Let’s catch up! 10-22-22

What is it about Three? I swear he poses for pictures! He’s never far from me and I always have my phone so it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Let’s look at reader quilts first tonight.

I love this – what is it?
Look at this great bullseye!
Look at this handsome piece of work – I would love to piece this!
I’ve got tubs of 1-1/2” squares, too – I should start making these blocks!
A gift for the sorority house

I’ve been making up a few small quilts for Patriots for Pets annual auction in November. Here’s what I have so far.

I even backed it with a piece of old Country Threads fabric.


And here are two new $5 patterns you can send for – they are not available as downloads at this time. Send your check or cash to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. Would you also be so kind as to include a SASE? It will save me loads of time.

Jake’s Quilt

Jake’s Quilt is an older pattern that I adjusted for this particular quilt to accommodate the yellow floral. Here’s a picture of the original – from a reader.

This pattern is also $5.00.

I’m not sure if someone sent this to me or I saw it online but I love the setting so I saved it.

My window washers came today – oh what a job because I have so many windows and I collect so much shit that is displayed on the wide sills – plants, books, glassware, chotchkies of all kinds! I will just add that Becky doesn’t collect like I do. One time she showed me something that she treasured and I told her I had 10 of them – haha! If one’s good, 10 is better, right?

Every piece on display in this room is being washed before it goes back — another huge job but it will all sparkle like the windows do when I’m done.

I put this picture on Instagram last night and captioned it – “This is why all my furniture is either free or from the thrift store!“. Haha! Sometimes I wish for nice furniture and then I come to my senses.

I put this old lawn chair with a cozy blanket in the barn for Mama. Every time I go to the barn I find her in the pile of new straw on the floor. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

I’m still working on this project – when I’m done I’ll offer it as a $5 pattern. It got a whole lot bigger than I intended.

The quilt along for the cover quilt will officially start on November 8 but next week we’ll talk about choosing fabric because that’s more critical to prepare for than the actual cutting and sewing. If you’re joining in the fun be thinking about your color choices and what you’d like to do. We will be making a 20 block quilt but of course you can go bigger or smaller. If you have questions about the quilt along, ask now so we can all be ready to start together. I’m going to sew along, too, in a different color palette – I’m considering the blue background.

Oh, my gosh, what a long post! I’ve got to get back to the ballgames – Astros were way ahead when I started. The Yankees are going to have to pick it up!

Happy Fall, Y’All!

89 thoughts on “Let’s catch up! 10-22-22

  1. Brenda

    Wonderful post…I read every word and every picture! Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us.

  2. Marilyn Magelitz

    Don’t comment often but LOVE your blog and look forward to it. Especially liked this one, great photos, thank you! I did your bulls eye quilt along, love the low volume one pictured, so cozy looking! So often quilters talk of “contrast” in making quilts, this shows low volume does work. I live in Placerville, Ca on 8+ acres a lot of work! Blessings!

  3. Carmen Montmarquet

    Love that Three! All the quilts are amazing tonight, especially the ones you will be donating! Keeper is surely growing into his ears, looks right at home! I love seeing your gourds, wish I had the room to grow them, we have 5 acres but you have to climb a steep hill to get to them? Your windows look so sparkly! Thanks for sharing all these quilts!

  4. Robin C

    Beautiful quilts, wish I had the talent and body to quilt. Love the animals in the pics too. Thanks for sharing

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin C – I’d love to help you learn to quilt! Write to my email.

  5. Sue in PA

    I love seeing the pictures of your quilts and of your home, Mary. I thought it was funny when you said that if one of something is good, then ten is even better. Have you given up on your Swedish Death Cleaning that you started a while ago? I see there is a Facebook group dedicated to that. I started leaning out my excess after our move to a 55+ home five years ago. I still have a way to go, especially photos. I hope Rick’s wound is healing well. Love your animal quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in PA – yes, I think I gave up on the Swedish Death Cleaning. I recently wrote a very detailed trust instead because I have nobody to step in to handle my estate. It’s not exactly what I would choose but now I figure it’s somebody else’s problem and I’m paying them to do it. So let the collecting continue! Haha!!

