Muddy Tuesday




This is Bentley’s last day here at the farm and he’s making the best of it by running in the grove, play-fighting with Telly and climbing a pile of dirt. Since it’s been rainy/drizzly/icy for several days, that spells mud!! But I think dogs should be able to be dogs and sometimes that also means dirty.

The parking lot is still icy so I made a pathway from the road to the shop with large pieces of cardboard -it’s working great!

We will post the pictures of your finished projects if you email them to In the future we will post a tutorial of how to put your photo on Pinterest but for now Mandy will handle it. Thanks, Mandy!!

4 thoughts on “Muddy Tuesday

  1. Jackie baumhauer

    Thank you…I was afraid to ask. I got my project done but couldn’t figure how to get it on a board.

  2. Lael Koster

    hi, our ice is gone, melted enough so that paul could use a ice chopper on it then shoveled it off the walk, sure glad it’s gone!!! snow storm coming?? i hope we have a blizzard, been a real long time that we’ve had one. the dogs look like they are having fun. we plan to go to red wing, mn sat. (feb. 2) there’s a quilt show up there, (it’s sunday too if anyone wants to know) it’s in a greenhouse, a nice show, we’ve been there a couple of times, (they have it every year, the first weekend in feb.) take care

  3. Michele Greiman

    I’m Bentley’s mom! He had such a great time and we had such a great time on vacation because we knew Bentley was receiving all the love and attention he would need. THANKS to Mary for all her needless worry and updates. We had one happy but tired Golden Retriever when we got home. Bentley is already asking when he can go back and attend another quilting class (aka: play with Telly). πŸ™‚

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