More Fall Decorating

I love these two still life pictures I got last month from Claudia, the table belonged to my Aunt Charlotte and the pumpkins are from our garden.  I remember this table from Charlotte’s porch when I was a kid and she always gave it a new coat of orange paint every year.  Now I wish I hadn’t stripped it.

Every year when I take the houseplants inside for the winter my house looks so cold and lonely outside.  Remember all those pots of Karl Forster grass I planted last spring?  I also planted some autumn joy sedum in pots and I moved all of those “winter hardy” plants to the front of my house with the pumpkins.  I love it!  They can remain there until I decorate for Christmas.

There are also pots of hen and chicks, lavender and other sedums.  And I wanted you to see this succulent wreath that I’ve had for a couple years – it did so well this year and I think it will live in the garage over the winter. 

It’s a beautiful fall day in North Iowa!  Several dogs coming this weekend, I’m  spending some time with Jenny before she returns to Louisville and I need to do some shopping.  Of course there’s always college football to watch, too.  Have a great weekend, Everybody!

16 thoughts on “More Fall Decorating

  1. Launa

    A little slight rain shower just happened here in my area of the San Joaquin Valley; weather news said showers will be spotty here and there. Fall is in the air as the high today is to be 78 degrees…if that.
    Your yard decorations look so festive and your healthy succulent wreath is a novel idea. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Happy October.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Oh, please! I got the wreath as a gift for boarding a dog. It came planted but didn’t do well at first. It seemed as if everything died but I persisted and each summer it spends outside, it gets better. I can take no credit for the wreath.

  2. Rose Mikulski

    What beautiful photos, your pumpkins are lovely. Bill is impressed and is wondering when do you have time to sew. Ernie Jo didn’t want to be in the photos?

  3. shirley

    Love your plants, time to bring in the plants for the winter starting to look bare at my house also.

  4. Noeleen Taylor

    Hi Mary, The wreath of succulents is lovely! What did you use for the base,please? Mine have just been replanted, the very same things, into a trough as they were a bit leggy, but I like yourblooming wreath idea better. Love Noel in springtime NZ.

  5. Martha Engstler

    Don’t know what you feed those plants of yours but keep it up, they are wonderful. I’m so glad I’ve been to your place when you had the shop so I can see in my mind how your garden comes together.

  6. Carol

    Love the wreathe, so lush

    We are in Wiilliamsville VA and are under a flood watch. Day three of a long planned little vaycay ….day three of driving rain. Driving to the Shenandoah Valley in VA tomorrow to go to a Mennonite Quilt Auction. Fear of landslides, mudslides and flooding is taking a bit of the joy of travel out of this trip.

    I tried to forget my worries with a little shopping, and one lovely antique table, a Williamsburg bedcover, and some new clothes help assuage my concerns temporarily!

    Come morning, I will be worrying again! Wishing you all sunny days ahead!

  7. Ann Barlament

    Wow, your Hen and Chicks look huge…..must be from all the good country living and TLC that you provide!!!

  8. Lizzie

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. I remember loving sedum autumn joy. Delightful to be able to use your own pumpkins too!

  9. ChristieB

    Love the little metal “flower bed”! I have the old metal baby bed from my mom’s house – I am going to steal your idea… and I have just the perfect place for it!!! Thanks for the inspiration! HUGS… and stitches

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christie – it was my pleasure to be an inspiration! Thanks for telling me!

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