      1. Marsha from Kansas

        That’s what I say – I’m going to enjoy what I enjoy. Three is certainly the photogenic kitty. He’s beautiful. He knows who rescued him. With the bum leg, I doubt he would have lasted long left on his own. Beautiful quilts.

  6. Marty from Scottsdale

    Stellar posting today! The variety of photos means something for everyone!

  7. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I’m watching football because I can’t get the Bucks basketball game. We can’t get live stream, we are stuck with whatever is on Dish. I don’t think we will ever get high speed internet. We live on a State Highway but not enough “customers” for them to put in fiber optic cable.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – I think that’s very sad for you! I don’t know what we’d do without all our tv stations – we are spoiled. On the other hand we never go anywhere so tv is top dog with us. Are you able to subscribe to any of the other media channels?

  8. Jeanine from Iowa

    Loved seeing all the quilts again. I remember that “old” fabric you backed your quilt with. I had some of it and loved it, but of course it is all gone now. We had supper with Bob’s sister and husband, and his cousin and wife this evening. We three couples try getting together every other month or so, but when COVID hit, we had to stop, then his cousin’s wife was in the hospital for three different times, one week each time. It has taken her a long time to gain her strength back; she’s better, but not there yet, and she hosted us tonight. It was a very enjoyable evening. Have a great day tomorrow. I hope your black eye is getting better. I know it took mine a long time to heal.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – my black eye is slowly fading but still there. I love to hear about your evening with family – Covid was hard on all of us in that way.

  9. Cindy R

    Pets For Patriots is such a great shelter! We were there today to pick up a Lab mix puppy and saw your Dont Shop Adopt quilt. Wonderful people!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy R – ooohhh! You got a puppy from Patriots? Thank you for adopting a rescue pup – will your picture be posted on Patriots Facebook page? What’s the pup’s name?

      1. Cindy R

        Yes, we should be on their site. Deb said the camera battery was going, but I think it had just enough juice! We adopted Cammie, but are changing her name a bit to Callie. Such a sweetie! She’s settling in well. Hopped in her bed and is fast a asleep. Praying all the rest find a loving home!

  10. Sherrill

    Love Three .such a pretty boy! I bought the Charlie pattern a year or two ago and he’s still not made. Ugh! Think I like the first of the 3 dog quilts best but they’re all great. I always like when my windows are clean but the they get dirty again 😕. Is that last picture some of your gourds? I know where the corn came from 😀

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – yes, I grew all the gourds in the picture. I have to enjoy my clean windows before they get very bad again – I waited u til Tim had the field work done across the road.

  11. DebMac

    The quilt picture that you love the setting of is “Winter Carnival” by Pat Speth @ Nickle Quilts. She did a quilt along earlier this year with it and it is on her website. Beautiful “Bull’s Eye” quilt; so different! Our home is mostly filled with hand-me-down furniture. The couch is 20 years old and I’d like to get a new one but can’t find anything I like as well. Who do they design furniture for?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – that old free couch fits me perfect – all the new ones are too deep for my short legs and besides that, the dogs love it.

  12. Sheila in MA

    Great posts tonight Mary, spent the day doing leaves and there is still more where they came from. So it was nice to have a quilt show after some homemade soup for supper. 3 is certainly photogenic, he definitely chose the right home to land in. The pet quilts are wonderful.
    Nothing better than sparkling clean windows to look on a bleak winter day. Have fun with the ball games.

  13. Jan Smith

    What great quilts, and so many of them!
    My Yankees are about putting me to sleep. But the Phillies and Padres games have been exciting, haven’t they?

