Meet Jackson

This is Jackson Shaffer from Fairmont, MN, who is staying here while his mom and dad are at a family wedding. He is the perfect boarder- no barking, no trouble, no anxiety! Two more boarders, Sassy and Biscuit, are coming tomorrow morning.
I am digging out all the country cottage collectibles to be marked for sale at the Big Event. I have collected some really cute stuff and now I’m weeding out the pieces I can part with – I’ll have to get stern with my hoarding personality and “let it go, let it go”. Ha!

7 thoughts on “Meet Jackson

  1. sue dietz

    We are sitting with our daughter’s dog, Gracie. She is a 15 year old miniature winner dog. We love her but she is so deaf and blind now that we have to “yell” for her to know we are around. She wags her tail and just “pinballs” off things. No harm to her since she moves slowly. She used to chase any ball she could find until they would have to be taken away from her. Now she has a big ball that makes plenty of noise and she can still get it in strange places for us to find. Enough. I just had to tell a dog lover about her. We love her.

  2. Launa

    Our granddog goes home tomorrow so a couple laps will be empty around here for a while. She is quite a tiny voyeur standing with her front paws against the back or side fences while peering thru the redwood board spaces at neighbor dogs and people around their pools and on patios.
    The best dog we ever owned was a Border Collie McNab cross. His herding instincts would kick in when our first two little Grands would come visit if they ventured what he felt was a little too far from the house.

  3. LeAnn

    I got to meet him yesterday in person when I visited the shop. I really enjoyed getting to pet him and mess with Jackie the cat! I also really enjoyed the shop. Can’t wait to get back.

  4. Ann Barlament

    Jackson reminds me of my sweet boy Buck.

    Hoarding fabric? I can so relate!! I’ve been going through all the bins and making LOTS of pillow cases. Got 17 started today and they are in various stages. Will donate all of them when completed.

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