NEW Itty Bitty Patterns, 3-23-2020

Your wish is my command so here they are! April showers bring May Flowers, right?

And Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July are all coming up, too!

Each little quilt measures approximately 10″ x 12″.

Each costs $3.00. We want to keep this very reasonable because we can put all three in one business envelope with one stamp.

Please include one SASE – only one is necessary. One envelope and one stamp when ordering these three Itty Bittys. Address is shown below our picture. Make checks out to Country Threads.

You can make several of these and gift to your friends and family – they’re easy, you can use whatever you have on hand and you won’t have to spend days working on each one!

We have several other books to offer on sale because we’re death cleaning in the quilt shop. I will make a master list and post it ASAP.

I love hearing from you and checking our account to see if you’re closing the ads. If it were up to me, I’d advertise for quilt stores, publishers and suppliers as well as garden centers and dog rescue sites. That’s what’s really important to me – not clothes made in China or anything else coming from China.

If you leave a comment, please include your location so we can keep up with the news around the country. WE are not going anywhere – there’s plenty to do around here! We don’t need groceries – our freezers are full of meat. And my shelves are full of fabric – now really, what more do we actually need?

Be still.

44 thoughts on “NEW Itty Bitty Patterns, 3-23-2020

    1. Marla J.


      What type of fabric are you using? I wondered if batiks would work well since they are so tightly woven – more protection? Can’t find any elastic so I’ve been trying pony tail holders but it’s hard to sew over them. I’ve seen where some used flannel between the 2 layers of fabric. I think any protection is better than none. It’s so inspiring to see the number of people stepping up to help!


      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Tie on masks.. use pleated pattern but substitute shoelaces or heavy weight cording… instead of band o right/ left side of mask..make channel top & bottom to run shoe lace thru if mice long shoe lace or sew to each corner. Used tie on masks for years….

      2. Marcia

        Toledo quilt is suggesting cutting a t shirt in 1 inch strips across the width. Let it roll & use as ties

    2. Nancy

      Medical staff in PA are saying not to make those face masks, they are ineffective, not sanitized and will be thrown away. I know a lot of people are making them but it seems futile.

      1. Linda in MN

        In MN, Allina and other medical facilities requested the fabric masks, as they are so short on supplies here. The hospital sanitizes them. I made my first delivery today to a hospital worker who was beyond grateful. Maybe it’s different in different states.

  1. Jean

    Yesterday only one ad to close. Today…lots.
    I’m writing from Florida. We have 9 cases in my county. I am staying home and trying to stay well. My town is shut down almost completely. My heart breaks for those businesses which will not survive this. Heart rending.

  2. Polly Perkins

    Now a case in our county which means probably many more. Illinois is on shelter in place through April 7 but I can see that it will probably be extended again. I will have to go out to get prescription refilled at pharmacy and will stop in the grocery store and hope that there is what I want there.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, we are fine, my son in Taiwan is working from home, he is an English teacher at high school and waiting for second daughter to arrive 24 april.fortunately, his wife has finished work and Stella, they year old is older son was on holiday with his partner up the Waikato, a beautiful rural area, and they managed to get a flight home today.andrea his partner was getting anxious, but will be better at home, l will get her to bake cakes and biscuits for the old people across the street.andrew will take care of the shopping for us! I was very impressed you remembered my son over seas, there are 7 hedgehogs coming for supper now,in Wellington!. Best wishes, sandy

      1. Sandy in Indiana

        Oh I would love to see a picture of the hedgehogs…….stay safe everyone!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – yes, I did remember your son because of your visit there recently. Glad they’re all fine and you, too! Is Andrew your other son who lives in New Zealand by you? And do you have hedgehogs often? Do you feed them and if so, what do they eat? They’re not pets, are they?

  4. Jane Busby

    I’m from Florida. I work 12hrs overnight shifts at our hospitals ER….needless to say, I’m already overtired and running on empty, and it’s just the beginning…it will get worse. Stay home, wash your hands and be still!💜

    1. Janice Hebert

      Jane. Thank you for what you do. You must be exhausted, I can’t imagine how hard this is on doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and everyone else in the front lines. So much to deal with. Praying that everyone finally realizes how dangerous this virus is and that staying in place works. Be still everyone. Jan in MA

  5. the other Angie

    Hello from central Georgia. It’s about the same here as everywhere else. We are all staying in as much as possible. Our quick runs to the grocery store are not so productive – we never know what will be available. The numbers in Georgia are increasing (or maybe this is a reflection of knowing the testing results) and I expect it will get worse before it gets better. However, this will pass. We are working to find good family opportunities during this time.

