Mary to the rescue! 5-2-22

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Mary to the rescue!!!

by Connie

Most of the blog readers know that we have sold our house in Garner and moved to Okoboji.  April 22nd was our closing day and MOST of the Tesene household made the 2 hour trip to their new home.  Notice I said most…Roy and I along with Betty, our black lab and 2 cats were in the car and truck with the last of the boxes.  However Lily, our gray cat and Dot’s sister, decided that she would like to live for a few more days in the basement crawl space of our old house.  What a dilemma!!!  The new owners of the Garner house couldn’t have been nicer about the “lingering visiter” that now inhabited their basement.  I really thought that she would get hungry, bored, or just suddenly become a friendly cat and appear with a meow… and Ali and Will would call us to come pick her up.  No dice!

Here is where “Mary to the rescue” comes in.  After nearly a week of no LILY I called Mary.  The owners of the house were thinking about getting a wild animal trap, and I knew Mary had experience with her own traps so we discussed strategy. 

I should say Mary discussed strategy and I kind of cried on the phone.  Ugh

I am going to let Mary fill you in on her “Thinking like a Cat” and she can tell you all the details.  Just in case this should ever happen to you.  

The good news is we had success in just a couple of hours.  I drove to Mary’s on Saturday and brought Lily home.  Now our house seems complete – although I still have lots of boxes to unpack.

Mary asked why I didn’t call earlier, I should have, but she was dealing with the bats, mice and rat issues…too much going on.    Mary is the best friend I have, and always comes to the rescue!!! 


Mary I can take a few more pictures of Lily- she is settling in nicely…she even went outside for a quick look around.

Thanks again!!!

From Mary

You have to think like a cat! She wasn’t about to come out of the crawl space when the sounds in the house and the voices were unfamiliar! Cats are very tuned in to their surroundings. I took two live animal traps and put the biggest one right outside the hole in the closet that goes down into the crawl space. I also put a trouble light down the hole. The I covered the wire trap inside and out with blankets so she wouldn’t be warned or alarmed when she stepped on the wire. I put the tastiest canned food beyond the plate that would trip the door which would lock her in. It did not take long to hear the trap close – think how hungry she must have been even though the new owners had put out dry food and water for her. The owners called me and I immediately went to the house and put her, trap and all, in the back of my van. When I got home I carried the trap into my secure kennel and closed the door. Since Connie was on her way I actually left Lily in the trap – I was taking no chances that she would escape in some unexpected way. Connie arrived, we put Lily in a carrier and off she went to her new home where she is getting reacquainted with Dot and Hilary. I said several prayers that my plan would work and God answered those prayers.

Just a side note – Dot and Lily were my Mama Kitty’s babies quite a few years ago – and I told Mama about Lily’s adventure

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34 thoughts on “Mary to the rescue! 5-2-22

  1. Diane from Colorado

    Hooray!!! I can’t imagine how difficult this was for the whole Tesene family! Glad to hear Lily is settling in to her new home and this story has a happy ending! Mary, you are the best animal advocate that exists!

    I’ve been busy watching baby owls—love this time of year!!! Spotted a fox in the neighborhood last week when I had the pups out for an early walk. It’s finally raining this morning which is hugely appreciated! We are soooooooo dry here and have already had several devastating fires.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane from CO – I have enjoyed your owl pictures very much! Especially those fuzzy babies!

  2. Shirley

    What a wonderful story about Lily. Now everyone is 😊 happy.
    Shirley from Oregon

  3. Nancy Wines

    What a wonderful story with a happy ending for all! Cats are funny creatures but I couldn’t live without mine. I have a very large orange Maine Coon Cat who is the laziest creature ever and loves to sit on quilts and keep me company in whatever room I’m in. When he was a kitten he somehow ate invisible thread which made him quite ill and needed emergency surgery to get it all out. Needless to say I seldom ever use that thread and keep it locked away. So glad Mary knew just the right thing to do to rescue the cat! Best friends are the best!

  4. Kathy Downie

    I’m so glad to hear that Connie’s move is complete and the little Lily is back home! Such excitement!

  5. Montana Kathy

    Mary to the rescue! What a great story(well, maybe Lily wouldn’t quite agree; she had to be traumatized). So happy it ended well!

  6. Lynette in Orlando

    Isn’t it wonderful having such wonderful friends!!! Silly kitty!!! Oh how we love them, but oh how they test us sometimes……

  7. Gloria from CC

    I was thinking about Connie this morning wondering how she was doing. I can just imagine how worried she was about her kitty. Mary – you were probably a cat in your previous life so your instincts are natural. Ha! Hope you’re feeling better by now.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Two hours distance will never stop best friends from being there for each other. So glad kitties are all united again in your new home Connie. I love all the wonderful quilt pictures created by your devoted readers and of course, I love a happy ending of a good story too..
    I have seen several butterflies in my yard the past couple days. Doesn’t it seem early for them?

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    I am so glad to know that this story had a “happy ending” for little Lily! How traumatizing for not only her but for Connie and her husbandl. Mary: you are definitely a “cat whisperer.” All’s well that ends well!”