  14. Betty Klosterman

    The cornerstones on the last pictured quilt are very interesting! Never thought doing them that way. And I was trying some 1″ finished squares but got sidetracked. They are still there waiting for me.
    May we watch your postings for the sew along, even if we don’t plan on sewing right now? It sounds very interesting. And exciting to see how each quilter puts her colors together.
    Our weather is supposed to change to rain and snow. We can use the moisture no matter the form. The snow will be in the higher hills, but who knows? We’ll take whatever comes and be happy.
    We meet for Project Warmth on Oct 31 so I’ve been putting the borders on 2 lap size quilts. I don’t like this part, but being in the mood does help???
    Take care everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – Of course you can follow along! I will be posting on the blog as usual and I’ll be asking for pictures of their fabrics ahead of time so all the readers can enjoy the process even if they’re not sewing with us. I will be writing a post about getting the pictures to me so everybody will know how.

  15. Diane in Colorado

    Your porch is my dream!! Such a lovely space!

    Tomorrow is my last day in Minnesota, so I took my parents for a drive—wanted to get them out of the apartment and give them something different to look at. We went to Austin and visited the Spam Museum! It’s a cute, little, free museum right downtown. And across the street is my Grandpa’s store. It’s not my Grandpa’s store anymore and hasn’t been in almost 45 years, but I still love going in and reminiscing! I loved to visit him there when I was little!!

    So many beautiful quilts! I am anxious to get back to my machine!! I bound a quilt while I was here in Rochester so I will be going home to decide what to finish next!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – you know, I have never been to the Spam Museum! And what store across the street was you grandpa’s? I think I need a trip to Austin, too.

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        We had a Spam cook off contest at work. Many years ago.
        Great recipes…sweet and sour, kabobs, carved spam, green chili spam. Chipped Spam on toast. It went on and on.
        Today, I think the museum would be too fun!

      2. Diane in Colorado

        Leuthold-Bauer Clothiers was my Grandpa’s store. Talking to my Dad this morning, it sounds like Grandpa took it over around 1953/54 and it changed from Leuthold-Petersen to Leuthold-Bauer. Grandpa died in 1975, so he had it about 18 years. Now the building houses Twice is Nice, a consignment shop. It was fun for me to walk through and get a peek at Grandpa’s office (MUCH smaller than I remembered!!!), his bookkeeper’s office, the store windows I played in as a child. Much has changed, but there is enough still there that I can still envision his store. I loved visiting Grandpa there!!

        The Spam Museum isn’t real big, but it’s free, and they do a really nice job of presenting the history. Spam is hugely popular in Hawaii even now. It was an integral part of military rations for WWII and remains pretty popular with both military and firefighters. Best fried rather than straight out of the can IMHO!!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Well, I have been inside that consignment store and that’s the reason I asked what was across the street. I’ve bought a number of things there – it’s a great store!

  16. Tammy Guerrero

    It says Jake’s Quilt is a $5.00 pattern you can purchase. I don’t see the name of the strip quilt that also has a $5.00 fee. Did I miss it somewhere in your blog? Can you tell me the name of it. Would love to order that pattern also. Thank you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tammy – I went back and read the post again – a space got put in where it shouldn’t have – the title Midtown was higher in the post. And what’s with all those captions wrapped around ? That’s not how I typed them – oh, please let’s not have another breakdown.

  17. Sue in Oregon

    You’re right! Three is so photogenic. And, I think he knows it, don’t you? He is an adorable regal-looking cat.
    The quilts are so great in this post plus I love your dog quilts. Patriots For Pets will be thrilled to have them.
    Keeper is sure growing.

  18. Kris in WI

    Ha! The Charlie quilt made me laugh out loud! Actually, “guffaw with a snort” would be a better way to put it. That grin just did me in. Aaah. Thanks, I needed that.

    I think Three has captured all our hearts. Does MamaCat let you pet or brush her or is she an independent lady? How are the goats and geese these days?

