Oh, these little Westies!  Ollie is 14 years old, deaf, half blind, incontinent with other problems, too, but is oh, so sweet!  Izzie is independent, happy, maybe 5 years old, smart – figured out the dog door immediately and wants only to please. 

Mom and Dad are vacationing in Mexico and the kids are adjusting better each day.  Telly and Faye seem somewhat depressed, not eating well and, I think, are needing some alone time soon.  Makes me feel bad for them.

I’m working my way around the corner into the kitchen and here’s the first display to dust.  I love these little ornamentals but hate to dust, as you can see.  I am making real progress but this afternoon I’m going to the quilt shop to sew and watch a movie – a little mini-vacation for me.  I had a terrible day yesterday – one thing after another went wrong so I need to “refresh” myself.

I need help finding pink camo fabric for a baby quilt.  The shower is May 14 and Hancocks back ordered the fabric for me.  Who knows how long that will be?  If anybody can locate this fabric for me, please let me know at  I might be desperate if I don’t find it in time to make the quilt.

19 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Linda has several pink camos to choose from. I just searched for ” pink camouflage”. I have ordered from them several times and have been very satisfied. Delivery is within a couple days in Ohio.

  2. Diane

    Those little figurines are cute. Poor little Faye looks forlorn. You deserve a break–too much cleaning is bad for your health:) I think I’ve seen pink camo at Wal Mart. I’m not sure how it would be.
    Beautiful in Central Ohio today–70 degrees:)

  3. Connie Rademacher

    I enjoy the pictures of your house and the dogs. You can see how much your quilts are enjoyed and loved, even by the dog in the window picture. That’s exactly what quilts are meant to be – comfort for all.

    I too have seen the pink camo fabric at Wal Mart. Good luck in your search and enjoy your day of sewing. The dust can wait until tomorrow…

  4. Katie Hayse

    I usually don’t like to buy fabric at Walmart except for little kids clothes, etc. but I am pretty sure they might have it. I have gotten it there or maybe JoAnns. Always wanted a Westie. Ollie sounds like our Bitsy who died last year. I had to get rid of the couch after she died but it was hers as long as lived.

  5. Ginny

    Maybe Telly and Faye miss sweet Tucker. I will check around here for pink camouflage material, I know I have seen it recently.

  6. Rose Mikulski

    If you don’t find it at, you definitely will find it on Type in pink camouflage and there is one seller named Quilt on the Fly who has the Michael Miller design.

  7. Linda

    Saw the four little dolls on the shelf. I have the one on the far left. Can you tell me anything about her. I am not sure where or when I got her, I think from my Grandmother a long, long time ago.

  8. bernadette

    Pink cam meaning pink camouflage? I can look for it in my local stores and report back. That looks like it could be Civil War Log Cabin from your book, The Blue and the Gray? So many quilts, so little time! PS: love that little Cairn — or maybe it is a Westie. Would also be interested in knowing how,you hang your quilts

  9. Barbara F.

    Here are some I saw:

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  10. Jeri Niksich

    I have Pink Camo fabric! Not sure how much I have but when I find it (middle of completely cleaning and rearranging sewing room) it is yours for the asking! I know I won’t be using it anymore. I’ll message you when I find it to see if you still needing it. I should find it by tomorrow.
    Jeri aka

  11. Mary C.

    Faye does look like she’s got a lot on her mind, needing some serious love time with you! I like your collection. I love to find those old chalk dogs at antique stores or auction sales. Good luck with the fabric hunt, looks like you have several good leads. I wish we’d get a little sunshine here in WI, it’s been gray for too many days in a row. Enjoy the basketball…go Badgers!

  12. Carol

    I hope you and your pups have better days ahead! I wonder, is there anyone out there who actually likes to dust? It’s like grocery shopping, as soon as it’s done, you almost need to do it again. If cats and dogs didn’t shed, and husbands and kids didn’t eat…there’d be less work for us poor quilters!

  13. Mary

    I received your book rags to rugs. I was wondering if you can mix t shirt fabric with my cotton blends? Also, can I use t shirt fabric that has screen printing on it?

  14. Ann Barlament

    Dust & knick-knacks……my mom used to always say……”you can write in my dust, just don’t date it”. LOL

    I’ve been “hiding” in my room, pretending my life is back to normal. Snuggled under quilts and reading books. All I need is my microwave and mini fridge and I would never have to leave my room!!! ha

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