More Closings!

So sad – now all the bars and restaurants are also closed. I haven’t been to the grocery store but I assume it’s still open and still has goods to sell – maybe not TP but other stuff.

This is what I did this morning! With the help of these three kids, Owen, Lucy and Aidan, and their mother of course, we picked up all the sticks in my yard. This is wonderful because bending over is harder this year than last year. Sam and her kids really came to my rescue and after they picked up the sticks, they threw the ball for Hazel until she was simply too tired to run after it again. This is great because now she’s tired and I can sew tonight.

Thanks so so much, Aidan, Lucy, Owen and Samantha! With no school they’ll be out here to drive the golf cart the next nice day we have. Sounds like rain and snow the rest of the week.

Dirty Dozen finishes:

And here’s Harvey – this pattern is available for $10 from Country Threads. Available only until Easter – I wonder if we’ll have Easter services at the rate we’re going.

NEVER, but NEVER underestimate the power and the beauty of sewing squares together.

Hope everybody is still fine – so many people have other serious health problems to deal with. I feel very fortunate that I’m pretty healthy and not likely to get the virus. And I keep forgetting to tell you about my back MRI. I can’t get into the back surgeon until April 21 and who knows if he’ll be seeing patients by then.

My family doctor looked at the MRI last week and said yes, surgery is likely to be recommended – that procedure is called a laminectomy. Frankly my back is not hurting now and I’m trying to be very conservative when it comes to yard work so I won’t cause pain. I can walk all over the yard – do most anything! I hardly realize these are not my own knees! Sweet, huh?

Icky weather is coming to North Iowa the rest of the week – rain and possibly snow. Can’t work outside so I can sew! Aren’t quilters the luckiest people during this time of staying home? No commitments and free time is what we’ve wished for!

Stay healthy, Friends!

49 thoughts on “More Closings!

  1. Joy in NW Iowa

    Most of our brains are fried with all the media news!! Shut it off!! We went to Sioux Falls today as hubby had an eye doc appointment. I went to Aldis and picked up what I needed there. Not many people in the store but what was different was everyone made eye contact except one and smiled!! That was different! Otherwise, everyone ignores everyone ! We are both retired (except for farming which will be happening in a month approximately) and we have tried to avoid the flu all winter and made it this far so we will continue to be vigilant and you too stay safe. I have been quilting the many projects stashed in my closet!! As many of the quilt people have plenty to work on, we will keep on. Nice you had help with the sticks!! We have a mess in our yard so o. Will get me out there in time. Hang in there!! Look forward to reading your blog every day!!

  2. Elizabeth Ehmen

    I’d like to get the Harvey pattern. Does the $10 include shipping or do I need to add shipping?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elizabeth Ehmen- shopping is included in the $10. Thank you!

        1. Elizabeth

          Lol I meant to say country threads 🤣 sorry about that. My brain is fried!

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Elizabeth – I think we’re all in the same mindset – not to worry.

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Elizabeth – this is Country Threads, not Connecting Threads

  3. Polly Perkins

    Glad I have my stash and unfinished projects to do. Quilters can occupy themselves but we do miss our quilting friends. A retreat was cancelled for next week and I will miss seeing people I have not seen in months. Better safe than sorry.

    Take care and do not stress your back. Thank goodness for your young helpers.

  4. Joanne

    Several businesses and stores closed or closing here in Mass. School been closed since last week. 218 cases and every day it goes up. Anyone over 60 is being told to stay away from people. Local Stop and Shop has special hours for people over 60 to shop for groceries 6-7:30 am. Quilters always have something to do and lots UFO to finish. Our local Quilt shop will remain open until told to close or feel not safe health wise. Tom Brady the Patriots quarterback left us for Tampa Bay that has left many sport fans upset. Stay safe and healthy Joanne

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joanne – Tom Brady needed a new challenge, don’t you think? Gives your sports fans something else to think about instead of the virus! Hope you and yours remain well!

  5. Kate Schloemer

    Life has certainly gotten crazy in a short time. I canceled my ultrasound for a breast exam. Also cancelled my eye Dr appointment. These can both be rescheduled later. I went and got a few groceries a week ago. I freeze milk so I won’t run out of it any time soon. We just all have to keep to ourselves and yes we can all be sewing!! Lol
    Mary I hope your back surgery goes well if that’s what you choose to do.
    Take care quilting family …

  6. Sandy

    My brother is in 30 day self isolation in Morrocco after his holiday in Turkey! Not sure if l would would like it unless I had plenty of quilting to do! Best wishes, sandy

  7. Dee 2 - Ilinois

    Mary if you. can’t get to PT look on U Tobe, you will find there for back problems. They are easy. Same as I had in PT.

