Let’s Make Another Rug

Here’s my finished rug from the last rug – along and I saved the best to show you at the start of this rug-along — taking the finished rug off the frame.  It’s my favorite part and it will be yours, too!  Here it is on the frame with all the rows finished and the final knot tied but the ends not woven back through the twining because it’s much easier to do that when it’s off the frame.

First you’re going to pull the rods out.

Then carefully slip the rug warp off the nails across the top of the rug.

Flip the frame around bottom to top so the remaining side of the rug that’s still attached is at the top and repeat the process and remove the rug from the nails.

Immediately lay your rug on the floor to see how flat it lays – isn’t that just fantastic?  Now I will weave the ends back through the twining and secure the ends with a couple of stitches so they don’t pop out.  I only tie one crossover knot when I sew the stitches – it eliminates that lumpy double knot I have found.  

Instead of another rug right away I want to make several small table mats to have on hand for gifts so my demo will be on a small frame.  I have it warped with a non-stretchy fabric cut into 2″ strips.  Please refer to page 4 in your book.

Please note the loop in the upper left and the lower right.  Do not pull your warp strips extremely tight – leave enough slack in the warp to be able to manipulate the strip but not have any excess.  The rubber bands are helping keep the warp strips on the nails until I start the twining.

If you do not have the book and DVD, you can purchase both for $20 including postage.  Send to Mary Etheringon, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

Tomorrow we will start the first row.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Make Another Rug

  1. Launa

    Hi Mary, Just checking your great new rug. I like the woven fabric in your smaller mat; hope you show it finished soon! I appreciate seeing the step by step pictures on removing from the frame. So enjoyed a blog showing the quilts at the Iowa Quilt Museum. Off to watch tonight’s GAME from Oakland. It was a fluke “the chef” served Curried Chicken tonight…….
    Happy FLAG DAY tomorrow……cute tablecloth.

  2. Edora Hansen

    I love the look of your woven rug. I have been making the crocheted rugs from rags for years but I am really interested in trying your rug. I went to the U. of Iowa in Iowa City and got my degree in nursing. I am retired now but have always had a fond place in my heart for Iowa folk. I live in Cass City Michigan.

  3. Edora Hansen

    What do I do to order the loom to make your new rug. I can’t seem to find a link to see your craft supplies. Thanks very much . Edora

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      To order the rug frame, contact Farm Chick Quilts online.

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