More Rain

Yes, more rain and LOTS of thunder so I had to move into a larger room – one that’s big enough for me and 5 dogs to cluster at my feet!  If they could all be touching me they’d be happier and that’s when it’s thundering.  Just walking across the floor, Moses has to walk so close to me that he steps on my flip flop and nearly sends me to the floor as my foot stays with his 120 pound body and my body keeps going!  And that’s on a good day!  Ha!  When I sit down at the computer, Moses and Toby race to see who gets to lay underneath the desk.  And trying to get up to leave the room is pretty funny as well because the dog under the desk wants to be the first one out of the room with me which means there’s some pushing and shoving going on.  Telly waits patiently with Dakota and Roxie.

I’ve tried to take some great pictures but they’re so close to me that it’s impossible.  I’ll keep trying.

Years ago we fed Dakota a high calorie homemade food called satin balls and I fed her in the pantry so no one else would be tempted to steal it.  She has not forgotten because each time she comes to my house she goes to the pantry door, sits down and looks back at me as if to say, “I’m ready to go in and eat now!”  So now I feed her Natural Balance in a tube – in the pantry – just for old times’ sake.  I know she loves me for it.

On to another subject – a beautiful placemat – a first time project!  Ursula sent me this picture of her first placemat and I told her I thought her workmanship was wonderful.  What a great use of some multicolor strips.  She’s now going to start a rug.  Reminds me to get working on my runner.

Remember that last picture of the soybean field across the road from the porch?  Here it is today completed filled in.  What a beautiful field of beans, Tim!

And speaking of the crops – I know it must be county fair time because I can smell the corn – in the humidity and heat which the corn loves, you can actually smell the corn in the air – true Iowa living.  Just ask a farmer.

24 thoughts on “More Rain

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Noel – perfect name for it. That’s what I’m going to start calling it. Whenever I have a nervous boarder who won’t eat, I can alway count on puppy crack! Are you the Noel who sent me food for Faye? What store do you work at? My niece, Jenny, lives in L’ville and I was going to have her look you up.

  1. Kathy

    Might be a good idea to wear some tennis shoes instead of flip-flops so you won’t have contact with the floor! It’s good the dogs are able to feel secure when they’re near you when there’s thunder. Sounds like you have a tight knit group of doggies to care for and glad they get along with one another. It’s a good time for you to quilt and make runners and rugs!

  2. Jackie B.

    Mary, I read your last blog about Jackie a day after you posted it. Decided to wait till you blogged again so I could tell everyone about her. She was pregnant with kittens and was ready to be euthanized at the Cedar Rapids Animal Control. An insider got the word out and I adopted her because you said “I’ll take her.” Mary had prepared a nice area for Jackie to have her kittens but she had her kittens on a pile of Country Thread books on Fourth Of July? All four kittens were adopted out by Mary’s friends and family. One of the kittens flew to California! It has been a long time ago and not sure if I have all the facts correct.
    Mary, We all thank you for all you do for animals. God Bless.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jackie – I will correct some of the facts. She had 7 kittens and they all went in pairs except the last guy, Jack, who lives in Des Moines. Two of the kittens flew to California where they are still living – I think one of the white ones is deaf. Connie’s Ben and Claire have 2 of them and I think the remaining two live in nearby Forest City. Jackie is named after YOU because that’s how I do things – I name animals after the person I get them from. Remember Heidi from Heidi A.? Betsy from Betsy E.. And so on. The customers’ kids had the best time playing with those kittens!

  3. Michele

    Any animal (or person) who gets to spend time with Mary at Country Threads is a “Very Lucky Dog!” 🙂

  4. Launa

    Morning Mary, I know exactly what it’s like to be a “dog magnet” as the visiting granddogs follow me from room to room, too. They can be sound asleep and glance up with that oh where is she going now look.
    Ursula’s place mat reminds me of a beautiful rainbow with all the colors. No rain here unfortunately, but a 94 degree high later today sounds nicer than the triple digits coming for the weekend.
    Off to work selecting batiks for The Pumpkin quilt. Yes, speaking about crops. I was watching California Gold (an AG program)on PBS recently and hadn’t realized pumpkins need bees to pollinate their blooms like oranges and many other growing things. The only food that never spoils……….HONEY!!

