My Treaure From Our Trip

On Sunday morning we traveled from Lincoln to Omaha and stopped at Platte Valley Antique Mall.  I look for dog pictures everywhere I go and they’re getting scarcer all the time.  I thought I’d seen them all until I laid eyes on this beauty.

I actually hugged it when I read the title on the bottom.  This picture was meant to come home with me!

Here’s a closeup of the young woman and the collie dog.

Isn’t that look of mutual adoration so touching?  I grew up with a collie – my folks got the puppy when I was 3, his name was Chief and he died of old age when I was in high school.  And that’s not the only connection. My other favorite picture is an original primitive oil painting that I’ve shown you before of a woman daydreaming in a boat and she also has a dog with her.

I see a pattern here – ha!  One is very dark and primitive – not even framed, likely painted in the late 1800’s and the other has a perfectly beautiful frame and the artist is Warren B. Davis — likely from the same era.

The sympathy that the dog and woman are sharing in this picture is deep – just imagine some of the possible scenarios of why they’re both so sad, both consoling the other.  The dog can’t get close enough to the woman to comfort her or to receive comfort.  I could write a book about this picture ……… but won’t because the lawn needs mowing and the floors need scrubbing.

51 thoughts on “My Treaure From Our Trip

  1. Ann Roth

    That picture touches me so much. I grew up on the farm with a collie named “Tim.” What a treasure he was! I know he’s waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for reminding me of Tim.

  2. Synthia Noble

    Yes, indeed, the picture was meant for you. So glad you found it.
    Peace and blessings……

  3. Martha Engstler

    What a great thing to look for at antique shops and yard sales. You found two special ones. I had a collie sized sheltie and of course he was special too. So pleased to get your blog today, especially love the picture of the lady & dog in the boat .

  4. Judy

    Mary, be sure to google Warren B. Davis. In his later years he was also a skilled etcher.

  5. Lorna

    Glad you found a dog treasure while you were in Nebraska!
    Platte Valley is another spot I gravitate to on my trips back to Lincoln.
    Have a good week-end!

  6. Launa

    Great to see the beautiful old picture you found on your recent road trip. It certainly compliments the other one you had at home. So peaceful. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  7. Kathy

    I need to take a piece of advice from you and look for pictures like this at thrift stores, etc. They sure are comforting and do have a story to tell. So glad the right person such as you now owns it.

  8. Dorothy Sheldrake

    The beautiful picture, Sympathy and your deep words now have me in tears.
    Thank you for sharing with the many.

    1. Janice

      Me too, Dorothy! I’m sitting here crying! So touching – Mary, I’m so glad you found this beautiful painting. It really was meant for you to find.

      Jan in MA

  9. Kathy

    I had a Shetland Sheepdog (minature collie) when my boys were growing up. We shared many joys and sorrows of life. They are a docile and sweet breed. I had Lightning for over 14 years. Loved the painting you found while treasure hunting. It will bring happy thoughts and peace to you whenever you look at it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Carol

    I think if I reread your words and look in that collie’s face, it will bring me to tears. Beautiful rendering of that special human/dog connection.

  11. Diana

    I also had a collie growing up, Susie. Their eyes are the most expressive of any dogs I know! Made peach jam this morning with a little help from my Siamese baby girl, Punkin. Love the dog days of summer!

  12. Darlynn Venne

    Mary, that picture is so awesome! So glad a new home for a great picture. It is perfect for you

  13. Diane

    Awww. My Aunt has lived with Alzheimer’s for 20 years–now age 96. My sister mentioned Laddie, her dog, and my Aunt remembered Laddie. She said, “We had a dog named Laddie.” Touching:)

  14. Nancy England-Poole

    Finding unusual treasures can be so thrilling. Going thru my brothers things after he passed I came upon a limited print from an original etching, called “Fetch It, Sir”, by Hamilton Hamilton. A Victorian woman and her dog ( a collie) retrieving a stick from the lake. It also is from the 1880’s. Dog, women, water common theme in 1800’s? I’ve also always connected with the dogs in my life. It’s heart warming to look at paintings or prints like this.

