Microwave 101

Really? How did I get a round omelette? Did you see this picture?

The eggs, green onion and asparagus are in a paper bowl – like this.

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I gently whisked the eggs and cooked them in the microwave in a bowl sprayed with Pam for 1:30. They slide right out of the bowl. A favorite breakfast sandwich around here is two eggs in the microwave between two pieces of toast each with a slice of cheese. I even put butter and jam on my toast, then the cheese, then the eggs. Yum! And it keeps me filled up till supper.

And you wondered about the bread – this is home baked sourdough bread made by a little European girl from our church. I trade fresh eggs for homemade bread every week and she usually delivers it hot from the oven! You are allowed to be jealous.

This is what Connie’s working on in the evenings – her Tula Pink project. Looks too advanced for me! But I’ll love the end result!

Here is Diane’s quilt again – SAVE THIS FOR YOUR OWN REFERENCE! Please!

I realize this blog could be so much better organized and cross referenced but I, like many of you, are technically challenged and not only do I not know how to do it – I don’t want to learn!!! I’m at the top of my game right here – this is it and my memory isn’t getting any better so if there’s something you want to look at later, mark it yourself, make a file folder for your saved posts, send just the picture to your own email so you’ll know where to find it. I would rather sew, read, do chores, work outside, mow lawn – even scoop shit rather than learn to improve the navigation details of this blog.

On to the Dirty Dozen quilts:

Another litter of puppies, 8 weeks old this time, need to be fattened up before they can be spayed or neutered so I’m bringing two home on Friday for 3 weeks. I just have to get that sickening feeling out of my head from all the 9 puppies that died. The weather will be nice, they’ll already know how to eat and my very secure small kennel is unoccupied. I’m thinking they’ll sleep out there so we won’t be awake all night and if I start them out that way, they’ll never know the difference.

And now I’ll head outside to work but will close with this picture I saw online of an unknown child that I think is the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen!

76 thoughts on “Microwave 101

    1. Michele

      OMG!!!! And that girls, is why I have NEVER considered making face masks!!!! Hilarious, thanks for sharing!!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorot – is this short for Dorothy? I would never have thought to post the link to the video – yes, I had seen it and would laugh and then scream at that woman!! Thank you for putting it out here for everybody – they are enjoying it!!

    3. Liz Schrader

      That was so funny and I needed a laugh while I was sewing on my boring 50 masks!

  1. Launa

    We are using the same brand paper China, too! 😃. Enjoy the cute puppies; they need TLC and will receive it from you, Mary!
    Sun is bright in the blue sky again today , already melting snow!

  2. mj

    Funny, I think she needs more than just her glasses…Thanks Dorothy for some laughs which we all need, as well as a mask, in todays world..

  3. Debbie Miller

    That cute little girl at the end of the blog post is you saying “I’m not gonna do it!” to learning new technology skills! Love your description on what you would rather do-too funny! I don’t blame you a bit-I feel the same way. Have a wonderful day doing what you love best-take care, and write when you can!

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Very well put with you having to do the work that your readers can do for themselves. We are just happy to hear about your day. I am with you Mary, only so much brain space I want to use over computers. When I decided to retire, it was because my mind was thinking of all the quilts I still had yet to make and how much longer could my brain take all this computer work and changing passwords every day for every program cause of some pathetic hacker. I too am so much happier than ever not challenging myself over computer issues, but how can I make 1/8 yard stretch a bit more to fit that pattern. Some people like it, and bless their hearts to stay on top of all this technology but it’s also why I So So thankful my 25 year old Bernina never gives me trouble cause I don’t want to relearn a new sewing machine either!

  5. Sandy in Indiana

    Oh My, I thought that video was hysterical…..I laughed until I was crying!! Thanks Dorothy for sharing 🙂

    Connie’s project is wonderful!

    Love the puppy….so cute!

    Sun is shinning here, but wind is very chilly

  6. Linda

    Best of luck with your new puppies! I’m praying that they grow up big and strong and find fur ever homes! God Bless you for giving them a good start.

