Missing Church

I don’t miss many Sundays at church but this one I really hate to miss! After church is our annual meeting and after that is pot luck. Oh, I love pot lucks! Mainly because of the variety.
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I had a major day yesterday – take a look!

I just had to get to the barn to see the tribe of chicks because Rick said the mama had left the chicks. I switched to two broom handles when I went into the barn so that I wouldn’t get my new tennis balls dirty. Haha! Sure enough as I quietly entered the barn I could hear the peeping. By the time I got to the other end of the barn following the peeping, I had an idea of where they were. Look at this – all 15 sitting close together in Emma’s chair!
I wanted to get closer but I could see Mama Kitty up at the ceiling ready to jump down to the chair so I quickly took another picture.

As soon as Mama Kitty heard my voice she jumped down to the back of the chair scattering the tribe in 15 different directions! I’ll try again.
I continued outside to walk around the barn and there was the Mama Hen who had joined Daddyo outside – enough babysitting for her!
We had a delicious dinner of chicken noodle soup and buttered buns from the Spoonful of Comfort gift box from Les, Bobby and Diane. It came with cookies, too, but they were gone first – ha!

Upon reading the cards I saw the instructions to turn these boxes
inside out for a fun group of colored boxes that will move to my sewing room. Aren’t these sweet?

And two more #7’s.

I just have to add that while I’m writing this blog post I’m watching Sewing With Nancy which I’ve never gotten to watch because I’m usually in church.
Back to my usual spot with Hazel…..

38 thoughts on “Missing Church

  1. Sharono

    I find it ironic that you take a trip to the barn to visit your brood of chickens. Then turn around and have chicken noodle soup for your lunch. Oh well, life is all about the balance. Hoping that chicken soup has lots of healing powers for you.

  2. Linda from Oconomowoc

    So sorry you couldn’t get to church. Hang in there Mary you will heal and be grateful you had it done.
    Mary, so the cat was in the rafters over all those chicks, don’t they kill them? I would think a barn cat would??? Or you are so generous with the food they do not need to kill chicks?

  3. Teresa

    Sharono, , we used to butcher chickens, which was an all day job, and then have fresh roast chicken for supper. It’s just part of life on a farm and we were always hungry from the physical work so no one refused to eat because of a bout of consciousness!

    You must be doing well, Mary, to venture out to the barn. 😊

    1. Sharon Lowy

      Good for you! I am so glad you got to the barn. That is extra therapy for sure. I saw a segment with Nancy last week. Really sorry she is no longer with us.

  4. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Glad to see pictures of “The Tribe.” I do have to wonder about the cats, hope they don’t kill the chicks. Hope your trip to the barn doesn’t set you back. Keep up the good work with the PT. Chicken soup is well known to be a help in recovering, especially when you don’t have to make it.

    1. Brenda archambault

      Mary, it sounds like you’re over the worst part and the road uphill will be less steep. Glad you were able to get out to survey your bailiwick and breathe some fresh air. Goodness, how the chicks have grown. If there are any roosters in the mix, they’ll taste good. In some soup. I’m sure missing the pot luck At church was a big disappointment, did anyone bring you and Rick dinner? Stay out of the kitchen. I finally had to go back in when I became sick of take out food. Have fallen behind on Dirty Dozen UFOs But did manage to finish the final blocks today. Now it’s time to trim them to size and assemble the top. I think I’m finding my mojo again.

      1. JudyE

        If you have a Good Will store near by, they often have walkers for little or nothing.
        You are doing remarkably well to get to the barn so soon. Hazel is loving having you to cuddle with so much! Continue to take care and try not to over do it!

      2. CountryThreads Post author

        Brenda – I feel like I’m behind, too, but don’t get discouraged – just keep plugging away which is what I’m doing. One day – suddenly – they will get finished, one by one.

  5. Teresa

    Bone broth in general is good for healing broken bones because of the collagen. Also good for those of us dealing with osteoporosis.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, congratulations on your trip to the barn! And in case you didn’t notice, you didn’t mention pain one time!!!!! This doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting, just that you are getting used to it and getting on with your life. THIS is good. Things are getting better. Your recovery is progressing. It isn’t easy. The pain will slowly get better. Sometimes I think we need pain so we can appreciate not having it. Keep up the good work. And you know little Jewish grammas know that chicken soup cures everything……. Betty

  7. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Glad you’re feeling good enough to get outside for a short while. Sorry you had to miss church and the potluck today. I agree, Lutheran potlucks are the best!! Makes me think about Garrison Keillor and Lake Woebegon, too.