    Mary, your “Still Life with Gourds and Corn” is lovely. Oh, those colors. You do have an eye for taking pictures. It’s too bad the puzzles are so expensive.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their quilts. Great work!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – oh, yes, Mama loves me and wants me to pet her! I just can’t convince her that the house is a safe place.Goats and geese are all fine – when it was pretty cold I worked very hard getting Pudge and Rosie into the opposite side of the barn because one of the pinto goats likes to harass Pudge. When it got warm again I let them go outside with the others again – which means I’ll have to repeat this. It’s hard to “chase” a goat around a big brush pile – I need another person to stand on the opposite side but Rick can’t walk down there. Sigh. Aren’t you sorry you asked? Haha!

      1. Kris in WI

        Oh, dear. Please forgive me. I just giggled at the thought of chasing goats around a brush pile! I don’t know anyone who loves and cares for their animal family the way you do. My mother would say you have earned all the stars in your crown. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow. More baseball or is this an off day? Blessings, Kris

  19. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – I’d love to have window washers into do my windows! I’m going to give that serious consideration! I loved the picture of the two dogs on the sofa- no room for a human, lol! I can’t get into the baseball playoffs unless the Red Sox or Mets are playing (and especially not if the Yankees are playing, lol!). I really love those postage stamp style blocks – guess that means I’ll have to make one myself one of these days!

  20. Jan B from TN

    Hi Mary! I love the dog quilts you are going to donate to your favorite rescue! I know they love them too. Will they use them to auction off or in a silent auction? I would think any dog lover would really appreciate having them.

    I’m uncertain if I’m going to participate in your SAL. I’ve got sew many other projects going on right now. I will follow along but not sure I’ll sew along. I already have my signed copy if your new book & love that cover quilt.

    Enjoy your baseball games & the rest of your weekend! Tomorrow I’m going to see The Buddy Holly story musical at our local, marginally famous playhouse. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan B – did you know that the Surf Ballroom where Buddy Holly played his last concert is in Clear Lake, IA – 10 miles from me? The Winter Dance Party is held the first weekend in February every year and is a great event for the community as people even come from Britain to attend every year. It’s a wild weekend in Clear Lake every year and sometimes is very very cold – like 26 below one year!

  21. Debby Krzyston

    Hi, I have 2 cats and I hate to clean their fur off my furniture before company comes. So…I cover my sofa with twin size fitted sheets and old towels where they like to lay. Before company arrives I take off the sheets and towels. Into the wash machine it all goes. Then the dryer. When the company leaves, I have freshly cleaned sheets and towels to cover my furniture.
    Easy peasy 😽😽

  22. Fran from Dubuque

    I had to chuckle at the comment on collections, my husband was never content with one of things,it was always more,like 10 to 100 more of some things. He passed away 5 years ago and I still own these collectios. If my kids don’t help with this they’ll have to when I’m gone. Oh well. Love all you do, The sew along sounds real good. Go Phillies!¡

  23. Charlotte Shira

    Great pictures!! I love all the quilts. I just got back from visiting my 94 year old dad in West Virginia. Had such a great time just visiting with him. The fall colors of the trees were fantastic. They say it’s the prettiest trees in 10 years. We like the same TV shows and watched football games both weekends. Now that I’m back home it’s lonely watching TV by myself. TV is my only entertainment too.
    I need my windows washed too!!! I love your porch.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh my, your dad lives such a long way from you and he’s 94? I’ll bet you did have a wonderful visit! I really only watch tv from my sewing chair – if I try to watch in the recliner I fall asleep!

  24. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Another beautiful post, Mary. The quilts for Pets for Patriots are wonderful! I would buy the individual dog fabric if they made it again! Your readers are talented people! The stilllife with the gourds is perfect. You are a photography painter😀. Off to walk.

  25. Linda

    Mary, Three is beautiful and knows you saved him from an unknown situation, that’s why he loves you so and stays so close. He is a sweetheart. And, it looks like Keeper will never grow into those ears! He is so darn cute, I love him and love seeing him enjoy life on the farm. I still don’t understand how you manage to sew like you do with so many chores and babies to care for and an adorable house. You go girl!!

