Missing dog photos



Don’t know why these didn’t load – meet Leonard and Tillie!

24 thoughts on “Missing dog photos

  1. Dee W

    Cuties! so glad your water is back on. Nothing more disgusting than no water. I’ve lived it, don’t want to relive it! Be careful out there. It is so cold. I took granddaughter to school, was excited to get back home.

  2. Jacque

    Oh thank goodness! I thought you meant “missing dog”. They look like they had fun out there in your frozen part of the country!

  3. MartyCae

    I love all the dog pictures! Every breed has its own beauty. Tired of winter already!

  4. Peggy

    They look like they’re really enjoying all the snow!! Guess it’s good for somebody. Getting mighty sick of the COLD!! ❄️ ❄️

  5. Sue Davis

    I hope they weren’t out very long and they have a warm home to go back too. My standard poodles are shaking in their shoes from our cold (34) poor babies come back inside after 2 minutes and jump on the couch to snuggle in like I left them out for weeks. They are such spoiled babies. They need to come see you to see what real cold is!!

  6. Connie

    Thanks for sending them – they’re SWEET!!! What a kick to see them with the snow just stuck to them. They definitely look like they’re thinking – “What’s wrong? Why can’t we stay out there and play?” 🙂

  7. Marie

    The cats look jealous in the first picture. Love the animals thanks for sharing. Marie

  8. Launa

    Nice to meet the Chows. How do you do Leonard and Tillie!!! AKA the snow dogs! Sure look like they enjoyed their playful romp in the snow! Can’t look at their pictures without laughing.
    The tomato soup’s cooking and I’d better get back to some sewing.
    Hope your adjustment at the chiropractor’s went well.

  9. Diane

    What fun! Did you see the baby panda at the National Zoo in her first snow? She loved it, too! Still cold here in Central Ohio. Go Bucks on Monday:)

  10. Marilyn Morley

    Thanks for sending the pics – how darling the puppies are – so nice someone loves the snow!

  11. Julie Burkhardt

    We had a chow/st. Bernard mix. She was such a sweetheart..smiled all the time.

  12. Starrla Opferman

    Handsome dogs. I’m new to your blog and am figuring out you must care for rescue pets. Warm fuzzies to you. We’ve rescued 2 dogs still have one…our Sadie and she’s a sweetheart.

  13. Brenda

    What fun-loving dogs!! They are like me – they like the snow! Can you send some snow to SE Iowa? LOL

  14. Ann Barlament

    With their thick winter coat, I can understand why they are enjoying playing in the snow!!!
    Our Black Lab LOVED the snow….all you would see was his butt in the air as he plowed through the snow, snout down and going full blast through the snow drifts and then he would roll in it.

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