My friend, Doris, died this week. 35 years ago she and I entered a contest to sell subscriptions to the Garner Leader, our local newspaper. If memory serves me right, Doris sold the most and won $500. I came in second and won $300. I used my $300 and Connie put in $300 to start Country Threads in 1982. What a great investment!
Don’t forget that we posted 100 new sale bolts on the $7.00 sale just this morning. We also drew Number 12 for the May UFO.
Still raining lightly today but we have high hopes for the weekend. What’s new with all of you?
Here’s a shout out to friends Carole and Amy who are both recovering from surgery. Hope you’re both hanging in there.

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Amy

    Hi Mary and all the gang at CT! Thanks so much for the shout out. I am back at work part time so that is forward progress. We have had rainy weather here in Kansas City also but the weekend looks great! Congrats on the second place $300 finish, the best $300 you have ever spent! Now how many times have I spent $300 at Country Threads?!

  2. Julie Burkhardt

    I am enjoying 91 degrees and sunny skies on Sanibel Island, FL. No quilting this week.

  3. Ann Barlament

    Fifth day in a row that we have had rain….then I found out that my basement has water in it. Not the added stress I needed, especially since I’m stuck in assisted living until I can find wheelchair accessible housing.

  4. Barbara

    So sorry to hear of your friend Doris’ death. Your second place prize was put to good use. Connie and Mary save their money and put it into a business that touches lives. So glad you two e went into business. Love to see a new book that reminesces about the new business venture. Thanks for all your work!

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