    Just wondering if the Game Board pattern is still available? Was it $10? I love all the minis and want to order them after I know the availability of the Game Board and if that would all fit in one envelop with maybe 2 stamps?

    Thanks so much for staying in touch!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The other Angie – YES, Gameboard is still available for $10 and one business envelope with one stamp! Excellent Choice!

  6. Ann C Roth

    I am social – distancing from my 2 kitties here at the farm in Keeling, Va. Feel somewhat
    isolated, but am putting binding on 2 quilts–so relaxing. No family, just me and the cats!!

  7. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Thanks, Mary!I love your ending comments. I will be sending my order in for the two flag quilts. My three twenty somethings just moved to Japan for international teaching. So. I will be making these and sending-class room show and tell, if you will. I miss them and pray for their safety. I enjoy your spirited blog! We are hunkered down here in Illinois as well.
    Keep us smiling,
    Sharon in Oswego, Illinois

  8. Diane and Squeak

    We have one case in our county in Central Ohio, but being careful. Hubby went to Kroger’s during the “ old people’s’ hour” 7 to 8 AM. I dropped a quilt at my quilt shop. Used my own pen! Jane and any other medical personnel, Thank You. It can’t be easy. The same to teachers who are putting in extra work on online plans and sending creative homework for home. Our car, Squeak, goes out in good weather on the screened porch, but today she was running around like she was stir crazy like we are!! Stay healthy everyone😃

  9. Sunflower from Michigan

    Mary, here in Michigan our governor just called for staying in with travel only if absolutely necessary. My husband and I had been staying home already so it isn’t much of a change for us. We have three or four card games that we play throughout the day and of course I work in my sewing room anytime I am able. I have started my seeds growing, so I have that to entertain myself also. When it gets just a little warmer I’m going to go ahead and plant a little bit of lettuce and other early spring crops in the ground.
    The half marathon that my daughter and I were going to participate in Indianapolis in May has been canceled. I still take one or two walks a day to get out of the house.
    Regarding the comments about the facemasks today that people are making. I have a niece and a nephew who are both ER doctors in Detroit hospitals. They are very happy to have these homemade masks. Also I have a niece who is a doctor of physical therapy, in a small rural hospital up north in Michigan, and she has requested some for herself. I think people should keep making them if they are doing that And they still have elastic to make them.
    The adult foster care home that my dad resides in has stopped allowing visitation. My mom would get my dad several times a week to take him for a drive or to take him to their farm. I’m very sad for them because now they can’t socialize together anymore. He’s not very willling to talk on the phone. They have been married for 65 years.
    My biggest worry is that my husband has an infusion treatment on Thursday morning for his lymphoma. He has to get it at a big hospital. I am not allowed to go in with him but I am required to drive him because of the sedation he receives during the treatment. I’m very nervous about him going into the hospital where there are cases of the virus and even deaths from the virus. We are planning precautions of surgical mask and gloves For him to wear while there but it is concerning.
    Thank you for the ittybitty patterns to choose from. And for your blog to keep us informed on how everyone is coping. Everyone, please stay home, use precautions and stay safe. I’m off to my sewing room where an abundance of choices await me!

    1. Ruth

      Please consider washing ALL of your husband’s clothes as soon as he comes home from the hospital. It’s another difficult thing to remember, but the authorities here say don’t wear anything out of your house that can’t be washed. We are in Maryland.

  10. Trish

    I would like to order the mini’s. I don’t see anyway to order them. Please help!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Trish – I very clearly explained on the blog post how to order them.

  11. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hi, Mary,
    I think the stages of grief apply to our reactions to this virus, and right now, I’m well past denial, just feeling sad. My son and my daughter in law are both without employment at this point, in Ohio. My daughter in law works for a business that closed its doors before the shut down order, the woman who owns the company was so significantly impacted immediately that she knew she could not sustain the losses and would not reopen. Now with the shut down, my son was told they are closing the business he works for, indefinitely.
    What a world, it’s just so upsetting.

    Our county, Erie County in Western New York, went from 0 to 87 cases in little over a week. One death in a county just south of us. The good news reported a few minutes ago: because people are staying in, crime in Buffalo NY is down significantly. Imagine that, it takes a world wide pandemic to keep criminals at bay. Like I said, what a world.