  26. Linda in Michigan

    A very interesting post with wonderful pictures. Mary, I don’t think you realize how all of your readers (fans) look forward to a peek into your life! I envy your wide windowsills-we have a house full of windows, but no windowsills. I have a small shelf in the laundry room to put a few plants on, but that’s it.
    You say you have collected so much shit–welcome to the club. After living here for 30years we had new carpeting laid in three rooms. A neighbor was going to do the installing, so I had to box up all my so-called treasures and find a temporary home for them while the job was done. It caused me a lot of stress, but all looks so nice now. Did I unclutter during this process? Not on your life, Ha Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in Michigan – my contractor is a genius – he does lots of concrete work and my floors have nest in them. It was his idea to make those wide sills – I don’t know if he saw the plants and that’s why but I am so thrilled to have these 12” sills. I have not been to a flea market or antique mall since before Covid and I yearn to search for treasures again. I get such pleasure seeing them displayed in my house!
      Once again – I’m not looking for “adoration” but CONVERSATION with all of you readers. It embarrasses me actually – I’d much rather hear from all of you!

        1. Jan Hebert

          Hahaha, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out just what it was that your contractor put in your floors! Nest, best, rest…no, that doesn’t make sense, haha! But heat! That makes sense. I’d love heat in my floors! Oh, and I saw The Buddy Holly Story a month or so ago at our local theater and it was fabulous! The actors all played their own instruments and the acting was great. I never knew there is a Spam Museum! Love reading the comments…and the blog, of course! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Midge – yes! They are treasures to me but moving, cleaning and putting them back made me wonder about my collection obsession – ha!

  27. Kathy in western NY

    Such a fun blog post !! Wonderful quilts to see and read everyone’s comments and then to see your pets so happy at home. Yes Three is very happy to be safe and alive inside a loving home. Some day I will make your Frank pattern and hang it on my front door. I live on a busy street, surrounded by farm lands and trucks going by, so I have dirty windows that need washing a lot and it gets harder to keep up with every year so hiring it will be in our future. Thanks for supporting your Patriots for Pets fundraiser as it’s needed to keep these shelters going with all their very hard work. I gave up thinking I had to showcase my furniture as I can make do now with pets who snuggle next to me as soon as I sit down. My last sofa lasted 25 years and we got rid of it after losing our dog so the salesman said to us, “ this next sofa will never last that long”. He’s right- I have repaired wear and tear on it already. I’d rather pay for a cable bill and snuggle in watching hallmark movies with my pets near me than worry about good furniture.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in NY – you and I are on the same page – I really love seeing nice furniture in magazines but know I’d never, never get rid of my animals just to have that picture perfect home.

  28. Sandy in Indiana

    Wonderful post today! Love Three & the Charlie pattern…I have it & need to dig it out 🙂
    Love all the shelter quilts….You are a blessing to make them & help support them.
    Beautiful weekend here in Indiana


  29. Winnie

    I loved your blog! At first I couldn’t see any pics but when I touched the comment button it opened your blog in a browser and voilà all your pics appeared!

  30. Brenda Ks

    Mary Love love the bullseye quilt. The other quilts are beautiful too but just love the colors of the bullseye. Very windy here and the acorns are falling. Need a hard hat to go outside. Ha. Watching the Chiefs today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I loved that bullseye, too – I always think I have to use contrasting fabrics – not so.

  31. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Loved reading your blog and all the comments today, I have four windows I have to clean today with a pole, washer then squeegee as they are too high for me on the ladder anymore, I should just hire it done. Tell me again what is the quilt-along quilt pattern again? I hope the mild weather sticks around for quite a while yet!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      The quilt along is the cover quilt from our new book Fresh Start Quilts

  32. Joyce from NY

    Just an amazing post today. All the quilts are beautiful, such talented readers. I also have the Frank pattern & have yet to make it, someday. Your animals are so precious & I just love your house & all your collections!!

