More Babies!

You won’t believe this – I don’t believe it!  Last night there were 4 goslings that had hatched – one was dead but probably had been stepped on by an adult goose that was making all the racket.  Good grief – what’s in the water around here?  I have never had multiple goslings hatch and none have ever lived.  The adults do not take good care of their babies – they just walk off and forget them!  Look closely at the picture – the nest is under a ramp in the goat pen.

And here’s the little family of chicks – growing fast.  Pray for hens and not roosters.

And here is the single chick hatched by the Naked Neck hen – out exploring on her own.

And then there’s Hazel, trying to keep cool like the rest of us.

26 thoughts on “More Babies!

  1. Carolyn W.

    My Oh My! at all the babies you have on that farm! It’s like waking up in a new world everyday there. Have also been wondering how Hazel’s classes are going?

  2. Brenda archambault

    Such news from Fertile Acres. What’s in the water? I’m sure word has gotten out that Mary E has a big kind heart and cares for all of Gods creatures, big and small. And Hazel is a care giver in training. Love your chicken scratch news.

  3. Marian

    Love all the babies! Sooo cute along with the hen, goat and, of course, your sweetheart Hazel! I want to lie beside her!!!! Thank you, Mary, for keeping us posted on the farm happenings! Keep cool.

  4. Ann Barlament

    This wanna-be country girl thinks it’s fun to see all the new babies being born on the farm!! Puppies, kitties, chickens and geese, oh my!!

  5. Jean Elliott

    I am just loving all your pictures. I know you are very busy and it takes time to do all this but I look forward to a post everyday from you.

  6. Ellie

    I love seeing all these animals, babies and not so baby anymore! What a treat to read you each day and enjoy your picture So!

  7. Michele

    Consider yourself lucky. When I walk near Ventura and the bike path, there is a pair of Canadian that hatched over 20 goslings. I have never been able to count them all as they are so tight together you can’t get all the heads in before they move again. They are 1/2 grown now. When I first saw them in May, I figured maybe a few would make it. Last week there were only 11 young, so figured some had died. Nope, a few minutes after seeing the family of 11 +Mom and Dad, I saw another family of +20 +parents. So, the two pairs hatched and raised more than 30 goslings. Aaughhhhhh lots of green goose poop on the path…..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Michele – these adult geese are not good parents and I refuse to intervene so there may not be any survivors. I have all I can do keeping Hazel in line!

      1. Julianna

        The Canadian geese here in Western New York are mean! They are protected so you can’t really defend yourself either. My sister’s office building had several lay eggs near the main entrance. The company had to actually close off that entrance and reroute people to the back of the building as employees were being attacked as they tried to enter each morning. It’s just crazy! and I agree, Michele, it’s a LOT of disgusting goose logs = it’s horrible on the golf course too.

  8. Sara Reynolds

    What kind of chickens are the little chicks? I love the coloring on them. The little goslings are so cute, too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sara – those chicks could be a mixture of anything – I have no idea what kind they are.

  9. Diane

    You must have your degree in Obstetrics!!! Sooo many cute babies; thanks for sharing:)

  10. Launa

    Been raining all day here up in the Idaho panhandle. Wee birds seek to stay dry beneath fuller Lone Pine branches. Those newly hatched goslings so remind me of country visits to my paternal uncle’s farm and the large geese who loved to chase me as a young girl.
    Here it is nearly two weeks into June and our high temperature may hit 57 at 5600 feet. Could see snow
    at higher altitudes. We are trying to stay warm and dry. Love seeing all your new critter babies and cutie, Hazel.

  11. Martha Engstler

    I’m so pleased to see all the babies on your farm. I’ll say a prayer that the three chicks are hens. It’s so much fun to see all the little ones. I will miss the kittens big tune, Hope the black one finds a super home. Some day I’ll have another one. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to keep your admiring public up to date.

  12. Diane M

    The pictures are, as usual, fun to look at. We are having a wonderful cool breeze tonight after about four days in the nineties. Binx, Kringle, and Garfield, my three cats, have a hard time finding a cool place. We’ll have to remember these days in the middle of winter!

  13. Peggy

    So happy to see your news everyday!! Sure miss it when there is a “day without” your sunshiney updates!! But know that you are a very busy girl!! Love all the babies.
    Is there a birthday girl at your house?? 🎂 Have a good one!!

  14. Bea knight

    Thankyou so much for your posts! I love the pictures of all the animals, they are beautiful! I love your blog Thankyou so much for having it!
    Bea knight
    By the way I cook for my dog he does not eat any dog food.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bea – what do you cook? My dogs are on a raw diet of chicken necks ground up and dried fruits and veggies from Honest Kitchen. They finally like their dog food!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Bea – I forgot to ask – do you still have a fox terrier?

      1. Bea knight

        Hi Mary,
        My last Wired haired Fox Terrier died 2 years ago at the age of 9 to cancer. All together I have had 3 Wired haired fox terriers loved them all so much. I have now a rescue a Terrier mix, he looks like a schnauzer acts like a beagle.
        I use the book written by Ann Martin “Foods Pets die for”. to cook for my dog. He gets basically 1/3 meat cooked 1/3 veggies cooked and 1/3 grain like brown rice quinoa or oatmeal. Her book is a very good read! I have the Pitcairn book and love it! My first fox Terrier got sick on every dog food so back then I got the first Pitcairn book and cooked for him he lived to 12 and did well I did cook his meat though. Thanks again for your blog! I look so forward to your posts!!!!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Bea – I’m sure I have the picture of your sweet dogs from years ago because I just loved it!

  15. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, it is like a zoo at your place! I always thought that geese were good parents. I hope those little ones make it OK. Who will take the other kitties? I still have my Zari and a super jealous Zena. Sunshine is the nice one. I don’t know if I will have another cat, hard to say. Keep cool, had a lot of wind last night and over an inch of rain on Monday.

    When started thundering and raining, a sweet little fawn came running from the corn field, running in circles and terrified it was awful. I wanted to go out, but she was running so fast. I hope she eventually reunited with the mom.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – it is like a zoo around here – too many animals to take care of. The goslings are with 2 aunts and 2 uncles because Mom is still sitting on eggs in the nest. If they can’t keep them under control, I’m not going to! Ha!

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