New UFO Number

It’s #1!!  We asked each other this morning, “Did you complete your #2?”  The answer almost across the board was “no”, or ” I didn’t even look at it.”  We failed miserably, showing that we are all human.  Between the Big Event, getting ready for the Big Event, vacations, company and just being outside, we all agreed that July was a busy month.  We have all vowed to try harder this month to get our #1’s done.  Here is a list of what we in the shop will be working on this month.

  • Mandy:  quilt Union Star Tablerunner
  • Lori:  make Ohio Star Crossing
  • Mary B.:  make Red & White Christmas quilt (she plans on doing a snowball quilt)
  • Joan:  paint storage shed
  • Jan:  make 1600 quilt
  • Brandi:  make Todd’s quilt (Square in a Square)
  • Ina:  make Sugar Maple quilt
  • Connie:  Liberty Urn
  • Mary E.:  Round Robin challenge from years ago

We hope this is inspiration for everyone out there.  Don’t forget to send pictures of your finished projects to be entered in a drawing for $100 gift certificate at the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “New UFO Number

  1. CJ

    Okay — I just started following your blog last month. Wow, this is just a wonderful idea to get me on track to work on my UFO’s. Please, please, let me know that you will continue to do this again next year. I am going to number all of my projects and start on number 1 NOW ! I will finish it in August. Thanks again and hope you continue this challenge.


  2. Michelle Hilsabeck

    Us too. My sister & I didn’t get anything done on our #2. Too busy in July… life gets in the way sometimes. Bummer but onward to #1. Ours is Cheddar Baskets a reproduction basket quilt with cheddar. acid green & brown.

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