Meeting Marty




This bundle of energy arrived this morning for a day of play so Mom and Dad could go to the farm show in Des Moines. It’s going to take all 7 of the others to wear this little guy out. He has not learned about the dog door yet but we’re working on it.

And I came across yet another bag of blocks that need attention so my day is planned. Still working on the Pokeberry Quilt, too.
Susannah is resting comfortably and I asked the vet to run a feline leukemia test on Tammy. I’ll let you know. Thank God it cannot be spread to dogs or humans – only other cats which is pretty scary for me right now if the test comes back positive.

16 thoughts on “Meeting Marty

  1. Leslie

    You have your hands full!! And you are going to sew???
    I have a hard time getting any sewing done with one dog hanging around.

  2. Launa

    You’ll have a busy day with all the canines playing with new pal, Marty, after all their “sniffing checks” are over. Marty is like a super size version of the energized grand-dog who belongs to my 16 yr old “Grand”. I can’t help but laugh at her speed run antics in the back yard.
    Here’s hoping we have a good sewing day today.

  3. Carol

    I LOVE these blocks…the colors are great! Good luck with the menagerie …. hopefully everyone will be A-OK.

  4. Penny C

    Praying for Tammy and Susannah! It is amazing that so many dogs that don’t know each other get along well and play together!!! I think it is the atmosphere you provide that keeps them all so happy! You are a terrific lady! I send you much Love, Penny

  5. Diane

    They look like great “kids”!! I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world greeted each other that way? Maybe we wouldn’t have so many wars!! Cold here in Central Ohio. Good luck to Susannah and Tammy.

  6. MaryLou Smeltzer

    You have no idea how you make my day! I was just talking to a friend about you and she feels the same
    way. Keep them coming and thank you for being such a wonderful caregiver of the animals.


  7. Donna

    I am so glad you kept the blog going. I enjoy hearing about all your animals and their antics. Glad to hear Susannah is feeling better. Marty is such a cutie. All the dogs are adorable. I am very much a dog lover. I also enjoy seeing all your designs for your quilts. I have saved some of them so I can see if I can duplicate the pattern. Thanks so much. Keep the news coming!!!!!

  8. Brenda A in sunny AZ

    Can Marty come and live with me? What a sweetheart.
    Love the red and white table topper in the background. Is that a disappearing 4-patch? Another thing on my bucket list!

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love hearing about all the animals and of course your quilting. Your web site makes me smile every day. Thank you for posting. i am working on the quilt disappearing block.

  10. donna j

    Marty looks just like my Benny! So cute and so ornery, too. You are a wonderful woman!
    I, too, pray for little Tammy and Susannah.

  11. Reva Coash

    The picture of you and the four/five dogs, should be labeled “the dog whisperer.” Been beastly here in KS, but supposed to warm up today.

  12. Ann Barlament

    I’m amazed that no matter how many dogs are with you, they all seem to get along!! Must be your wonderful personality that keeps them all so calm!

    If I were the “new dog”, I think I would be a bit over-whelmed! LOL

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