  15. Louise

    What a lovely post you have given us today. I especially like the last photo the lady and her dog in the boat. So peaceful! Thank you Mary.

  16. Ellie

    I love the treasure you found! That is especially appropriate with what you’ve been through the last few weeks. Still keeping you in my prayers.

  17. Cynthia Sabinske

    Wow the mysteries of life, and things we run across and such perfect timing. Glad you got that picture, it will help you and console you a lot. Beautiful picture and memories. Thinking of you.

  18. Marilyn

    God is good and His timing so perfect even though we sometimes have a hard time with it. What a wonderful picture and the name is perfect. Bless you Mary and thank you for sharing with us.

  19. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…I was raised on a cotton farm along with a collie named Sunny. We still have conversations about that precious dog. Happy that you are out and about finding special mementos. You are a “ray of sunshine.” Appreciate your blog and the many interests you share. All the way to Texas….

  20. Lisa W.

    What a beautiful picture and meant for you! So happy that you found it at the perfect time, in God’s time. Blessings to you Mary. Thanks for being such a blessing and inspiration to us.

  21. Judy Brennan

    Your post is beautiful! Anyone who has had a dog, knows the love they share and give to us. These are beautiful pictures, but your commentary is precious.

  22. Connie

    Work on writing. It will be there for someone to enjoy after you are gone.
    Floors and grass will still be there when you get to them

  23. Carolyn

    Mary, I was gifted my collie, Sassy upon college graduation 40 years ago when one of my classmates moved across country and couldn’t take her. I need to send you the pic of her riding home in my 1967 Green Chevrolet, you can’t imagine how happy and apprehensive I was. Of course she lived with my parents in the country because I was in a small apartment, but was one of the greatest dogs ever, thanks for reminding me of happy times! Our losses are cumulative over time and don’t get easier but kindred souls are such a help!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  24. Ann Barlament

    That picture is one ‘heart to heart’ moments which I’ve experienced many times in life. Thank you for triggering those fond memories!

  25. Vickie E from Snellville

    We often find messages from heaven if we just look. My grandmother had a beautiful collie named King. He guarded the farm they lived on way out in the country. Happy blessings to you Mary.

  26. Kathy Schwartz

    If I ever find a dog painting I’m going to mail it to you. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Sharon B.

    lol! Durn housework! 🙂
    I absolutely love the painting you just purchased! It almost has a magical appeal to it! Enjoy it!

  28. Cathy

    Wow! I love the sympathy picture! Would you believe my parents bought me a collie when I was 3, just before we moved to our farm & he was my faithful companion until I was 15 when he too passed of old age. I loved that dog so much! His name was Barker & I know he will greet me at the Rainbow Bridge.

  29. MartyCae

    Oh what treasures! I firmly believe that our pets share life’s ups and downs with us. Here is to treasure hunting!

  30. Diane M

    Both pictures are wonderful. My mom and I had a professional photographer take pictures of our Toto. My dad had found him in January. We think he was a schnoodle. I’m not sure of that spelling! I love looking at the picture I have of him. He’s been gone for quite a few years, but I still miss him. Enjoy your treasures.

  31. jane boyer

    What a lucky find. It’s wonderful to be a “collector”. Gives a person a focus when we go into antique stores.

  32. Dianne H.

    What a wonderful picture. It was just waiting for you to find it. Over the years we have had two collies. The first one looked exactly like the collie in your picture. Her name was Lady. She was a wonderful family pet. She slept on my son’s bed every night. When I would take her for walks, the neighborhood kids would always call out “Hi Lassie”. Our next dog was a tri-color collie named Shadow. She became very attached to me and followed me everywhere. Of all the dogs I’ve had in my life, I loved Shadow the most. She was a sweetheart.

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