quilting.

  6. Dee

    Looks like so much fun! Especially to have the four legged family there too. I like how you have things set up and I have that Thank God For Dogs kit. Makes me want to get crack-a- lackin on it!

  7. Jackie Baumhauer

    Nikki is very lucky to have you as a quilt teacher and have her dogs by her side (on the table) while learning. Fun!!!

  8. Betty Klosterman

    What? No quilts on the ceiling yet? I always loved to visit your Country Threads shop and will never forget it.

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