Monday Update





Mowing the ditch is my benchmark for fitness – as long as I can still mow this steep ditch with a walk behind mower, I feel like I can tackle most anything on this farm.
I’m working on this house quilt so the girls can take it to the Chicago show.
We moved the pump organ out of the TV room and into the old dining room.
Here’s the baby quilt I just finished for a friend’s first grandchild, a baby boy expected in July.
My 4th of July mantel.
Rick and I will be traveling to International Falls,MN on Thursday for Eric’s wedding next Saturday. I will have pictures next week. Linda and Geil will be here taking care of the pets.

4 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Diane

    My husband wears baseball cleats (golf shoes would probably work, too) on our steep bank. Love the baby quilt and mantel:)

  2. Mareen

    And it looks like you are ready for flag day and your anniversary – Proud to be an American and have a great time at the wedding!

  3. Carolyn-Cold in Minnesota

    What is the pattern for the baby quilt? Keep moving, mowing those ditches, moving that furniture! Safe travels!

  4. Launa

    Good dot background for the house quilt. I made a house quilt using 183 different dots’ prints and it’s coming down off the kitchen wall today so Uncle Sam can go up along with a cats n flags wallhanging as I’m getting things decorated for Flag Day and the 4th of July.
    The zigzag baby quilt is indeed wonderful for a boy. Love the close quilting!
    102 degrees are heading here later afternoon. WHEW!!

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