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Not much new around here – I’m still sorting and organizing in both my sewing room and the quilt shop. If the water had not come in, I would not have been pushed into cleaning and organizing – maybe it was God’s way of telling me to get my act together! Thanks, God, for the push!

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When I was sorting I came across this fabric kit for Barn Swallows and I almost opened it and took it apart because I love all the reds BUT I caught myself before I tore it open. Would anyone be interested in purchasing this kit? We sent out a number of Barn Swallow patterns – my quilt is still on the wall in the living room.

One of our good friends from the Chicago area, Moe Baly, sent the following pictures of a recent quilt retreat in Michigan where several Quilters worked on Bullseye quilts. First of all, this is their picturesque setting – this room could inspire anyone!

Here’s Moe working on her blocks.

Geri with her quilt from 1999.

Gail working on another Bullseye with her original one from 1998 hanging behind her.


Judy with batiks



Boy, I hope I got each quilt with the correct owner!

And another Harvey, renamed as Mr. Jellybeans from Michele

And as I was sorting fabric this combo fell together – all very odd colors but what could I do with these three fabrics?

Are you watching Jimmy Kimmel and his monologue about Gonzaga? Oh, it is so funny! As I was telling a friend – Gonzaga University couldn’t BUY this kind of advertising! Love it! More games tonight – let the March Madness begin!

47 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Friday

  1. Barbara Firesheets

    FabricCafe.com has some free patterns on their site that use 1 yard cuts. Maybe one of those would work well?

  2. Karla Hein

    Hi Mary! Love my Bullseye Quilt I made 10years ago. I use it lots and lots!! Do you know where in Michigan the quilt retreat pictures came from? Is it someone’s private home or a commercial retreat? Always looking for different venues to sew and be inspired!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karla Hein – I will get that information for you – Moe, if you’re reading this, can you answer her question? I will also email Moe. Beloved quilts that are in use are the best kind – thanks for making the Bullseye!

    2. Moe Baly

      The place we sew is a camp. http://www.friedenswald.org We rent a cabin, there are cabins for rent for all size groups. The camp area is on Shavehead Lake in Michigan just north of Elkhart Indiana. My group has been together since the 90’s, we love our camp. We do not have openings. I can tell you more if you have questions after looking at the web site. Moequilts@aol.com

  3. Paula Philpot

    Those 3 fabrics you found in Cheddar look like a Rail Fence to me. The red kit is very pretty too. Ballgames the weekend. Go KY Wildcats! Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – watched the game last night -back and forth to see all of them. I’ll cheer for your Wildcats!

  4. Felicia Hamlin

    I finally found the fabrica I wanted for Little Harvey’s border, I have sewn the top and bottom and Then I had to leave and we didn’t get home until after one ten this am. I told you I am a slow sewer. Thanks for posting the pictures of the Bullseye quilts and the rabbits, Mary. I know how I want my Bullseye to look like.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – this is not a race, my dear. You have things going on in your life – I just have sewing and animals. Haha!

      1. Felicia Hamlin

        Mary, you got your plate full and I know that you make a lot of quilts. I have a couple questions for you, are people doing the quilting first and then adding the embellishments ? Is the bow tie fused? Thank you so much, sweet lady.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Felicia – I would fuse the bow tie and stitch around it before quilting. I did the embroidery and the buttons after it’s been quilted. I just knotted my thread on the back when sewing on the buttons.

  5. Mary Evans

    Geri’s Bullseye from 1999 particularly caught my eye, it is a quiet one! But, also the Batik one by Judy is a ‘hot’ one, that also caught my eye! So nice to get to see them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Evans – I, too think it’s fun to see other gals’ quilts and I think I’ve finally figured out how to transfer photos. I feel so dense when I can’t do things on this IPad! Wish I was younger and had grown up doing it

  6. Tina W.

    I can’t tell how much of those three fabrics you have, but there are a bunch of three yard quilt patterns on Pinterest. I really like the colors! The idea of an Irish chain sounds good too.

  7. jan VanDeWalle

    Barn swallow quilt is so pretty, I am still plugging away at Disappearing Hour Glass #2 . It is a lot harder than it looks when Jenny does it. Sunny and warm here today so went outside to work in the yard. love all your pictures of quilts and critters.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Looking at all those bullseyes quilts makes me want to sew another one! It was so much fun to sew mine so I can’t imagine the fun those girls are having together in that great retreat spot. I looked back on your post about machine quilting it, and I was so tempted to start cutting up my dotted fabrics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy In w. New York – and I feel the same way when I see the different layouts – I’d like to make another one!

