Moving Day


Zach and Chris provided the muscle to move furniture one Saurday. Most all of the “antique” furniture belonged me, haviing been a “junker” for many years. I’d return home with my new junk, unload it into the garage and the next time I saw it, the staff girls had moved it into the shop and put it to use. When we closed I had to decide which pieces to use in the sewing room, the house and/or in my yard. There are many pieces that will be for sale next spring at our yard sale. (We will announce that date after the first of the year.)
I did use one banquet table so my girlfriends could join me for our sewing nights and I covered it with one of the flag-patched tablecloths from the barn. I put my extra machine in the designated cabinet and added a chair from the thrift store in the corner. The shelving on the back wall is a junk unit I bought many years ago – it was probably a real bargain because it’s been through a fire which doesn’t bother me.

It’s coming together – more tomorrow.
Several people asked how to find us on Facebook – try Country Threads Quilt Shop. For some reason my “reply” option is not working. I’ll be contacting Kyle to come to the rescue. I did say I would write Farm News on Thursdays but want to continue the shop transformation for this week. Next Thursday is Christmas so I’ll try to post Farm News then.
Today I’m going to finish the “slab” quilt that I showed you yesterday as well as several small projects that are close to being done. I LOVE finishing all this stuff and yes, I have time for more. I have time for anything!!!

6 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Jan

    You go, Girl!! I’m trying to tame the same anticipated glee for the 18 months before I can retire!!

  2. brenda A

    It’s beginning to look like a real creative cave where you and your friends will be able to gather to work on projects, or you can just enjoy the peace and quiet along with your four-legged friends as you continue to work on your own inspirations.
    Last year you posted a red and white log cabin table topper. I was inspired to make it, now sitting on my own country table in the breakfast nook, and then went on to make a queen-sized bed quilt with the same wonderful color palette. If my grandson should pop the question, one of these days, I’ll be ready with the wedding quilt for his cabin in the woods.
    Happy holidays.

  3. Gina

    You are sounding almost giddy getting to do what you want after so many years of doing so much for all of us. Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. Launa

    Okay Mary…..We can all see you are not sitting around in your robe watching GMA yet! Isn’t it wonderful to have free time for what you love to do? Your quilter’s cave is really looking so comfortable as is your new “thrift store chair”. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s additions.


  5. Dee W

    I always enjoy the Farm News also. You are giving the itch to get more projects out of the way and give my sewing space a facelift! Yours is looking wonderful. I’m envious of a place away from the rest of the world to sew and not feel guilty that the dryer needs loaded, the washer run again. Take care.

  6. Beth Wells

    So enjoyed my visit to your Other shop” this summer. Loved the barn, chicken coop and the farm setting as much as I did the shop. Your shop was a great part of our trip and enjoyed looking, and shopping. When we return next July I will have to search you out again. Thanks for being there.

    Beth Wells

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