Meet Jenna




Meet Lori’s 6 week old granddaughter, Jenna. Makaila and Lori brought her to the shop today so we could hold her and play with her. Lori’s daughter, Makaila is enjoying being an aunt to this sweet baby who belongs to her brother, Adam. Adam is going to be a single dad to Jenna with much support from family and friends.
Tried to mow lawn today and got rained on – I just kept mowing while I had half a chance!

6 thoughts on “Meet Jenna

  1. Jane Winton

    Adorable!! Did you girls forget to pick a number today? Need to know what I have to finish……..:)

  2. Launa

    Oh my! Lori, there is nothing like a sweet little grandbaby! Congratulations to Jenna’s family.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ann Barlament

    It’s so wonderful to hear that this young-dad will be “stepping up to the plate” and raising his daughter! I know he will succeed, for love and support of family is a win-win combination!

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