New Look for the Quilt Shop Building


I told you a  couple weeks ago that Telly broke out 2 windows in the quilt shop because I had locked her in there while I went to church and she decided she didn’t want to be in there.  Well, we fixed that this week.  Steve and Chai came back and replaced the old windows with shatterproof glass. 


I always loved the old windows – they were charming and I bought them at a farm sale almost 40 years ago for $1.50 each but they didn’t open and close easily and they weren’t very tight.  So, these new “windows” don’t open either but they really let lots of light into the building and I don’t have to worry about Telly breaking them.

Thank you for all your support with prayers for LuluBelle – I have not heard from Carol but I am assuming she would let me know if her beloved kitty returned.

And here is Ernie Joe Mauer – not a great picture but someone asked about him recently.

It’s been a rainy week but today the sun is shining so as the old saying goes, I’ve got to “make hay while the sun shines”.  Thanks for all your comments about the shirt quilt.  I can’t wait to make another one.

11 thoughts on “New Look for the Quilt Shop Building

  1. Diana Schumacher

    Good morning. Seeing your barn quilts reminded me I have a friend who wants one after see saw mine do you know where she can get these? Thanks

  2. Angie Rowland

    I made a tartan table mat and couldn’t find many choices in the fabric departments and someone suggested shirts from goodwill. I couldn’t believe how many plaid shirts were available now I have another reason to collect them and them only being a few dollars and prewashed. good times had by all. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Jane b.

    I love seeing the quilts on the outside of the shop. I know frustration of pets destroying property because they want to be outside. Out shepherd will walk through the screen on our patio door. So we leave it open and chase the flies out of the porch.

  4. Carol

    Yesterday was a long day as no one spotted her after a few sitings the previous days. We feared the worst. This morning the paper girl rang our doorbell at 5:15 to say she just saw Kitty two houses down.

    We search with tuna in hand but no luck. My husband did also see her a few houses away about a half hour later. We now have two humane traps set on the property with tuna enticements….praying..,St. Anthony is in the window and St. Francis on the patio! I hope my years as a dutiful practioner pay off here! I will keep you posted…we are very sad but are now keeping ourselves close to home gardening. It is unusual to have such a spell of glorious weather in western New York so we are taking advantage while sticking by the phone…we never knew what wonderful neighbors we had!

    Our fitbit tells us we have walked almost 40 miles since Sunday, just in our little neighborhood. We will offer that info to the gym we have neglected this week!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I am so glad to hear she’s still hanging around! That’s good news and my readers will be happy to hear that, too. Have you tried just sitting on the ground near where she was seen and let her come to you eventually? 40 miles! Good Heavens!

      1. Beverly

        So glad the kitty is still being seen. You have a good suggestion of sitting on the ground. When our Little Kitty gets out and won’t come in after dark, no amount of calling will get him to appear or come close enough to grab. Too smart for me. However, when I go out and walk the property and talk to him like he is beside me, it is not long before I feel his warm fur on my legs. I sure hope Carol is able to capture her kitty before too long. Thank you for keeping us posted. Snow is almost gone here in the Great White North in Nova Scotia.

  5. Maryjane

    Realized you haven’t talked about Rick for awhile. Is he on the road? Hope all is well.

  6. pat slater

    I purchased a couple of quilt kits from you at the Country Living Fair in Ohio last Sept. One of the quilts is Mary’s 4 square. I seem to have misplaced the pattern and wondered if I could get another copy?

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