    My mother lived through the Depression and WWII, and she feels this is worse. She said there were no runs on toilet paper and hoarding. You could socialize, go places, do things. Of course she worried about her brother in the Navy. But everyday life was not terribly impacted the way it is now. I think this is so hard on the very elderly (she’s 90) because their world is small and their few activities are not available. The Senior Center, which just opened… state of the art enormous space, millions and millions spent on it… closed. She went every day and had friends. She’s still driving and would go for groceries and her certain coffee and bread etc, and I’m not willing to go do those things. I’m having groceries and drug prescriptions delivered, I haven’t been out of the house since March 11, and I predict not going anywhere before August or September.

    On a high note, lots of sewing and death cleaning going on here too! Just hoping that that death thing stays away for a good long time!
    And my Kitty is perfectly happy letting the world pass her by as she sleeps in front of the fire! Blessed ignorance!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at POQ – I’ve thought about our parents a lot recently and I’m relieved that they’re all gone and we don’t have them to worry about. They just would not have grasped the problem.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        My mother took her car out today and drove around the neighborhood just to breath fresh air! Im sad that these days are what they are for her, but I know I’m doing my best to keep her safe, and reasonably happy. Not much more we can do right now.
        Trying to “be still”.

  12. Bobbie

    Here in Washington state, we are locked down mostly. My husband and I are staying home. We are 84 and 75 yrs so it’s important we stay in. We have a lot of deaths. What I don’t understand is all the hoarding. We are buying what we need if we can find it but not over buying. God bless everyone and stay safe.
    I just finished yesterday quilting on my Longarm a on point quilt. Now I have to decide what I’m using for binding.
    It is pouring down rain here and my sewing room is outback in a she shed. Maybe it will stop so I can get out there.
    Where we live we have a very short growing season for veggies so I don’t plant a garden. Always went East of the mountains to buy fruit and vegetables. Will see if we do that this year.
    Everyone just pittle around , that’s what I do. Clean a little , throw some stuff away. Pet your fabric, sew. Bake a little, and walk that’s a good thing.
    Take call all.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – I feel I’m pitting as well – I have long stretches of time that could really be out to good use and I feel like I’m wasting it. Tomorrow is another chance.

  13. Jan VanDeWalle

    Hi Mary, Checking in from Yamhill, Oregon. Our Governor shut down all things not essential yesterday. She had asked folks to stay home a couple of days before but Many headed for the beaches over the weekend. So she did an official shut down, The small towns along the coast were in a panic with people bringing their germs , most places to eat were already closed so they were cleaning out the small grocery stores, It is crazy.
    I have an eye appt tomorrow so will go to that, it is a small and they are not scheduling people close together so won’t be crowded. We are getting rain showers today and the rest of the week but having sun breaks.. My husband was told to put the taxes thru the mail slot and they will take care of any questions over the phone guess we will get them back in the mail, our CPA is retiring after this tax season but he knows the farm and has done them for years.
    There are 3 cases of the virus in our county but Portland and Salem are not far away, 30 + miles.
    Our grand daughter is working 6/7 days a week some times double shifts in a memory care facility since the college is shut down , Not getting to visit with our kids and families is hard but I talk to them often.
    Love the Itty Bitty quilts. Oh got a pkg. from MSQC just now

  14. Kathy in western NY

    This morning I believe I told Mary we had 63 confirmed cases in our county and tonight’s news we have 81 cases now and three local deaths. One of the hospitals a person died is only 15 minutes from us. It spread fast. 400 people in quarantine. Also for those who want to compare it to flu, well there were 17 total flu deaths in our county. The fabric masks here are still requested by all the hospitals to be used and I also know a person who works for a nursing home who said she was making them for their staff as well. Anything to protect now. Tomorrow we get another walk in outside cause we bundle up and it feels so good to have that air pumping through my lungs. I want to keep them working.
    Cute patterns Mary.

  15. Carolyn Rector

    Here in Ohio we are under a mandatory shutdown stay at home order. Only allowed to go out for food. Things in short supply at the stores, hard to buy all groceries one day a week. Found no ground meat today, no canned tomatoes, no paper towels, tiny bit of dish soap. The order takes place at midnight tonight. Only pandemic licenced day cares are open, six children to a room. Only jobs that support hospitals, pharmacy, food supply, emergency responders etc are allowed to be open tomorrow. The post office remains open, it’s a federal agency. Pray the numbers start going down before our hospitals are over run.

