More Fall Cleanup, 10-21-23

This area between the house and quilt shop used to be full of lilies which have all disappeared while the phlox invaded everything so I’ve been digging up all the phlox and turning all the soil, pulling out all the root balls I find. There’s also been a patch of hydrangeas that haven’t been trimmed down for many years so this was the year. Tomorrow I’m going to drag out my little tiller and turn more of the soil.

Here’s the first of many loads of cut hydrangeas – too bad nobody wants them because this whole area is going to be cut next.

Sometimes I cut them down in the spring but then I have to deal with all the leaves that fall into the stalks. I’m going to try it this way this year.

Once again I want to do these jobs, big and little. I’ve also said before many times that there is nobody to hire – what kid is going to put his mind to digging up phlox???? My window washers did come yesterday and washed the outside of all the east and south windows. 20 windows = $200. It s such a big job and I would be aching for days if I did it.

Karen G – I got the packet of old patterns – thank you!

I have missed some reader photos several times and I don’t know why they don’t post but here we go again. Fingers crossed.

Rose – they love their bed!

Here is Ivy who visited today.

Here is Biscuit who lives in Michigan.

Biscuit and her dad

They could be twins!!

After this intense discussion we’ve had I have come to the conclusion – once again – that we’re all more alike than different… we’re all going to hang in there as long as we can doing as much as we can no matter the consequences. I’m very strong and very healthy and am perfectly capable of doing the work around here, hard labor or not. And I’m not patient. I don’t want to put it off till tomorrow if I can do it today. I have so many things I want to do and you’ll laugh at this – I want to do everything in my life FAST! That way I can do more of the things I love. When people ask me how I get so much done I want to ask them what they do with their 24 hours. We all get the same amount.

This has been a fun discussion and I have loved all the interaction from my readers. Hmmm…I wonder what else I can stir up.

42 thoughts on “More Fall Cleanup, 10-21-23

  1. Brenda in Iowa

    Wish I lived closer. I would love some hydrangeas to decorate with. I enjoy reading about all your adventures on the farm since I’ve been disabled and all I do (pretty much) is sit around. Believe me, I’d be up doing things like you are doing; however, I guess it wasn’t in the plans for me to do it. So, I enjoy reading about you doing them. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Deb in Idaho

    Oh Mary, you make me laugh. I would love the hydrangeas if I lived closer. Working hard is good for the body and soul. I live all the adventure on the farm. Hope you have a great Sunday

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    I actually enjoy staying home. I call my schedule with nothing on appointments for either of us, my day off. I love those days. They are few and far between.
    My plan is to mulch the fallen leaves tomorrow. Enjoy the choir.

  4. Martha W in WY

    Mary, I recently read that hydrangeas should be cut back in the fall because it said it’s so much easier. I love day lilies. I’d like to start an area of them. But, our Wyoming wind would destroy them. So I need to have an area made with a windbreak of some kind.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – I’ll be so glad next spring when I can just rake around the base of the stalks – which sadly will be full of leaves but that can’t be avoided. That row of hydrangeas is beautiful enough to put up with all the work involved.

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, I remember my Nana would lay on the couch and sometimes take a short nap. She would get up about 10 minutes later and say I sleep fast. She never stopped.You remind me of her. I am fortunate to be like her as sometimes, not often I will take a fast nap.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – I love it! A fast nap! Sometimes 10 minutes is all it takes to feel refreshed

  6. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Greta and Gracie look very comfy in their new bed. How is Three feeling?
    It was sunny and in the high 60’s today, but it was very windy. It was nice being out and about in the car running errands.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – Three is doing great – his wound is scabbed over and just looks dark. I took his picture last night and will post. I gave up trying to give him his medicine – he’s just too strong for me.

      1. Deb

        Cats are the worst at taking meds! I never win either. And WHY do they just let them give it at the vet? My furball always is so calm and lets them do whatever. But get her home and fight/kick/scratch/run every time! And then totally avoid me after I try a couple times.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Deb – yes! Exactly what happens to me – he’ll just have to go back to the vet if he doesn’t get better on his own!

  7. Beth Laverty

    In reference to “doing too much.” A friend of mine remarked that if God sees you sitting around in a rocking chair doing nothing, He will say, “oh you must be done down there…. Come on Up.” That has become my daily thought as I try to do as much as my old body will allow.

  8. Patty Brenner

    I rarely comment (I don’t feel I have much to add to the conversation, lol) – but I love seeing the hard work you’re doing around your place! I’m ‘only’ 63, but I love to work hard on our homes/properties (I split my time between our 7.5 acres in Texas and our 45 acres in Arizona). There is something so satisfying about getting dirty and sweaty but seeing the results of that work and knowing that *I* did it. Any aches and pains are reminders of what I accomplished and what I can still do. I come from strong, capable Ozark farm women on my mother’s side, and I like to think that I do them proud 🙂

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Good thoughts to read this morning Mary! You have a vision of how you want the plants around your place to be and it’s up to you to see it through to be satisfied. Yes we are all given 24 hours to get up and give the day our best self so how we all chose to spend those hours, is our own choices. Today after church I will be packing food into our motor home and maybe catch a few minutes of nascar and bills game in between walking from house to barn where it’s stored inside. But end result of tired legs tonight is a nice week looking at the beauty of fall leaves and walking around apple farms we’ll support with fry cakes and pies, and a campfire if not too tired out by evening. It’s been a good fall to be outside.

  10. Dee

    I’m with you Mary on don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today! That was a saying I heard from my Mother all my life. Thats the reason you are so healthy I think. Keep moving!! Lol

  11. Cheryl Regan

    I thought of you yesterday when I went to shop at Walmart…a huge pickup half parked ina senior parking spot and half in a handicapped spot. I could only think Dufus! Wish I had my phone with.