  10. Jan Hebert

    What a great post – so glad Mary’s excellent strategy worked. Lily sure is a pretty kitty! Connie I hope you will share pictures of what your home in Okoboji looks like now that you are living there full time. I’m sure it’s amazing. Reader quilts are beautiful, as always! Nancy Wines, thank you for sharing your experience with the invisible thread, what an awful thing for you and your beautiful Maine Coon Cat to go through. Jan in MA

  11. Suzanne Golden

    What a kitty adventure, she just wanted some extra attention from a friend.

  12. Diane, Buddy, and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Headline: MARY TO THE RESCUE!! Way to go, Mary. You knew just what to do. I am so happy Lily is at home and doing well. I love the quilts/pillow today and the cartoon:)
    Our neighborhood has been on alert because one of the dogs, a longhaired Dachshund got away from its owner right when he took the leash off at their front door and it’s now someplace in our neighborhood. We are all worried because we have coyotes in the woods up here. Since I am the “dog whisperer who carries treats”, I will be going back out soon to look some more. Wish me luck:)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh no!!! How long has the dog been missing? Please let me know when you find him and I so hope you do!

  13. Polly Perkins

    Good job Mary. Glad you have everyone reunited Connie. Those cats can be very sly and tricky and some do not like strangers. I have some like that and then I have Harry who thinks he is a dog. He greets everyone at the door and plays fetch.

    Hope you get over COVID quickly Mary.

  14. Karla T

    Yay Mary for your expertise in getting Lily to Connie again! I remember you helping me with my newly adopted Guthrie when he hid for 2wks. I was beside myself thinking he hated me. You had the same problem with Deano. You were right…he just needed time to come around. He was the sweetest baby I ever had. Thanks for such a great example of friendship you and Connie have. It makes my soul smile 😊.

  15. Dee

    What an adventure! I too am glad it was a happy ending. Let’s face it. no one likes changes Linda G, I love your mat, is there a pattern name for it? Thanks.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, it is grate that you and Connie have remained such good friends for so many years. That kind of friendship is wonderful. And…..I remember a time not so long ago that Connie dropped everything and came to help you out of a real problem — your hair was stuck in the hair brush and you were on your way to a wedding! What are such good friends for?
    Hopefully you are feeling better. Things are good out here. We’ve had a bit of rain, more rain and snow about 10 miles north and higher. Maybe get more rain today. We can only hope.
    Take care of yourself. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – oh, I remember that hair incident well – what a terrible predicament and of course I called Connie. We’ve had about 4” of rain now so we’d love to see some sun.

  17. Ann in PA

    Connie and Mary, you girls need to write a book and I don’t mean another quilt book. “The Adventures of Connie & Mary”…it could be made into a TV series and would be much more interesting and better content than what’s offered now-a-days. Poor Lily, she must have been so scared but now she’s back with her family and safe at her new home thanks to Mary. You are blessed with a wonderful friendship! Thank you for sharing your stories. xxoo

    1. Pamela Papazidis

      Ann — after ready both sides of the kitty story, I too thought it would make a good book.

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I am so glad Lily made it to her new home, thanks to Mary. Now Connie and Roy can settle in and enjoy. Basically, our pets just want to be with us, but moving can be traumatic. We had a similar experience; cats are independent thinkers. 🤗 🥰

  19. Diane Deibler

    You guys always have something going on!! Will miss you in Garner, Connie. I go by your old house several times a week on my way to my mom’s. It will always be the Tesene house in my mind!!! Hope you and Roy have a wonderful and long retirement.

  20. Kathy Hanson

    Mary to the rescue – for sure! I am sure that Connie is so relieved that her baby is home with the family again. You, of course, knew just what to do and you were exactly right! You are a wonderful friend to have in anyone’s corner!! It seems that nothing is ever easy but you surely made the day for Connie who has her babies all home with her.
    Hoping that you are feeling better today – this Covid thing is so difficult! Glad that you are getting your sewing room back in shape and will be looking forward to working in it when you are feeling great again!

  21. Pat Smith

    What a great story with a happy ending! We’ve always had cats and know how difficult they can be when they are afraid or otherwise unhappy. I could tell some wild stories of our trips back and forth between Florida and Vermont with cats in the car and motel rooms. ‘Great work, Mary! Our cats have all gone on to kitty heaven now, but if we ever have another and have this problem, I’ll be on the phone with you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – haha! You just have to think like a cat!

  22. Diane Meyer

    Glad Lily is at home with Connie and Roy. She has beautiful eyes. I sure would like to see some sunshine. Our area could get another inch or so tonight and more rain on Thursday. I hope you continue to feel better.

  23. Linda in Michigan

    Never a dull moment in the life of Mary!! I’m so glad this story had a happy ending.

  24. Rhoda

    Mary – I missed that Connie was moving now and how hard for you this must be even though you knew I would happen.
    Changing places is never easy!!!!
    Hope you are well again and Rick too.


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