Melting Monday!







It is 52 degrees here in Garner, Iowa on March 10, 2014. Today is Rick’s 66th birthday and the water is running everywhere. The sidewalk is even clear – I never thought I’d be so thrilled with a clean sidewalk but after the winter we have all lived through, I am thankful for any sign of spring.
To answer a few questions: Telly was a rescue at the age of 1-1/2 years and we were told she is a labradoodle but how would we ever know for sure and we don’t care. Leo is a golden doodle and one of Telly’s bffs. He belongs to my young friend Sam, Lucy’s mom.
The free online block for March is correct as shown on the tab on our home page. The only mistake was calling it 6″ and 12″ instead of 9″ and 18″. Remember this year we are making assorted sizes and last year they were all 6″ and 12″.
Connie and I have been talking about camp and have set the date of June 3-4 for the first one. You will need to call the quilt shop at 641-923-3893 to sign up. Remember we are closed on Sunday and Monday until April 1 when we reopen on Mondays.
I was asked for an updated “selfie” and here it is – I still have a considerable amount of swelling especially around my nose but it will keep getting better I’ m told.
Back to housecleaning and laundry. The goat pattern is at the printer now so it won’t be long until I can tell you it’s ready to go.
I hope all of you are having a little taste of spring today!

5 thoughts on “Melting Monday!

  1. MartyCae

    Happy Birthday to Rick!

    So happy to see clean sidewalks! I know spring is out there somewhere!

    You are looking good!

  2. donna j

    Mary…you look mah-velous! You are smiling and look so happy today. And you know the swelling takes time to go away. Being a nurse, that is one of the biggest complaints. We all just have to be patient and you are doing good.
    I just love all the photos of the dogs (and cats), the quilt shop, the farm and you. Keep on posting them and the stories that go with them!
    It is 60* here right now unless you are in your car. Then it is 70* and hot with the sun high and mighty and the skies so blue in southcentral Kansas. Not a flake of snow anywhere. Until next time….take care! And give those lucky dogs a Milk Bone.

  3. Paula S.

    Mary, you are looking fabulous! I think most of the people in our country are looking forward to spring. We’ve had it up to here with ice, snow, sleet and rain. Bring on springtime!

  4. Launa

    My flag is fluttering in the sunny gusts. Didn’t feel any of the 6.9 quake off the CA coast near Eureka early morning. So many trees are leafing out and blooming. Glad the humming-birds like red flowers as the little ones are here every day now.
    Happy Birthday to Rick.
    Mary, you are certainly looking great!

  5. Katie

    You look very cute I n the Red hat..take care feel guilty we’re having high 70’s in Phoenix..

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