  9. Sunflower

    Mary, you could make a table runner with those three fabrics. They are lovely together. I am sure you have a pattern but I will email you a copy of my favorite table runner pattern which uses just 3 fabrics and is easy!
    I love Mr. Jelly Beans from Michelle!
    The Barn swallow quilt is beautiful!

  10. Marsha from Kansas

    I have been sewing double Irish chain baby quilts for charity when I find three fabric combinations I like from my “vintage” fabrics. But I like chain quilts.

  11. KathyG from Oak Creek

    I was at the International Quilt Featival in Chicago today and the ladies behind me in the line to get in we’re discussing progress they were making on their bullseye quilts. I told them about how I wasn’t even close to finishing mine. Your quilt along made for some nice conversation among a bunch of strangers today!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy G from Oak Creek – I cant think of a nicer compliment than a group of strangers discussing the making of their Bullseye quilts! Thank so much – I’m really tickled to death to hear it!

  12. Patricia

    Well I figured the Barn Swallow Kit would already be spoken for as it is a winner. Did you say you could purchase the pattern still from you? Or is it in any of your books? I wish I could organize like you do and your scraps look so neat now. I’m jealous. The Harveys are all so cute, each one different but so delightful in choice of fabric. In regards to the one you supposedly messed up I thought HARVEY’S sleeves were just covering his hands. And for his shoes – I thought they were buckles. I didn’t notice the mistake at all. Happy March Madness.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patricia – yes, even though the kit is gone the pattern can be ordered for $10 to Country Threads.

  13. Moe Baly

    Perefect name with photo Mary! We are all thrill you reserected the Bulls Eye and are having a blast making it again or for the first time!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Moe Baly – whew! I am glad we resurrected it, too. I want to make a dark one now – how can this be so addicting and it keeps creating pieces for another quilt – the never ending quilt pattern! Haha!

  14. Becky from TX

    I would be interested in the kit!!! Look at all those Bulleyes quilt!! Look at following that you have!!!!
    Love Harvey’s pants….perfect!!!!

  15. Jeanine

    puntry threads?? Ha Ha. Our fingers don’t always do what we think they have done! Love reading your blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine – did I type puntry Threads? I can’t even find the error!

  16. Linda Machara

    If the kit is already spoken for, any chance of buying the pattern. Thanks Linda Machara

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      LINDA Machara – Barn Swallows pattern available for $10 to puntry Threads. Kit has been sold and already picked up.

  17. SusanfromKentucky

    Oh, I would have LOVED to have gotten the Barn Swallows kit. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  18. Marsha

    Hi Connie, I feel your pain and resignation! High water tables here in Michigan forced us to relieve the hydrostatic pressure on our basement by contracting a waterproifing company to dig a trench around the inside of our finished basement to fill with perf pipe, gravel and install a second sump pump!! They jackhammered 24” of beautiful ceramic tile that my husband painstakingly laid over the years as we could afford it. So my sewing room which I moved into helter skelter and had bins & boxes that were never sorted had to be moved into piles (my Janome Pro moved into the upstairs) in the middle of the floor and covered with plastic which was taped down. My hubby sweetly said, well now is a good time to paint and we’re doing your room first. So now I really want to purge, and make a place for everything and be organized.

  19. Pamela in Missouri

    Just want you to know that I’m now checking the hands on all the Harvey’s.

  20. Connie R.

    Love the color combination of the 3 fabrics. I know you will come up with something fabulous from them. Look forward to seeing the finished product in a future blog.

  21. Diane from WI

    I love your collection of dog statues. The quilt is beautiful, too. The bullseye quilts are all so different; it makes them interesting. My patterns arrived today. Thank you. Hoping to make Little Harvey as a house warming gift for my daughter-in-law’s sister. Looking out the window, our silver maple looks ready to leaf out. Enjoy the games. I have been clicking on ads when I see them.

  22. Sharon Lowy

    I have no idea what to make with those 3 fabrics but I really do like them and I would find something for sure right here in Yorkville, Il.

  23. Diane Bauer

    I LOVE seeing all the Bullseye quilts–all different and wonderful in their own ways!

    Cold and drizzly here today, but Jen is home and soon Justin and Liz, Riley and Ruby will arrive! I won’t get any sewing done this weekend, but maybe next week! I’m thinking I should get on the bandwagon and do some sorting and trimming of strips in my stash. It’s anything but organized at the moment!

    Enjoy the ball games!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Zuehl – and could you even pick it up so I don’t have to ship it?

  24. Jan

    The refrigerator fan went out yesterday. Repairman came today. God’s way of suggesting I clean the fridge.

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