  12. Diane in Colorado

    My best days are productive days, too. Mine just pale in comparison to yours! Ha!! My project yesterday was Christmas cards. I like to make my own and have as much scrapbooking supplies as fabric, so I just pull from the stash I have! It’s much like quilting—I’m cutting up perfectly good paper into little pieces and then putting it back together to make something even prettier!
    I sat around a crackling fire with friends last night. Colorado has really enjoyed an exceptional fall this year and we are savoring the moments before the snow flies and sends us indoors.
    Today is church, doing my BSF study for the week, walking the pups.

  13. Deb E

    Loved your comments this morning! Yours was the first blog I opened. Your place is going to be so much easier to take care of & I bet you’ll be enjoying how good it looks for a long time. You’re right about the concept ‘there is only so much time’. I figure I’m closer to the end than I’ve ever been and anything I want to do, I want to do NOW. Not being morbid, just stating a fact. Gotta admit, retirement is terrific….I have more time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Hubby & I have always jumped in to get things done quickly (I term it “we go at it like we’re killing snakes”). However now that we hurt ourselves much easier we’ve slowed back a bit and think things through before doing it – doing it smarter with less chance for injury. It works for us! Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb E – “killing snakes” – haha – I love it! I have never heard that before. No, I’m not being morbid either, just honest.

  14. Barbara Firesheets

    It’s fantastic that you are staying active and are able to do the work in your yard. I’m sure you know your limits. Keep up the good work that makes you happy. 😊

  15. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the hydrangeas. A friend gave me some one year. I dried them, sprayed them with hair spray in the hopes of keeping the petals from dropping and used them as decor for a few years. Their texture is unique. Love the cat bed. How cute and considerate!

  16. Jane from St Marys IA

    I got busy yesterday & finally got all my windows washed. I’ve done one here & there all spring & summer & yesterday was a perfect day for that job. I kept wondering how long I can do it but then since most of mine tilt in…guess I’ll be able to keep doing that job for a long time! I am taking all 4 of my screens from the kitchen area in to have them replaced. They are 27 years old & showing their age! I figure they should last the rest of my lifetime if I do them now! I also got part of my gutters cleaned out but decided it was just too windy for me to be hauling a ladder around & climbing up on it. It’s much quieter this morning so hopefully I’ve got enough energy left to finish that job. Then I’ll call my outside work caught up! Harvest is still going for us….lots of tire issues on the semi & combine that have slowed us down. I’m ready for that to be over as well. Life on the farm is great….but frustrating at times as well!

  17. Marie t

    I just finished my windows up yesterday. It took two full days. Wish I could find someone to do them. 30 windows take a long time to do. It’s probably my least favorite thing to do.

  18. Molly

    I totally understand your way of thinking. I am much like you. Keep going until you can’t.

  19. Jean

    Mary I used to visit CT at times when the Lilly garden was in bloom. A taste of heaven for sure!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I’m having some old slides made into prints so I can put them on the blog – I came across a couple of the lily garden from years ago. It was breathtaking!

  20. Vickie

    Miss Mary, you hangel in there and do everything you can for as long as you can. When we give up that’s when things head downhill, fazt.

  21. Judie

    I went to a Mennonite Relief Sale yesterday. I scored! In the room with fabric, patterns, etc., I found an original Bulls Eye pattern! I snatched it right up. You live on!

  22. Teresa in Indiana

    I did some outside clean-up this weekend also. I have tall marigolds that make a shrub effect around the garden. They have gotten so tall and heavy that they were falling over. I pulled them all out along with several straggler tomato plants. I picked off quite a few green cherry tomatoes, so I made a batch of green tomato muffins. They taste a little like apple with all the cinnamon. I also cleaned and pickled two bags of hot peppers for the neighbor. He cleaned off his garden also. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – you got lots done! Explain “pickled two bags of hot peppers”. How can they be pickled if they’re in a bag? And I’ve never heard of green tomato muffins –

      1. Teresa in Indiana

        Mary – you are so funny. Mike gave m e 2 grocery bags filled with his peppers. Then I cut/cleaned and pickled them. The green tomatoes take the place of apples or other fruit but the muffins needed more sugar. Just sayin… even Mike said he wasn’t sure about them. 😁 I got the recipe for a local newspaper years ago. I may have to lose it.

  23. Janet S

    Just a note for those of us who hate washing outside windows. Windex makes a product that you put on your hose and spray while standing on the ground. It really works good – not perfect mind you but the job gets done.

  24. Judy - Michigan

    Mary you are a hoot!! I’m sure there is something you can do to stir things up!!

  25. Elaine Nixon

    You don’t know it but you are an important part of my day, love your blog. Thank you. I too love my daily work, very satisfying. A hint for window washing that will save you that $200. On a cloudy day mix Jet dry dishwasher liquid and Dawn in a bucket of hot water. Wet window with hose, brush on solution, hose off. You will have windows that have never been cleaner. I do a 3 story house in a couple of hours. Also does stucco, wood and the car.I am 80 yrs old. I also use a Leebein hand held power scrubber in the house for cleaning. As I get older I work smarter not harder. Remember, only do this on a cloudy day.. Love to all!, great place to encourage and support each other, road is better together.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elaine – wow! I don’t think I could keep up with YOU! 3 story house in a couple hours?

      1. Elaine

        Yes, try it! I use a long pole with a scrubber. Day after I cleaned a guy stopped at my door offering to clean windows for$350. I said that they were just done and he asked, by whom? Did that ever feel good!

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