  33. Margaret in North Texas

    Speaking of cleaning–I have a friend who has “every surface” decorated with something from the past. She has someone to clean and I asked how can she do this. Her answer was”She does a lots of swiffering.”
    I hired a window washer for the first time in my life -boy do I have clean windows. He used a 12 inch stainless steel pad on them

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret – aren’t those sparkling windows just fabulous? Window washers are expensive but when I sew for Junkin Gal uptown I earmark any money I make as window washing money! This year I fell a bit short however – gotta sew faster!

  34. Bonnie Specchio

    Don’t take the time to comment often enough, but I so love reading all your news. I’m a quilter and gardener who lives on a farm in Illinois and also am a passionate reader so we have many things in common. It almost feels like you are neighbor. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the blog. I’m all decorated for Halloween/fall and have my Frankenstein wall hanging right beside my comfy chair. It’s sunny and warm in central Illinois today, but very gusty – the leaves and corn shucks are flying through the air. God bless!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonnie – I just got home from church and it’s too windy to be outside this afternoon. Oh, darn, I’ll have to watch the ballgames and sew! Haha!

  35. Betty Klosterman

    It’s me again. What wonderful comments!! Always so much fun. The quilting of the Buttonsbug quilt fascinates me. Some stitch-in-the ditch and a bit of fancy hi lites? Very classy looking!
    Next for the lady with windows and no sills: just get some small shelf units with the top shelf flush with the sill. Bingo, space to show off teasures and more horizontal space to dust??
    And davenports. My husband was a car salesman and I think he sold my car before we even got married but I was never without a car if I could just remember what it was, where I left it and hoped it had gas. I think my car sold for $350 which is about what the davenport cost. He always referred to it as ‘my car.’ We didn’t have any furniture and bought it when we moved into the house in 1970 and it is a bit faded, had to get new foam for cushions but it is almost mint condition and now holds piles of fabric and projects. My cat had 6″ fur and I always kept towels or light rugs on the furniture which could be removed if somebody didn’t want to sit in hair.
    And yes, Three knows who butters his bread and isn’t going to loose her!
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I agree! Wonderful comments from many which is always what I strive for! Before I had these wide sills, I had trays that fit into the open window and were actually screwed in. When the window was closed the shelf was extra secure.

  36. Katie in Gilbert,Az.

    I am happy for U ,your windows w sparkle..
    I ❤️The sharing about furniture and the 🐶🐶🐶
    My Taos loves furniture & beds, I have have leather couch and chairs in front room,
    I sometimes cover w ole sheets, because I want them to stay clean , no dog hair, etc..
    It’s her furniture and I just borrow when I feel like relaxing to watch tv or do some hand embroidery..
    Life is Good🐶,

  37. Kim from TN

    I miss pets but I have developed an allergy to most animals, so I really appreciate seeing all the critters that live on your farm. Great quilts today and I totally understand hiring windows being clean and sparkly. Our son washed windows when he was in those college years and today, he does mine when he visits me. He also cleans to top of everything since he is 6’5 and can reach everything without a ladder, lol. Watching the Packers today and binding a quilt for our show in November.

  38. Beverly Lockmiller

    Love your blog I read every one. I don’t comment much but love to read . I love all the aniamal storys. I also can’t spell. I have a cover for my love seat for my Maggie dog and beds in every room. I also spoil a calico Manx cat to the max. I have got to get back to my quilting soon. broke my elbow in a fall then had to have my shoulder replaced in July. still in therapy for it. I just love all the quilts today. would love to do the quilt along but i’m so slow. I will b e watching the progress. Love the clean windowa. will have to talk to my cleaning ldy and see if she will do again. God is good all the time.

  39. Kris in WI

    I got a charge out of the comment from Betty in Cedar Rapids! My couch has a stack of quilt magazines, fabric that needs cutting, a project for a friend, my cross stitching basket, some blocks to square for LWR quilts, and just enough room left over for me.

    And I’m curious…What do folks collect? My last interest was plain glass candlesticks. Not the fancy candelabra kind, just singles, all different heights. I put beeswax candles in them for fall, red ones for winter, and mix and match colors for spring and summer. Just fun to look at from my couch!

