More Camp Ideas

How about these ideas:

A Pinterest camp

A red and white quilt camp

A civil war camp

A “paper” camp – all patterns would be based on freezer paper templates

Just some more possibilities!

9 thoughts on “More Camp Ideas

  1. Claire

    I am so excited, my BOM is at the long arm quilter…… I will send you a pic when I receive it back. quilter said my quilt was civil war quilt . I love that…..
    thank you Mary

  2. Kim Odonnell

    I would love a Pinterest camp depending on how it was put together. That way I could particpate around my job.

    Thanks, Kim

  3. Heather K

    This is an even year, so I get to go to
    Camp at Country Threads. I like your traditional format so I get to try a lot of things, but anything will be fun- my vote would be Civil War or Pinterest

  4. Rose Mikulski

    I’ve never been to a camp but if I were to go to the one in the fall, I would love to do a Pinterest Camp. My second choice would be Civil War. My real preference would not to do have to cut and sew a lot of small pieces, you know one inch. Love the Susannah pictures, she was such a darling baby. I still have the ones you sent me and of course the one on my bookcase in the studio. I can’t wait for the book, I’ll want an autographed one hoofed by her of course. BTW, I still can’t figure out how Emma was sleeping on the chair.

  5. Parrish's

    Wow, choices!
    Red and white, Pinterest . Freezer paper sounds like fun?
    Great ideas.

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