My Eyes

Today I feel like a cataract patient who exits surgery to exclaim that the colors are more intense, everything is brighter and there are sharp lines around everything – not blurred and fuzzy. I would consider this a major success!

I had what is called YAG Laser, treatment for blurry, cloudy vision occurring months or years after cataract surgery. It didn’t take even 10 minutes to shoot 61 lasers into my right eye and 56 lasers into my left eye. After so many drops etc. in my eyes I was very blurry to get out to the car. I figured if I just stood outside, somebody would pick me up! Haha! I couldn’t see much of anything when I walked out. Luckily Rick was there to pull up so I got in. Went to Wendy’s for a burger – could not read the board and I couldn’t see how to run the pop machine. A line formed behind us senior citizens who were so out of touch with technology that we couldn’t fill our cup with Diet Coke! So humiliating! And I never even requested a senior citizen discount!

I kept my eyes closed all the way home because it was so bright – even tho’ I was wearing sunglasses. I sat in my chair and closed my eyes at home but when I got up my eyes were much improved and today they’re even better.

I am actually typing this on my IPad without glasses – a first!

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  1. Anonymous

    Bobby in Md
    Mary, get use to bright bright colors and wearing two pairs of sunglasses … one on top of the other! It looks funny, but works. Glad your surgery was successful.

  2. Norma Gebhardt

    Glad the surgery went well. I am in need of the same thing for my right eye. I wonder if Connie or you would sell the little house pattern. Could that be made into a small little quilt? Maybe some plain blocks with it. I should be able to figure it out, but size can be tricky. Wondering if the Civil War book can still be ordered from you? Enjoy reading your blog, it’s almost like someone coming for a visit. Thank you.

  3. Kim J LeMere

    Woohoo! how exciting to be without glasses and to able to see clearly now! I know what you mean about those fancy self serve soda machines, crazy options where you can mix more than one soda and blend your own flavors……

  4. Diane in Maryland

    We have been waiting to hear how you made out! Sounds like it was a success! So glad! I laughed about the soda machine. The first time I encountered one of those I decided to have iced tea from a container on the counter. I don’t know how children seem to be born knowing how to use all this new stuff. Haha.

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      Diane, I try to go thru drive-up, then I don’t have to use those things!! LOL! It reminds me of the video on FB of the teens trying to figure out how to use a dial phone!!

  5. Beryl in Owatonna

    PTL!! So happy for you!! I had laser surgery a year or so after I had had cataract surgery b/c the cataracts were coming back. I was amazed at the results. I didn’t have to wait for my results, I could see more clearly right away. I haven’t had any occurrence of the problem! Amazing what can be done!
    Enjoy the ‘spring’ weather!!

  6. Donna Sproston

    I had my first shot in the eyeball for wet age related macular degeneration last month and will have a second one this week. With sunglasses on and a darkening insert, the 50 mile drive home amidst snow covered fields was worse than the procedure. I watched my lap the full time and told my husband to go faster! Glad you are seeing brighter colors today. I have less distortion and the straight edges are straight. Amazing what they can do!

  7. the other -

    Yay!! So wonderful when things turn out right – especially your eyes!! Enjoy the view!

  8. Judy from Minnesota

    So happy your procedure went well. I’m happy for you, that you can resume sewing, reading, and doing all the things you enjoy. I’m happy for me as it means you can keep blogging —- I enjoy all your photos and stories so much —- it is a day brightener for me, feels like a visit from a long time friend. Thank you.

  9. Sharon Ray

    Yeah!! good news. I have trouble with EVERYTHING at the stores nowadays and I’m not that old. Good grief, you finally figure something out and the next time you go, it’s all different again!! WE had better get used to doing things on our own since there doesn’t seem to be any people working at stores anymore.

  10. Dee #1

    My husband gets those shots Evey month plus something over the counter. My friend doesn’t wasn’t the shots. Just takes over the counter. I am glad you see better. With vivid colors will you be making brighter colored quilts? Glad it worked 😊 out for you. By the way, Wendy’s doesn’t give a discount. Just a free pop. It is cheaper than a discount.

  11. Sandy Kolarik

    I’m so happy everything went well. My eyes are getting bad but last time I went to eye dr. he said they weren’t ready he said I would know. I guess when I run someone over I’ll know. I’m kinda scared to have it done. How is your nerve pain doing,better?

  12. Cinders

    Thanks for the update, and great news as well. Recouperting time, then you should not have limitations once Spring arrives.

  13. Sue H

    I’m so happy for you & your eyes! I hate those stupid soda machines. The other day I went to Taco Bell for take-out for Mom & me and there was nobody there to take my order. Had to plug it in to a computer & pay for it at the computer kiosk. Oh brother! Technology stinks for us old fogies!!! Lol!

  14. Jane dumler

    So happy to hear your procedure is a cure. Oh my gosh—look out sewing machine—new knees and new knees—you will be a working whirlwind , so happy for you Mary!

  15. Joyce from NY

    Glad to hear your surgery went well. I had laser surgery on my eyes about a month ago & they still bothered me. When I went back for check up, she said it had to be done again. On my right eye she said it didn’t go all the way through & my left is only a tiny opening. I go back next week to have them done again. My cataracts aren’t quite ready yet.

  16. Jean

    Mary i’m laughing out loud right now! I recently had the same soda machine situation at Wendy’s. I just could not figure the thing out. Someone younger had to show me how to get my drink. Hilarious!

