Nikki’s Quilt

And here is Nikki’s first quilt!  She did a good job of piecing – the corners are perfect.  I quilted it yesterday and bound it last night and here she is with Eric, Bella and Boo.  I hope this is just the beginning of Nikki’s sewing hobby.

Had a customer/friend stop at the farm this afternoon – Heather Kittleson, now from Cincinnati, OH.  She is in the IA/MN area on business and it was such a fun to see her again.  Some of you might remember Heather from camp – she moved to Ohio from Washington recently.  We discussed Gypsy Wife at length and I showed her my Scrap Vortex.   Bentley also stopped by for a visit.

Remember those tiny, fragile goslings?  Here they are in a blurry picture taken from a distance.   I can’t get close enough to take a good picture so had to enlarge the one I had.  They are sturdy little guys that had a very shaky beginning.  I so hope they’re girls and not boys!  Male geese get so mean and aggressive.

Next up — quilting Scrap Vortex!!

11 thoughts on “Nikki’s Quilt

  1. Donna O

    Great job Nikki on your first quilt. Maybe you’ll join the rest of us with this passion. Very nice job. I hope you had fun. You had an awesome teacher.

  2. Launa

    Mary, Thanks for posting the picture of Nikki’s first quilt. ( I hope the first of many quilts) . A job well done.

  3. Christina Mejer

    It’s beautiful Nikki ! Welcome to a lifelong love of quilting and quilting friends!

  4. Connie

    Great job Nikki…. and Mary with the quilting and binding! The geese will be coming soon I think — as soon as you read the comments and discover it wasn’t included….. 🙂

  5. Maryjane

    Love Nikki’s quilt and it got done so fast! Seems like it was just blocks the other day. No geese picture. I’m sure it’s coming.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Very nice job. Hope this is the beginning of a very happy quilting/sewing life.

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