  7. Judy A

    That’s a beautiful breakfast, and a most awesome looking loaf of bread. You have yourself one sweet deal there!

  8. Sue

    Your breakfast looks delicious and I would love to have a set of dishes like your white plate!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – it’s a very old chipped Homer Laughlin that I just can’t bear to throw away

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    I “hear you” on “navigating the technical stuff,” Mary! This morning I decided to open an account with HyVee.com so I could start ordering my groceries online. Well, right away I ran into difficulties! They are saying my password is “incorrect.” How can that be if I’ve never had an account with them in the past? Oh, well! It made my head hurt, so I just closed down the inquiry and went on to do something else. I hope the puppies adjust OK to the kennel and don’t keep you awake. A beautiful day out there today. Good day for doing some chores outside.

  10. Susan

    That bread looks gorgeous. I can do that, too, but don’t very often. I don’t keep my sourdough starter going constantly, so it takes a couple days of getting it out of the fridge and active again before I can bake bread. I just started last week bartering with a friend from church for fresh eggs by baking a loaf of what I call “Farmhouse White Bread.” I also bake it for our communion bread once a month. It’s very loved by our church members!
    Don’t blame you at all for not wanting to increase your computer skills. I know what I know how to do and if I need anything else I ask my son or daughter. My son has been known to send me “invoices” for Technical Services. LOL! I have yet to pay one!
    Best of luck with the puppies! As always, they’re very lucky to have you!

  11. Renae in Iowa

    Video was hilarious! I felt like drinking after trying 6 mask patterns to find one that finally fit best. My caption for pic of little kid would be. “Stay home or else!”

  12. Cheryl

    I laughed until I cried. Oh my goodness when they get to where the middle finger of her left hand is bandaged to the max…… 🤣. Thank you for sharing!!!

  13. Diane Bauer

    That bread looks fabulous!!!!

    I love that you are diving back in with more puppies!! They are lucky pups to have you giving them a fighting chance on life.

    I agree with you on Connie’s project—it will be gorgeous but way too advanced for me!!

    The little one in the photo at the bottom reminds me so much of Jenica when she was that age!! In fact, my all time favorite childhood photo of her that has sat in my office all these years is her with a remarkably similar expression!!

    Gorgeous day here—so different from our 14” of snow last week!! The pups and I have already walked our 6 mile loop, so they are asleep under my feet!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I had such a bad experience with the first puppies that I just couldn’t stand that feeling for the rest of my life. Now if these die, I m done – no question about it!

      1. Diane Bauer

        Mary, I sincerely hope you know in your heart that those puppies came to you without a chance of survival. You gave them the gift of so much love in their final hours. Their deaths was in no way a result in how they were cared for. Sounds like these next pups are coming to you in better shape. You will again give these pups the gift of love. You are going to be absolutely overrun at The Rainbow Bridge when it is your time to go!!!!!

  14. gayle

    Yep, I’m with you Mary— I’d rather scoop shit than problem solve anything on a computer! Love it— may I quote you?

  15. Diana in Des moines

    Oh, Mary, you make me laugh. I’m 62, retired, and don’t want to learn new stuff either. I bought a new TV for my sewing studio, but will wait for hubby to set it up. I’m sure I would mess it up.
    Enjoy spring, looks like the rona will be around for awhile yet. Take care, enjoy the puppies!

  16. Donna Sproston

    I am with you on the frustrating changes in technology just as I master one. I started using the internet instead of a textbook back in the 90s. Every year the changes were so incredible and it was mind boggling. When I retired I decided there were far more important things like learning to quilt. I had a smart phone for a while, but I decided it was a colossal waste of money and time. Now I have a flip phone in my purse just in case. I like the keep it simple approach. When I saw the eggs in your bowl, I wondered what pottery pattern it was!

  17. Judy

    I agree with you Mary some things just are not worth taking the time to learn anymore at my age. The video Dorothy linked is hilarious. I laughed all the way through it.