  8. Mary Says Sew!

    So good to read that your knees are doing so well! I hope you can get your back to feel as good as your knees.

    Ask your family doc if there’s a back brace or some other support garment that may help until your able to see the surgeon.

    Saw a meme for quilters that read something like, “The quarantine is the event we’ve been training for.” A little dark humor can help.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Says Sew – I loved that quote, too, and we have all been granted time to do those things we’ve been wanting to do. Look on the bright side!

  9. Felicia Hamlin

    I am so glad that you had plenty of help and those children look happy. Well, Hazel, must have enjoyed herself too. Enjoy the company!

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Fun on the farm! Those kids have grins from ear to ear. Thank goodness for the little ones.

    So many shops are cutting hours or just closed. It’s very sad.
    I got a notice from the jail. They are stopping all programs, visits, face to face. I’m not sure if court appearance will be on monitors, or how initial lawyer interviews will take place. Lot of changes there.
    I made the right decision.

    Keep your chin up and hands clean.

  11. Sherrill

    UGH! I went to Walmart last night and they were practically wiped out of bread, nothing in the freezers, the soup and juice aisles empty, of course no TP, fresh produce all but nonexistent! I couldn’t believe it! I went this morning at 6am (when they open now) and they had more stuff (did get ground beef, frozen pizza, TV dinners) but STILL no TP! Aggravates me so bad!

  12. Kate

    I’ve actually wished at times that the world would slow down and everyone would have to stay home. While I don’t wish ill health on anyone, I am enjoying sewing every day and working in the yard and being with my dogs and chickens so I don’t notice what is going on. I stopped watching the news when it became the coronavirus 24/7. I believe the media causes a lot of the fear whether it’s intentional, I don’t know for sure. The world is wonderful in my little corner of the world. People need to slow down and maybe this is God’s way of telling us we should.

    1. Judith Ann Jaques

      I agree. For me this quarantine is not much different than it has been all winter. There were times I didn’t go out for 2 weeks,or more, at a time. Then it was for groceries or meds. I am blessed. My Late husband gave me a wonderful home. I have been here for 50 years as of Nov.14 2020. Greenhouse, sewing room,sun room, and a wonderful kitchen are just some of it. I boiled a chicken yesterday and will be making noodles today. Enough to share with the neighbors.
      It is nice to have the internet and folks like Mary ,that take the time ,to put a bright spot in my day. I enjoy reading the replies and what is going on at her place.
      I just saw a recipe for soda bread I am going to try. Looks easy and all ingredients I have. Not sure but sour milk might work too. I do have the dry buttermilk to make what I need . Hope yu all have a good day.j.

  13. Sunflower from Michigan

    Those kids look like they’re having a riot! That’s a great picture. All the finishes are beautiful today. I’m so glad you can get out in your yard and don’t have knee pain. What a blessing. Stay healthy everyone,

  14. Denise

    Love the squares quilt. I started one last year and got the top done. Have the fabric for the backing but never got around to quilting it. That picture gave me the incentive to get going on it. I think I am just going to do straight line quilting with my walking foot. Think that would work better for me. Not into free motion quilting. She did a great job with hers.
    Stores here in Conn. were stripped bare when my son went Sunday. TP gone, paper towels gone, no Clorox wipes, produce and meat department bare too. Chicken gone everywhere. He went to a smaller store where we buy our meat yesterday. The butcher said in three days they sold what they usually sell in three weeks. Good thing I have some frozen stuff in the freezer.
    Everything is closed. Schools, colleges, restaurants–they can do take out only, Churches closed till April 6. Our mayor just announced barber shops and hair salons closed. Also nail salons.
    Tough times. Just need to get quilting. Glad to have that to keep me busy. Take Care

  15. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Hi Mary

    Excellent time to do some serious stash dedtruction. I have made 3 quilts in the past week..
    More to come.

  16. Rita In Iowa

    Today my husband wanted to go for a drive. We went to a small town that has a great eatery. We had our breakfast and there were just four or five tables being occupied and we were separated by more than six feet. They also have a small grocery store and we were looking for milk which they didn’t have but they had a large smoked ham hock that we bought for making bean soup. Then it was on to Dubuque and over the Mississippi. It was a nice day and drive.
    Maybe some one can help me, I’m looking for a wide back of 108”, Wilmington Print, White on White, design is Scroll, #89025-100. I need 3 to 3.5 yards. Let me know if you know were you have seen this. Thanks

  17. Marilyn Morley

    I’m betting those kid learn more on your farm than they would have in school and look how happy they are!! God Bless

