My Latest Project

This is what I’m going to start quilting tonight. My friend Rose gave me her leftover pieces from a quilt I loved so I made this square piece for my table and will call it my “rose” tablecloth.

This feral cat has lived in my barn all winter – he sleeps on top of these bales of bedding. I feed him well, he drinks water with the goats and sleeps close to the heater.
If you have a machine quilting business in North Iowa and would welcome new customers, please contact me. I get many inquiries and would like to compile a list of machine quilters in our local area. My email is maryecountrythreads@gmail.

15 thoughts on “My Latest Project

  1. Helen

    Hi Mary…I notice the M mark on the forehead of the cat…I was told once that it is the mark of the “manger” for long ago…once you notice it then you begin to look for it on other cats. You are busy and accomplish so much with your sewing/quilting…very pretty for your table! Here in Texas We had sun-
    shine and comfortable temps today. About the “shaded nine-patch” block…we did that once in an exchange group and there are many possibilities of arrangements with the scrappy look. Remember
    “wear warm clothes” in Iowa…

  2. Carol

    Yes, the “M” marking relates to a folk tale about cats and the birth of Christ, cats in the stable/manger with Mary and Joseph and the Baby. Sweet tale. Sweet barn kitty!

  3. Mary Says Sew!

    That’s one lucky cat to have found you. He’s definitely got some age on him, and lots of Life Experience. Bless you for taking in one more critter who needs a break. We are currently owned by four house cats, and three garage cats who’ve adopted us. The garage cats live in the Garage Mahal, with similar accommodations to your old guy. No goats here, though!

  4. Angie Rowland

    So glad he has a warm place to sleep and food and water. You wander what his history is and how he came to live with you. I am sure that there is a mark on a tree or post that tells animals that a kind person lives here. Like the hobos put on the fence of a place where they could get something to eat.

  5. Louise

    That little feller doesn’t know how lucky he is landing in your barn! Love your table topper, especially
    The little spots of color….nice job..yea our Seahawks are going to Superbowl!

  6. Rose Mikulski

    My bad–do you need binding? Would you believe my family, when I was growing up, had a cat that look like that. Will you be naming this lucky cat?

  7. Launa

    The colors Rose gave you are so pretty with your pops of color; love the snowball pattern you chose.
    That’s one very fortunate feline who has adopted you; hope he’s a good mouser!

  8. Mary Etherington

    He is welcome to stay in the barn but I do not want another house cat – Colton amounts to 6 of the others – always into something, always running. My barn kittie wasn’t there this morning but hopefully he’s just on a short venture because the weather is so nice.

  9. Crystal Daniels

    Love your tabletopper, anything scrappy makes me happy…lol You have a pretty fur baby among your many, mine is a lazy house kitty but I don’t care because she’s my company during the day and sleeps with me at night…..always keeps me company!! 🙂

  10. Bernadette Jackson

    I so enjoy your posts, Mary. You are living the life! I retired just one year ago myself, and have so far done your projects 74, 75, a full-sized quilt, a table runner, and have 77 in the queue. 77 has a charm pack called “Chance of Flowers” that is no longer available for sale, it appears. If you or anyone reading this has that collection of precuts, I would love to hear from you. Bernadette – Tucson –

    1. Mary C.

      “Chance of Flowers” is a very cute line, I just made 2 baby quilts from a jelly roll and the ivory solid. Have you looked online? I just goolged “Chance of Flowers charm pack” and got several results-1 on Amazon, several on Etsy and 2 quilt shops: Rocking Chair Quilts in Grant Park IL and a site called Fabrics & More Etc. Happy Hunting!!

  11. Donna O

    Forgot to jot down the dates of the sale. Can someone provide them? I looked at past blogs but didn’t come up with those dates. I know it’s early June. Thanks

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