  18. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date on what’s happening with you. Puppies are so lucky to have you. The mask video was wonderful, laughed so hard. I thought I was done making masks, packed it all away on Monday morning. Monday evening I had an email from the library in town they need masks for the reopening for curbside pickup. Making masks again because they are awesome people that keep me supplied with books to read and inspire me.
    Your computer skills are just fine, Good luck with the puppies.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    I need to make one of those omelets for breakfast tomorrow easy! Thanks! I am making sourdough bread today, one small loaf for us and one for our neighbors. The one you got looks fabulous!! So nice to get that gift! Our neighbors loved what I gave them too – so they get another today. Oh what a funny video, just laughed and laughed!! Hope you enjoy these new puppies, will help you to feel better! Onward to finish the men’s shirt quilt – I am enjoying making that!

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    I can hard,y see, I’ve laughed so hard!
    I shall share, and rewatch often.
    I hope puppies 2.0 make it to adoption. You give them the best start they will get.
    Connie’s project looks phenomenal. Very portable, but very small pieces.
    Have a great day. It’s beautiful here.

  21. Amy M

    Mary that is my kind of cooking! I use disposable plates, bowls etc. all the time (I know it is not good for the land fill) but for one person, the dishwasher takes forever to fill up & running it when it isn’t full seems like a waste of water, so I don’t know what is worse.

    Connie that look’s like Tula Pink’s Sunrise English Paper Piecing. I have her Nova EPP pattern & trying to figure out my fabrics for a sew along. I wanted something new for handwork. For everyone who would like to learn more or if you have never had the pleasure of meeting Tula or hearing her lecture, Fat Quarter Shop has three videos posted on their YouTube Channel: How to English Paper Piece with Tula Pink, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I highly encourage you to watch them. It really is easy to do (I’ve been told), she shares all of her tips & tricks as if you paid for a class & if nothing else she is really a nice & funny person. She will give you a good perspective on how to spend your time selecting fabrics or selecting quilting designs etc. that can be applied to any project. Sorry no affiliation but it is funny when you find yourself nodding in agreement with her or laughing at the screen.

    Enjoy the puppies Mary, these sound like they are off to a good start and you might have some warm days to let them play in the grass area. The small kennel sounds like a good plan.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – paper plates and bowls are a win-win for us because we can still burn trash!!

  22. Gail Celeste

    I agree about computers and iPhones.. I love them both, but I am so grateful that my “techie boy”, aka as my son, comes over now and again to help me out Of course, now he won’t come to my house as we are isolating plus his wife is a Labor and Delivery nurse, who is as careful as she can be, but he doesn’t want to pass along any of those darn germs to us.
    I had 23 faithful yeasr with my Pfaff, when the computer decided to act u (it was the motherboard.. Very expensive to repair plus sending it out for 6 – 8 weeks and no guarantee. So, I got a new Pfaff 2 years ago. I was not sure if I had enough brain cells left to learn a newer, fancier machine but there was nothing else I could do. So far, all I’ve done is learn to thread it, fill bobbins and sew straight and zigzag stitches!! I now wonder if I will ever learn any of the 252 other stitches!!
    I am now making face masks — not hundreds but for my family members. Only straight stitches required and I sure have enough fabric!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail Celeste – I have two Bernina 1230’s and a “new” 740. I rarely use the new one – too hard and doesn’t work like I’m used to. I’m thinking of even putting it away to save space since I never use it.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    HaHaHa…Laughing about the micro eggs. I am such an “old school” cook that I thought you mixed the eggs in the paper bowl and then put them in the frying pan. Now, however, I did go to school about the micro ones and I am going to try it your way.
    The finishes are great, especially the house quilt. I have always loved houses in quilts. To bad her name doesn’t show on the card.
    Have a good time with your puppies.

  24. Carolyn Rector

    Does anyone else think that cutest little child look like Donald Trump? Just saying…

  25. Sharon Geiger

    Oh, Mary, you are such a HOOT!!! I don’t know a lot of technology either. And what I do know gets me where I want to go! LOL My sister, Donna M., is making that same Tula Pink quilt. Hers is turning out great! Too advanced for me! Good luck with your next batch of pups.