  17. Brenda archambault

    Mine eyes have seen the glory!!!! So glad that fix is behind you and successful too. What’s next on the list? Maybe they can come up with surgery to teach us old folks how to function in this new age of waiting on ourselves. Hope we don’t have to perform our own surgery in the future. I feel dumber and dumber everyday when technology goes faster than I do…I don’t even have a phone, not even a dumb phone and can barely get thru the airport without one. Ugh!

  18. Nancy TD

    Glad everything went well with your eyes. Now you can really sew up a bunch of quilts. My dirty dozen is a block of the month by Lori Holt. Autumn.

  19. Jo in Wyoming

    So happy your surgery went well. Now typing without glasses! That’s a gift.
    I’m hoping to get out to the store tomorrow, this cold will be 7 days old. My wish is that OTC cold medicine has improved a lot in 15 years.

    Mary, try checking out the soda machine before you order. If there is a drive up, the counter person can fill your soda at the drive up station. Just kill em with kindness, and you’ll be showered helpfulness.

  20. Debbie B

    Excellent news! So glad you had success with your procedure. I’m at the “you are ready for cataract surgery” phase so time will tell when that happens. Enjoy yourself without glasses. I bet that feels strange. Have a great weekend!

  21. Sunflower from Michigan

    So glad your eye surgery went well. I am so looking forward to spring! We still have snow but it is melting. Today was in the low 30s but I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and saw several robins. They were flittering around so that they seemed to be playing. Looking forward to finding out the number for the March challenge. Take care.

  22. Luci

    Yay, for good vision now. By the way, I had to be schooled on the new drink machine at Wendy’s, too. My husband usually gets the drinks, and I was clueless about the machine. The young lady working the counter led me step by step. I felt very inept.

  23. JAN

    Glad the eye surgery went very well and you knee is healing. Hope the back is getting better, maybe just being up and moving will make it feel better
    here in NW Oregon we are getting rain again but have had some sunny days, I didn’t get all my Geraniums in for the winter and now one by the back steps is trying to bloom, I have 4 little red flowers about open. so spring is coming. The cedar tree is shedding pollen so allergy season has arrived Whoopy Doo! Oh well!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susie Q – have you heard about the Susie Q diner in Mason city, Iowa? It has recently reopened and it was on the front page of the Globe Gazette yesterday. It’s a 10 seat diner and my mom always took us there to eat when we shopped in Mason City on Saturdays. It’s a great little place to eat!

  24. Montana Kathy

    Mary, So glad to hear you laser surgery after the cataract surgery went well. I’m curious to know if you had your cateract surgery to correct close up vision or for distance. I had my eyes done last year and the doctor, knowing I did close up work (sewing, knitting, etc) recommended to have the eyes done for close up work. I wish I’d opted for distance, instead. One can always wear store bought glasses for close up work, but I’ve found it’s really a hassle to not be able to see far away without glasses. When driving or just in general while out and about, if I’m not wearing my distance glasses, everything is a blur. Friends say hello and I can’t recognize them till I’m up close. It’s a pain. I have heard some people say they had 1 eye corrected for distance and the other for far away. They seem to like that, but I’m not sure if that would work for everyone. Anyway, like you say, it’s great to see color again! So glad you’re doing well now with both the eyes and the knees. You’re a new woman!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Montana Kathy – I had mine corrected for distance so I need to have glasses for close work. Even after this laser procedure I am limited – very small print will require glasses but now I can read my phone without !

  25. Kathy Hanson

    Sounds like things are going very well now. Nothing is ever easy, is it?! Hopefully everything will good now!!

  26. Mary Rhodes

    Glad it turn out great! January I had what the doctor called secondary cataracts remove by laser. It worked out great. I go back in year . I used darken glasses. Later that i saw great! It’s looking up for you!

  27. Sue in Oregon

    So happy for you, Mary. Sure hope that doesn’t happen to my eyes. But, you got through it really well , sounds like. Yeah for you!!

  28. Jan from TN

    So happy you can see clearly again. I have cataracts but they aren’t “ripe” for surgery yet. Each year my vision gets more & more blurry. Dr. told me I’ll never have clear vision until I can have the cataracts removed. Ugh! I never thought I’d wish for cataract surgery. The thought totally freaks me out but I’d love to see clearly!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – the minute your dr. says they’re “ripe”, go for it!

  29. Kathy in western NY

    Good news for sure. Don’t want our eyes messed up in any way. Hope the keys and music look better at church tomorrow.

  30. Sue

    Whahoo! So glad to hear your good news!
    I’m not a fan of the new soda dispensers either. Never know what is coming out where.
    Better days ahead!

  31. Katie in Gilbert, AZ.

    Glad your procedure went well,
    Thank goodness for all the good help we can get to feel better in our senior years..Amen

  32. Julie B

    Hi Mary..i am going to have the same procedure done next week. Cells have grown behind the artificial lens and my left eye is really before my cataract surgery. Glad to hear you had hood results.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie B – it’s unbelievable – like what it should have been right after cataract surgery. I feel like there’s one tiny cloudy spot on my left eye remaining but maybe that also can be removed.

  33. Sharon Bennett

    That is awesome! Congrats on your vision! 🙂 I’m only 50 and still have decent eyesight (need readers)…and I STILL have trouble with those darn pop machines! Ha! 🙂

  34. Kathy Bahn

    So glad to hear that all went well! I continue to be amazed by all that has improved for us. God is so good.

  35. Susy Boyer

    That’s fantastic! It’s so good to know eyesight can continue to be improved! So happy for you.

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