  18. Dee 2 -illinois

    I had the same spinal surgery in 95. The spinal surgeon did L14 and L15. It was a relief. Recovery was fast and I felt great. Of course I didn’t like PT and didn’t need it for long. Several years later I needed L3. After that one I developed SI joint paiñ. Don’t know if L3 caused the sscrolic paiñ. Have had it for years. Today I was supposed to have a spinal stimulator implanted for that pain. Two weeks ago I cancelled that after what the nerosugeron informed me, my research, and just plain scared. I have a 10s unit coming. That should help. We will see before I make a final decision.. You should feel much better if you need the surgery. Have you tried PT for your back? Several years ago you agreed with my husband to go to Mayo. Didn’t need to. Good luck with your decision.. maybe wait till you hurt badly.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee 2 – I agreed to PT for the back issue – that was last week – I haven’t heard from them about the schedule so now I’m wondering if they closed.

    2. Linda

      I also had the lamenectime (hope that’s spelled right). The pain is nothing in comparison to what you are experiencing. Healing time is quick & well worth it. Don’t put it off-You’ll only make it worse. FYI: on any surgery-Make sure you have the best surgeon. Don’t get in a hurry, get plenty of referrals. You may have to wait for a a good one. My mom didn’t & she had complications. Be patient, the key is a good surgeon. Have a blessed day!

  19. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad you had all of the help!! Looks like they enjoyed it too!! I am sure Hazel was in 7th heaven chasing her ball!
    Some of the grocery stores are doing ‘senior’ hours…7-9 so we can get items before they are hoarded. I will just sop when I can…a morning person I am NOT!! I am still at my brothers’ so I don’t really need to shop for much.
    I need to get in the quilting mood…I have been making the pillowcase dresses and diapers for our sewing group but no quilting. I have more than enough of that I can do too! I like your squares quilt!
    I am pretty certain I will be going to Iowa next week, to Liscomb again. My cousin’s wife has a birthday so we will celebrate somehow. The tea room I wanted to take her to for lunch will be closed. We will get creative!! May work outside if it doesn’t rain too much. We are to get rain tomorrow night and then it will turn to snow here too. 25 for the high on Friday. Oh well, it won’t last long and the buds are starting to show!! The cardinals are singing up a storm as well as the all of the finches and robins! I love it.

  20. Debbie

    Hyvee in Forest City has tp. We were there this morning. I’m happy to hear your new knees are doing so well.

  21. Katie

    Nice you had lil helpers…
    ❤️The quilt made w squares…
    I enjoy being in my casita….had to see my doc for meds today, sinus ,allergies, not clearing up w natural meds, need the stronger stuff..
    I pray at 75 I can stay healthy,…time to enjoy catching up on my projects..and some reading..
    Take care…
    Katie in Az.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    We had our first fatality in our county from the virus today and our confirmed cases did rise by 3 more. So did flu cases this past month with 10 deaths I believe. NY has highest number of cases of virus but Washington state has highest death rate. I am still in and not bored. I have too much to accomplish in this lifetime to be bored. Also one local restaurant on tonight’s news said support for take out exceeded their expectations and they never have shad such a profitable day. We will do take out Friday night for a fish fry. Our local Irish pub offered a to go glass of Guinness with their meals so I think they all got imaginative on how to survive. The local quilt shops have closed but offering services if you can call them and they will bring your items out to your car or mail them. So happy you had some helpers today. I bet they loved being outside for awhile.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I hope you plan to stay in! We have not had any cases in North Central Iowa – yet. Gosh – maybe we’ll try the fish fry to go this Friday. Had not really thought about that. Lots of traffic on the highway – makes me wonder where they’re all going!

  23. Diane Bauer

    What wonderful fun to have the kiddos come help pick up sticks. Bet they enjoyed being outside and certainly tossing the stick for Hazel! Glad your knees are feeling better!!

    My local quilt shop is still open but with limited hours. Classes have been cancelled for now, expecting to be able to reschedule in 2 weeks. Living alone is really hard when social distancing is required, especially for a social quilter! We can still join in groups of 10 or less, so I may take a quilt over tomorrow to work on it there.

    King Soopers in Windsor was fairly well stocked when I stopped on the way home from the barn around noon today. I was hoping for some yogurt which is a staple in my diet. They had plenty. No chicken. No eggs. But I got some stew meat so can make stroganoff which freezes well. I may have to do grocery shopping for Jenica here and carry them down to Denver for her as she’s having trouble getting much of anything. She just reported that a professor from Metro State University just tested positive. MSU shares the campus with CU Denver. That’s closer than I’d like. Most of the kids have moved out of the dorms as CU has advised all classes will be online until fall. Most of our stores are either closed or on limited hours. Restaurants and pubs closed. Churches closed. I’m considering a quick trip to MN to gather up my parents and bring them to CO, but I’ll have to convince them it’s necessary first!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – there are some cases in Olmstead Co. but maybe your folks are isolated and staying home. Having them with you would ease that loneliness but not sure they’d be any safer – I have no idea about anything anymore!

