No Recipe Today

I forgot to take the final picture of the Danish Puff so will wait until the next time I make it to post the recipe.  It’s nothing but butter, flour, eggs and water –  you’ll have everything on hand.  I’m working on a gift quilt for a friend.  More on that later.

8 thoughts on “No Recipe Today

  1. Diane M

    I haven’t made it in a while either. I use a recipe from Betty Crocker. It is hard to stop eating only one piece at a time. Some one dropped off two small kittens a couple of weeks ago. My son heard one crying in the bushes and was able to catch it. We discovered a black and white one a week or so later, but we have not been able to catch it. I haven’t heard or seen it for awhile now. I wish people would be responsible with their pets.

  2. Vickie Devore

    Sounds great! Tempting to see the results of the recipe and getting it at the same time. And you’re getting to do some quilting. Sounds like a great idea; have fun, vickie

  3. terry moore

    awwwwww, was looking forward to your recipe. can you make it tomorrow? lol
    i will be trying your relish recipe. i can over 700 qts of food.this recipe will add another 15 pints to my list of canning goods.

  4. Jill Klop

    I have my grandma’s recipe for Danish Puff! We love it! She always added almond flavor too! Now I want some!

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