Meet Libby




Chew-E went home today with Rox and Jim and our household got calm – maybe even boring. Did I really say that? Tasha’s buddy Libby arrived tonight and so far she feels most comfortable on my lap. Tasha is a shitzu and Libby is a Havapoo and both are darling little girls. I will keep you updated . Their parents both went to Wisconsin snowmobiling until Sunday. Snowing again and getting very cold.

6 thoughts on “Meet Libby

  1. Cynthia

    Oh, how I love reading your blog! I smile everytime I read about your latest “boarder”!

  2. Rose Mikulski

    OMG, Libby looks like my Sophie, who is a Lhapso-Poo. And it looks like Chewie is saying “Can’t I stay?” I’m going to miss seeing his smiling face.

  3. donna j

    I thought that Libby looked familiar. I have a Havanese, too. He is that creamy tan white color with little streaks of black and silver in his ears and tail. But I bet Libby behaves so much better than my little Benny! Will miss ChewE! You have a fun household.

  4. Michele

    Is it safe to bet that Chew-E, Telly, and Bentley would be a bit too much if they were all together at the same time? 🙂

  5. Lynn Willis

    The first picture with the 2 dogs heads bowed is adorable. Looks like they are saying their morning prayers

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