      1. Diane Bauer

        Yes, I agree. I will have a hard time staying away if something crops up in their building though. My Mom and I are probably getting a lot better sleep now than we would if we were together. We have a tendency to stay up well into the night talking like there’s no tomorrow! And now Larimer County has 5 confirmed cases. None in Windsor just yet.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane Bauer – so what have you decided about your folks? Are you driving to MN?

  24. Paula Philpot

    Mary, Are Iowa people supposed to try and stay in or just 6′ away from people?
    I am thinking about getting the gel in both knees. My doc is going to call me in a couple weeks to tell me if insurance will pay. Do any of the readers know anything or have the gel in their knees. It is supposed to last for 6 months.
    Glad you had help In the yard.
    Rain coming and then 70’s on Thursday and then dropping to 29……..Ky weather. Paula in KY

    1. Judy Brennan

      I had the gel for a number of years. Insurance decided not to pay for it anymore. Then I went and got a total knee replacement. Still have the other knee to be done, but not ready for all that pain again. 🙁 I’m a wimp.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Judy Brennan – Now, Judy! The pain doesn’t last for so long and then you’d be pain free! It was worth it to me. Is your knee painful now? When it becomes so painful and you cannot walk, then you’ll be willing to have the surgery. I hope you’ll agree to do it soon.

    2. Rosie Westerhold

      Just got the first of 3 of those injections in my left knee today. Had it the last time in July 2017. Now, don’t get excited because it didn’t last that long. I’ve been getting cortisone in my left knee on a regular basis. It’s not my knee JOINT that’s the issue. It’s really bad arthritis in my knee cap☹️. Joint replacement won’t help at this point, there is still space between bones, and not bone on bone yet. I successfully did the OcrhoVisc injections on my right knee several times before having total knee replacement in May 2016. Wish my left knee was as good as my surgical knee. Will let you know how the injections go. The next 2 appointments have already been scheduled. I remember not noticing a difference until after the second injection. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps. Really, the only issue is going from sitting to standing, and trying to walk up the steps in our 2-story home. I can walk without pain on a fairly level surface.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Rosie Westerhold – well, even though my new knees are great, going from sitting to standing and walking can be troublesome. Steps, too, but I can go up one leg at a time without much trouble. Your knee cap – wow? I wonder why you got so much arthritis there? It’s no fun, is it?

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – since I stay home anyway I’m not sure. Grocery store is open and busy but don’t think customers can be 6’ away from each other. Store is full of high school kids stocking shelves because there’s no school.
      I never had the gel for my knees so I don’t know.

    4. Rosie Westerhold


      This is an update on the injection I got Tuesday in my left knee. It is BETTER already!! WooHoo!! And this is only the first injection. I’m scheduled for the next 2 Tuesdays. Hope they will still be seeing patients then.

      I did have my right knee replaced 4 years ago. It made such a HUGE difference for me. The first 2 weeks really sucked big time , but things got better after that.

      And I have absolutely no idea why I have such bad arthritis in my left knee cap. I have it in my right shoulder as well, but the kneecap is AWFUL. It cracks and hurts if I am lying flat on my back, and just try and lift that leg up. But it is better than it was on Tuesday🙌🙌🙌. And it doesn’t hurt as much going from sitting to standing. We have a 2-story house with bedrooms upstairs. I noticed that going back upstairs today wasn’t nearly as bad as it was on Tuesday. So, if your insurance DOES cover the injections, I would at least try it. I had geared myself up for another knee replacement which is why I went in early in January. Nope. Not yet, there is still space between the joints, not bone on bone. YET. So cortisone every 4 months, then the OrthoVisc injections (that’s the “gel”) twice/year. Big sigh. Not so fun getting older, is it, friends?

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Rosie Westerhold – that is really encouraging news! I didn’t know anything about this type of injection- is it effective only on kneecaps? Or all joints? I’m sure that’s a really stupid question. No, it’s not fun at all to get older!!

        1. Rosie Westerhold

          Have no idea if it’ is used for other joints. Not all orthos use this injection, and it doesn’t work for everyone. My brother just had a total knee replacement at the end of February in Omaha, NE. His follow-up protocol was much different from mine 4 years ago in Lincoln, NE. And your protocol was different from mine as well. All physicians do things “their way.” What works for some patients may not work for all patients. Just glad I live in a time where there are choices and options. One of my good friends had her knee surgery scheduled for April 1, but it has been postponed until June. Big sigh. We all have to put our big-girl panties on and deal with things.

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