  8. Connie

    I had a quick pause when you mentioned the Mama hen was neglecting her brood and in the next sentence, mentioned having chicken soup for lunch. Thankfully, no connection. Had a good laugh. Glad you are getting around easier now.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    So glad to hear that you are going out to see your well loved animals! Good, too, that you are laying down with your leg up with your best pal! The soup looked delicious and how special those boxes are! Keep getting better, you will be dancing soon!! 😊❤️

  10. Diane and Squeak

    Good for you, Mary. That was quite a walk! When we were little, my sister said all we ever got to go to were church suppers!! Like you, Mary, I liked the variety and everyone always made their “ best dish”.
    My husband said the barn cats ate the rats as well as the cat food. Raccoons, foxes, and some dogs are dangerous to chickens, but they didn’t have trouble with cats.
    I looked up the Spoonful of Comfort and it’s in McGregor, Iowa. Must be related~ ha! I love their flip the box idea😃😃

  11. Janie Lang

    I also watched Nancy Zieman this weekend. Our local PBS station had her on all afternoon yesterday as “Remembering Nancy “. She is surely missed.

    I also thought of barn cats bothering the chicks. Not a problem?

    Get better!

  12. Janice

    Mary, Going out to the barn sounds like the best medicine for you. Glad you had decent weather for the walk over. Any chance you can obtain a second walker that can be used in the barn area? That way you don’t have to worry about getting the wheels and tennis balls dirty.

  13. Susan K

    Those chicks sure are growing fast! And with 25 kids that mama deserves some time off! Ha!
    I’m glad you were able to make a field trip to the barn and sorry that you missed the potluck.

  14. Nancy TD

    Glad to hear you had an outing to the barn to see the chicks. The fresh air was better than medicine. The #7’s are great yesterday and today. It is fun to see how we are all getting our UFO’s finished. Thank you and Connie for doing the dirty dozen. It sure gets me motivated! Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  15. Sue in Oregon

    So glad to see and read that you are doing great now. A trip to the barn is just what the doctor ordered. Well, maybe. But, really, you are through the worst of it. Now just the lengthy recuperation. But just think. By the time the new year gets here you will be walking like new (almost).
    Those chicks are so sweet all piled up and missing mom. Oh, well. She deserves a break.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I hope to do the right knee after Christmas – I’ve learned my lesson and will not put it off. I damaged tendons and ligaments in the left knee which is what’s causing me so much pain.

  16. Linda in Estherville

    Mary, please be so careful you don’t fall. Yes, go find an old walker. You haven’t actually had time to graduate to a cane, much less two canes. But, I know seeing the chicks and the cats was wonderful therapy for you. But, I spoke you are the type that doesn’t even use the stair railing.😋🙂🥰

  17. Penny C Maryland

    The chicks have gotten so big and are beautiful! So glad you are able to get out to the barn for a short visit. Thank you for sharing the spoonful of comfort box with us. Never heard of it and it was the perfect gift for me to send to my cousin and his wife, she just had major cancer surgery. Praying for your continued healing.

  18. Paula Philpot

    Hope someone from church brought you some food today. Will the chicks make it ok now without their mom? Also the other day you mentioned a pattern about a Santa you have. I must have missed reading about it. Do you have a pic or the name of the post so I can look it up? Tks Paula in KY

  19. Shirleyann Van Dyken

    I must have missed a notice. What happened that you are layed up.. Keep the wonderful pix coming. And must agree chicken and chicken soup. That put a smile to my face. (I love chicken too)

  20. Janice Hebert

    So happy to see you out and about! The finished projects are just precious! Love the little tiny squares! I agree, you need to find another walker. Don’t take a chance with that knee! My knees get watery just thinking about what a tragedy it would be to fall now that you’ve come this far. Love seeing Hazel with you, I know my little Louis would be there with me. And the chicks, getting so big! Stay well Mary! I’m still trying to catch up with my unfinished projects. Getting there! Jan in MA

  21. Sandy

    Glad you are improving Mary,I look forward to hearing about your animals and farm life each day, thank you!

  22. Judy Linn

    Yes, yes, those are the sweetest, cutest boxes! Most times quilters are all-about-the-container!!! 🙂
    And the soup looks yummy!!!!!

    SO glad to know that you have been up and about! A “jaunt” to the barn is good medicine!

    Hugs from Texas

  23. Beth T.

    I can tell it did your heart good to be out there, checking on your feathered loved ones.

  24. Kathy B

    After second surgery on nose I can understand wanting to check on your chicks. No one takes care of our babies like we do. I no longer have chickens, I do miss them. Love seeing yours. So glad you are doing well but be careful! Love those boxes.

  25. Diane Bauer

    Ugh. I am still working on my #7. It is a beast and one that I cannot say I’ve enjoyed. I will finish it. I’ve needed to spend some time working with beautiful fabrics and fun projects just to keep my sanity. In fact, I took a couple of quilts to my quilter last week and as we were talking about them, she asked me if one of them was a sanity quilt. Truth is, it totally was!! So, I have had a couple of finishes in October, #7 just wasn’t one of them!!

  26. Tanya in Houston

    Thanks for sharing the boxes and delicious goodies. I looked up that company, bookmarked it, and plan to remember it when I need something special. Love to support those Iowa companies! So glad you are up and around a bit, but be careful!

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