  5. PJ

    So wanted to tell you again how very much I look forward to your posts n especially all the animals, n projects…loved the placemat such bright pretty colors…. Thanks again for making my day!!!!!😊😊

  6. Betty Klosterman

    The little rug is absolutely beautiful. How much fun to do. And all the critter news. Storms are so scary. We had your storm about 6:00 PM yesterday. I was on my way home and had to pull on to a side street as I couldn’t see and my windshield wiper had a problem. They got 3″ hail north of town but it was only marble and pea size where I was. The wind blew so hard and the lightning was showing it’s power. Our rain gauge said 7/10 which was great as we are bone dry. The lightning started a few more fires, but the rain put them out and helped with a 12,000 acre fire just outside Edgemont, SD. It also struck a house and a truck. In other words “don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

  7. Diane

    Dog love is true love; it’s not just because you feed them:) They are all so cute. Love Ursula’s placemat, too. Going to be another hot one in Central Ohio, too, but the humidity seems to be down. Kids and grandkids are going to Cedar Point on Thursday–92 degrees.

  8. Diana

    Mary – I absolutely love getting your posts. It makes me smile – and we all can use some of that. That table mat/place mat is gorgeous. I bought your book and cd, but where do you get your ‘frames’ to make them’? I have a very unhandy husband, so I’m hoping you tell me I can purchase them somewhere. Or I’ll just have to attempt it myself! (I’m not so handy either- but I can quilt!). Diana

    1. Carol

      I think the girl, Mandy (?), who continues the fabric selling legacy in Mary’s area, sells them. I will try to find out her name/on line shop connection for you.

      1. Carol

        Farm Chick Quilts, Mandy Strohmer, $55 for the frame. Not sure if there are two sizes of frame? Google her and then email her, that’s what I did.

  9. Rickie

    I love to read about your animals. What a delight as I can just picture that scene with animals all around. We had a sweet dog who was so frightened of thunder when we lived in UT that she would run downstairs and hide in the far corner of the guest bath room shower. We forgot to tell one of my son’s college friends about it. He was using the facility and caught something moving out of the corner of his eye! You can imagine what happened. We all had a laugh except my son’s friend who was embarrassed!!!!!!! That was many dogs ago but we all remember that we’d watch the weather when we had Bridget.

  10. Marilyn Cook

    Your yard is really beautiful. You are a very busy person. Hard to believe you also ran the quilt shop.

  11. Cathy

    Your description of the dogs at your feet, running under the desk & stepping on the flip flop made me smile. Sounds like my house. I have 7 dogs (all but 1 are rescued). When it storms my ‘big bad’ pit bull glues herself to me. I have another, Asher, that will only be with me, tolerates my husband if he has to, and he is constantly stepping on my flip flop, house slipper, whatever. Honestly, if I stop quickly he just about mows me down! And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  12. Ann Barlament

    I can picture all the pups clustered around you and am chuckling with you, not at you. Our Black Lab was a follower, always such a gentleman allowing me to walk first. But anytime I would stop to look at something I would feel a gentle push on the back of my leg as he encouraged me to continue onward.

    Ursula’s placemat is very colourful…I am picturing my clear glass plates sitting on top!

    Minneapolis is supposed to get 110heat index on Thursday. When it gets this hot I’m tempted to sleep through the heat and be awake during the cooler parts of the night (it’s my nocturnal side).

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I had not thought about a clear plate on top of a colorful placemat – very nice touch! I’m always so happy to read about your progress, Ann – keep it going!

  13. Jeri Niksich

    I have one of my hubby’s funnies to go along with picture #2 of this post. I’m not sure the name of the dog smelling the other dog’s behind, but hubby tells the story…….way back in our Lord’s time, there was a Black Tie affair party going on where the guests checked in their coats and the dogs checked in their “behinds”. Suddenly a fire broke out! And in the hurry to escape all the dogs just grabbed a “behind”, and since that day they are trying to find their own true “behind” thus the sniffing to see if the other dog has their behind😁 giggles!!!

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