Monday update


We got up this morning to light snow, very wet and it’s almost gone already. I’m sad that we have only one more Monday of being closed for winter. The bright side is that means winter is almost out of here.
Remember when I showed you my surprise orchid blooms? I had neglected the plant and then all of a sudden, I noticed it was blooming. Well, I was so thrilled that I immediately watered the plant and almost every remaining flower bud has turned yellow and dropped off! I hope I can remember this lesson!
Does anyone know Beverly Peterson from Ivanhoe,MN? Her son’s name is Val and she used to have goats and other animals. I cannot find her address and I’d like to get in touch with her.
We are making camp decisions this week and will post everything. At this time we have no local airline service so one would have to fly into Mpls, 2 hours north, rent a car and drive to North Iowa.

I got a new goat last week and have struggled with the rest of them to be cordial to her. I will post her story in Farm News this week.
I’m looking forward to a girls’ night tonite.
Did you notice that Iowa State won over the weekend? I know some of you did because I heard from you. It was very exciting! I think I may have mentioned how much I enjoy March Madness. Looking forward to another full weekend of games.
Must run a couple errands on my day off.
Talk to you soon!

9 thoughts on “Monday update

  1. Linda

    I checked and found 2 Beverly Petersons in Ivanhoe. One is Beverly A. Peterson and she’s 81. Her address is 2411 County Rd 110, Ivanhoe Mn 56142.The other, without the middle initial, is 76. No address on that one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you, Linda – I think that’s the right one! I knew somebody would help me.

  2. Launa

    Had a neighbor who enjoyed her orchids. She misted them with a hand held spray bottle. They do love humidity!
    March Madness had been on here as well and I thought of you when Iowa State won. Of course I watched the Sat. Nationwide race and the Sunday NASCAR race.
    Looking forward to your new goat’s story and the name.
    79 degrees high later today and very sunny.

  3. Pat Reynolds

    Rule of thumb for watering orchids: only 1/4 cup per week. I learned the hard way too!

  4. Beth Strand

    I feel quite guilty when I see you still have snow. In my part of Oregon we have daffodils and sunshine…well, for today at least! Hope spring springs for you soon!

  5. Patty Turner

    As my daughter is a Senior at Iowa State, it has been Cyclone fever at our house in Illinois!! Very exciting!! I am planning my first trip to Country Threads end of next week with a layover in Ames! šŸ™‚

  6. Heather K

    I am very sorry about the snow- it was 70 in Seattle and I got to clean out flower beds!

  7. Ann Barlament

    I was disappointed to see that it was snowing again this morning and happy to see it all melted by afternoon.

    Doesn’t Rochester have an airport, seems it would be closer than flying into Minneapolis and it would be a shorter drive.

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