    1. Tina W in Oregon

      There were three more comments from the time I finished reading them and added my own! How fun!
      Kris’s question about what we collect got me to thinking. Right now, I’m trying not to bring more home, but I have a great collection of Fire King coffee mugs, Ben Hur spices, a few yellow-ware bowls, Rose Chintz dishes from Johnson Bros., and old restaurant-ware dishes that we use all the time. Of course, they’re not microwaveable but that’s ok.

  40. Tina W in Oregon

    We had our windows washed inside and out last Tuesday and I just love opening the blinds in the morning and looking out those sparkly clean windows! Of course it rained yesterday (which we need). There are a couple spots but not too bad. All the quilts are beautiful and the comments fun to read. Great post today!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roberta – hi, Roberta – I didn’t know you were a blog reader! Thank you

  41. Jeanne in Colorado

    To Cindy R., Can we see a picture of that new member of your family, Callie? Would love to see her new adoptive parents pic. too.
    Mary, how do you do it all? It’s a good thing you love what you do, or it wouldn’t be worth doing it. You do the work of two or three people.
    How is the black eye? Reminds me of the one I got while playing basketball in high school. Another gal and I got hold of the ball at the same time. I didn’t let go of it, but she did, resulting in a huge golf ball sized bump on my eye. Had to miss three days of school while I kept ice bags on it. And wouldn’t you know, it was just in time for pictures to be taken for the school annuals. The photographer assured me it wouldn’t be noticeable in the final pictures. He lied. There it was, big as life, and just as black, not only for my class to enjoy, but also for future generations too. Funny now, but it sure wasn’t funny to me at that time.
    Great blog today, as it always is. Thank you everyone for sharing.
    Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne in CO – truly I DONT do it all! If you wrote a blog you’d be in complete controll of what you tell your readers, wouldn’t you? I’m not saying I lie but you have no idea how many things don’t get done. I just don’t talk about them ! Haha!!! And I always wonder what others do with their day – do I really do more? No, I don’t think so. Maybe I should turn the question back to you and ask what you will do tomorrow- I imagine you’ll be busy, right?

  42. Cindy Yoakum

    An awesome post Mary! Love all the pictures and you outdid yourself for us readers who LOVE your blog. What is the quilt called that has a black background and postage square type squares on an angle? I want to make that quilt with the same color scheme — smoky, earthy fall colors.

    Keep up the blog please as I get such inspiration from you. Best wishes on your eye healing and Rick’s wound.
    Cindy in northern Illinois.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy Y – that quilt is called Confetti Cake from The Pattern Basket – I asked the maker, too, because I loved it!

  43. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Clearly Mary, Three thinks you made a new fall quilt just for him. He blends in perfectly, lovely kitty. Thanks for the update about beautiful Mama in the barn, who prefers straw.
    I guess I will put window washing on my ‘to do’ list; it is so nice when they are done. I will have to wait until after Tuesday, when rain is predicted. We have enjoyed the warm temps of the last three days; although today was extremely windy.
    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures; they are inspiring. 🥰

  44. Mareen

    Great pictures Mary – I so remember washing those windows – such a great feeling to look thru windows after you wash them even tho it sometimes does not last long with all the dust from the fields but still satisfying anyway. and the one at dusk from outside looking in how calming!! Good to see Moe in the picture too – she is so sweet……Happy Fall Ya’all! Travis’s best friend is a scout for the Phillies so I am hoping they win – he already has one World Series ring hoping for another one!

  45. Kathy Hanson

    Loving the picture of the kitty, all the beautiful quilts, the pups, wow, what fun to read every day! I have finished a quilt for my granddaughter recently, she gave us our 2nd great grandson yesterday and she will go home to her boyfriend and two little boys. We will get to see them for Thanksgiving – I can’t wait. Looking forward to doing the sew along – have some ideas for the fabrics but am looking forward to you talking about them and seeing that pattern again. Hoping that you are watching your favorite team doing well and maybe even going to the World Series.. We are looking forward to basketball, our favorite sport!

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