  26. Maureen

    Mary, I truly enjoy your blog with your farm stories and all the fun stuff you post about. Thanks!

  27. Diane and Squeak

    That adorable girl at the end is saying, “Come on gang, you can do it yourselves!” I agree. I just printed out Connie’s Polka Dot Stars quilt. Now if I can just remember to order the pattern–lol.
    The Oh, Kay video is hilarious; I saw it yesterday and will add this to it. Our group was making the same table runner. One woman ended up sewing an orange section INTO her runner. Another woman, an accomplished sewer from a young age, drove OVER her finger, got the needle stuck in it, two days later pulled out a piece of the needle–NO lie!! We need these laughs, Mary so thanks for continuing your blog. Also, those first puppies didn’t have a chance with all of that infection. Your new ones will love you, too:)
    Diane, I bought the panel in your quilt in Oregon, but haven’t made it yet. Yours is really neat

    1. Diane Bauer

      Thank you!! A dear friend of mine used the pattern for an earlier Gingiber panel set (Bramble, I believe) for her granddaughter. I absolutely loved it!! I have now made two (this Merriment one and another different panel set for my upcoming grandchild) and have a third now as my daughter wants one too!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – I am laughing out loud imagining the woman sewing OVER her finger!!! And she was an accomplished sewer! I’m sitting here with my beer laughing!

      1. Diane and Squeak

        That is great, Mary. We all need to be laughing with a beer😃. That neat lady died in ‘16 of Ovarian Cancer. Our group continues to laugh and enjoy fond and sometimes hilarious memories of her😃

  28. Bea knight

    Hi Mary!
    So excited for 2 more puppies! It’s a wonderful thing you are doing.
    That bread looks amazing! I would definitely eat that breakfast!!!
    Connies project is beautiful but too hard for me
    I agree with you about the computer stuff. I have an iPhone and that’s it for me👍
    Blessings to you always and Thankyou so much for your posts. So uplifting!!!!!
    Bea knight

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bea Knight – I can never see your name without also seeing that picture of your little dogs – what a memory!!

  29. Felicia Hamlin

    I love Connie’s project, at least she is working with big pieces. I was trying to work on my little blocks and got frustrated. So, I don’t know if I will try later. Mary, I understand your attitude towards technology, it is wonderful when it works and a big headache when it doesn’t.

    Your new puppies will do well with you, they aren’t sick tiny babies and that will make a difference. I love the tumbling cats quilt and I actually have a tutorial for it. Is the girl from Germany? They are good bakers. Have a nice day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – I believe Ema is from Romania – heavy accent and she’s so tiny – I’ll bet she doesn’t weigh 90 lbs!

  30. Sandy

    Love the bread Mary, I am in the dark ages with sewing machines, I use a Bernina 830, goes like a dream..barely able to use the computer, gets very frustrating, thank goodness for my son’s help.hope all is well,enjoy the puppies,sandy

  31. Jan In Texas

    I laughed until I cried that video was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile

  32. Nikki M in Tx

    Let me just say I am green with envy over that bread, my mouth is watering just looking at it.
    Spring allergies have knocked me for a loop last 2 days…
    & the damned pigs are back, took Ms Maci out at 4 am & herd of about 12 plus in yard.. IMG_8296.JPG…I hate feral hogs…
    Granddaughter sent me package .. 3 rolls paper towels, 8 pack of TP, liquid hand soap, bottle hand sanitizer, bag of chips ahoy cookies & a trashy paperback book, she is the best & since she inherited her grandmothers warped sense of humor.. a day glow orange pair of bikini underwear with a more… something to brighten my day… needless to say I had a good laugh…she is the best.
    Stay safe.. wash your hands.. social distancing

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – what a sweet granddaughter! And damn those hogs!!!