  16. Pauline

    It’s Tuesday here in South Australia. I’ve been reading all the comments with a map of the USA next to me so that I can see the range of where the comments originate. Our Federal Government yesterday passed all the necessary legislation, with full support, for the economic welfare, as so many people lose their jobs in hospitality, tourism etc., and for businesses having to close down. Our state borders have, or are about to be closed. We are lucky here to be isolated by distance, although in “normal” times, it has its challenges. There are daily (or more) link-ups nationally between state and federal leaders, then broadcast press conferences to keep everyone up-to-date locally.
    I read lots of quilting blogs, and can see what a wonderful thing the world-wide quilting community is. Quilt-alongs, shared patterns and ideas, and lots of inspiring show and tell. Our quilt group’s biannual exhibition in April next year should be overwhelmed with entries!
    Our radio stations have to broadcast so much information, but in between we have heard good news stories, a session of children telling riddles and jokes -many laughs there – and cheerful music. Our shopping experiences seem similar worldwide, but our tiny LQS had to double its staff (to 2!😊) for a rush on supplies yesterday. Customers were given a disposable wipe cloth as they left, to do the door knobs.
    We’ll get through this, hopefully with more goodwill and respect for others, and lots more quilting done! Thank you for your online company, everyone.
    Cheers, Pauline

    P.S. my daughter works in aged care administration, and has had to set up an office at home, with a new title of Outbreak Supervisor! 😂 Their CEO is offering jobs to people in hospitality etc who have transferable skills, to help the extra strain on their staff in nursing homes and at-home care👍
    She also sent me a link to YouTube of Neil Diamond doing a variation on his “Sweet Caroline”: ”Hands…washing hands” etc

    1. Kathy

      HI Pauline😀 waving from western New York!!! It was so interesting reading your post.
      Keep Tom Hanks and his wife safe as they continue to recuperate there cause he plays a great Mr Rogers. 😁

      1. Pauline

        Thank you for the wave!!
        Tom and his wife Rita are out of hospital, self-isolating at home – he’s a bit peeved she’s beating him at gin rummy 😂 And he’s learnt how to properly eat our iconic Vegemite 👍
        Interesting times…and tighter controls announced last night, but today is a new day, and it will be sunny 😎
        Cheers, Pauline

  17. Liz Schrader

    At midnight tonight (Monday), Dallas County, which is where I live, will be by law “shelter in place”. Which means stay home! I had to go to my dermatologist today to have surgery on my shoulder for a melanoma growth. She had taken 6 biopsies a week ago. I am just on Tylenol for pain. Just took some so I can sleep. I am going to make masks tomorrow for my granddaughter and her husband who are both nurses. All hospitals or any medical facilities don’t have masks.Stay safe everyone!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Liz Schrader – I’m glad you got that melanoma removed – it wasn’t considered elective, I suppose. Be careful and don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Make some masks – it will give you something else to think about.

  18. Sandy

    The hedgehogs are wild, they line in my son’s garden, he has a wild area at the side of the house, but he puts cat biscuits and tinned cat food out plus water and they visit late at night.around midnight you can hear them munching on the front door step.they must have sleeping areas under the house l think. They eat insects, snails and any seedlings we try to grow, I’ll get my son to send you photos, best wishes, sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – we would all love to see the hedgehogs!!! It’s very sweet of your son to feed them- they obviously depend on him now!

  19. Judy

    We are doing fine here in Oregon and our governor finally came out yesterday and asked that people do a more shelter in place thing but she still is not really going to enforce it. I tried to go to Costco this morning for senior hour but the line was so long I just drove on home. I may just order what I can online. Here is a link to a story that happened in the town I live in. I hope that you will be able to read it. If not I will tell you what happened. It boggles my mind sometimes to understand people and the things they do.

    1. Judy

      Well it looks like the link won’t work so I will just tell you the story. A rebuilding center had 20-25 Boxes of N95 masks each containing 400 masks that they were donating to area hospitals. On March 6th they were stolen and there was no information on who the suspect was. The next day the victim found a seller on craigslist who was selling what she believed were the masks. She set up a meeting and contacted the local police so they were able to arrest him. He had 6 boxes with him and they recovered 7 from his home so there are still quite a few boxes missing that he may have already sold. Hopefully they will be able to recover those boxes if they can find out who bought them. Like I said it boggles my mind sometimes to realize what people seem to be capable of.

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