New help in the quilt shop

Gipper and Lexie have been my constant companions this week. They have kept me busy while our household adjusts to life without Benjie. I appreciate your kind comments. Rick mentioned last night that we should start looking for another dog and my response was , “just relax, a dog who needs us will find us when the time is right”.
Thanks for telling me I did the right thing for Benjie — I know he and Millie are enjoying a box of Chicken in a Biscuit this morning. And I know how happy they are!

6 thoughts on “New help in the quilt shop

  1. Linda

    I am so sorry that you have lost this friend—the right dog does seem to find you….God seems to send them to you to have a wonderful life ….all the animals who had it hard that you have blessed….

  2. Lynn Willis

    It’s so hard sometimes to put their health and comfort ahead of ours when you are facing life without them but you know it’s the right thing and that helps. Glad you have that comfort

  3. Judy Moore

    I understand your loss. I had 2 rescue shelties who were my little girls. Yes, your new 4-legger will find you.

  4. Lee

    Mary, you are right about finding a new doggie.
    Found the most wonderful book. I follow Susan Branch and she has written a wonderful beautiful book about her trip to the English countryside. I think you would love it. You can only purchase it from her web site… Check out her blog. She is crazy for cats and animals. The book is called “A Fine Romance, Falling in Love With the English Countryside”.I finished it and started retreading it. Enjoy

  5. Midge H.

    Don’t try and second guess yourself… you did the right thing. Quality is better than quantity!

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