  33. Jean

    Ohhhhh… connie is making that BEAUTIFUL sunrise quilt. I am absolutely in love with that quilt. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  34. Kate

    I’m like you, technically challenged. Friends are always wanting me to copy and paste something on Facebook and I just can’t get the hang of it. I’m surprised I can even log onto the internet! Hope the new puppies thrive and will find good homes. You are brave to take on the challenge. I don’t know it I could do it, knowing they may not thrive.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – if I don’t volunteer, who will? I just can’t sit back and hope somebody else does. I’m not going anywhere – working outside and who cares if I get anything else done except play with the puppies.

  35. Beryl BC

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, omelets, quilts, puppy and little girl, and also the youtube in comments. I’ll have to try the asparagus omelet as we have a little bit starting to come up.

  36. Marlene T upstate NY

    Oh Mary, you have just made my day. Just got done with dinner a glass of wine and cleaning up the kitchen. I was just checking e-mails and clicked on your message. I will be trying your omelet recipe for sure. Everything was good until I watched that video. OMG I could not believe what I was watching. Thank God for people with a sense of humor. I had my husband watch it and forwarded it to my daughter who was have sewing machine problems on Sunday with a bobbin thread. Also sent it to my very good friend who is a quilting teacher. Finally getting back to quilting, just in a rut lately. Started a baby quilt for my nephew’s new baby girl. Should go rather quickly and I will get it delivered after this lockdown is over. We are just south of Albany and have to wear masks to shop and stay 6 ft. apart.
    I think everyone is just about to lose their minds. Just what we all need is a good laugh. Good luck with the new pups. Felt so bad about the poor little ones that didn’t make it. Take care and stay safe.

  37. jan VanDeWalle

    OH Mary that video was the funniest , Still laughing after a quick trip to the bathroom, the tears are still running down my face
    The bread looks awesome makes me want to start a sourdough starter again. I have two eggs on a English muffin every morning with cheese and a sausage patty all made in the micro wave. I have an egg cooker that was made just the right size. I saw it on TV several years ago and found it in a kitchen shop.
    Thank you for cheering up my day with a good laugh. Puppies are cute.

  38. Delores

    Oh Mary and Friends. What a delightful way to end the day! A good hearty laugh that will bring smiles every time I think of your “today’s” blog. Mary, thanks for being so patient and persistent for us. And thanks to our daughter for her patience with my computer issues.

  39. Agatha

    I love your blog and I completely agree with your comments. If you see something you like figure out how to save the picture. Why should it come back on you. People should take some responsibility and stop being so lazy.
    Love your egg omelet can’t wait to try it.
    Have a great day and do things that make you happy.
    Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Agatha – thank you for your support! Did you know Virginia Finley Wolfe has a sweet dog named Agatha? And another one named Edith! I love both names!

      1. Agatha

        Thank you so much. I love my name also. Not so much when I was little cause no one could pronounce it right. And no I did not know that about Virginia. Lol

  40. Beth Haynes

    Yesterday my thought when I saw your bowl for cooking the eggs was…boy she has pretty bowls she uses every day! Now I know! I was laughing at myself when you showed the picture today. You will do well with the puppies as you have so much love to give them.

  41. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I’m happy to learn about the pups coming for fostering, that’s great news! I love Connie’s project and your omelet recipe– will have to try that one out soon– how lucky are you to trade for sourdough bread? That’s a true win-win! Mr. Goodneedle has been going on about how I used to make sourdough bread– I guess I need to begin some starter, don’t think I’ll tell him though and let it be a surprise. That loaf of yours is GORGEOUS! That little girl at the end of the post is just too, too cute.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I see that little kid as a boy and you see a girl – wonder what makes us decide opposite each other. Interesting.

  42. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, Your whole breakfast looks perfect to me. Your friend’s bread is like a picture and I bet it tastes great.

    The new puppies will be loved and cared for just like you loved and took care of the other sick puppies. These puppies are in much better health. Don’t put blame on yourself, none of the other puppies were healthy enough to survive. You were brave to do what you could for them. We love you just the way you are, so go outside and “scoop” and leave the computer stuff to someone else!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat in MI – I love that you agree I should leave the computer skills to someone else! Thank you – I will!

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