November Dirty Dozen, 12-1-20

Here are the very last November Dirty Dozen quilts – congratulations to all of you!

I’m posting the flamingos again in hopes that the maker, Sally J., will see this and post the origin of the pattern in the comments.

What a fabulous quilt show! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, WHO SENT THEIR PHOTO! I enjoy this as much as all of you do and it doesn’t happen unless YOU send me the picture of your quilt. Our December number is 4 so get to work and then take your photo with your name included in the photo somewhere – I can’t keep names and quilts straight if you don’t. Here’s my Number 4 – antique blocks to put together.

I’ve gotten Jo up 3-4 times today – I forget. She doesn’t really like it but she has stood in the kennel for several minutes before she dives into the dog bed or the chair. Here’s today’s Jo picture.

She doesn’t look quite as comfortable as yesterday but we need to keep practicing.

Connie and I have been working on small quilts to sell at Junkin Gal in Garner. This consignment store is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and even though our space is small, the quilts are well received.

I came across this antique quilt today – I’ll just bet those tan/gold borders were green originally. Many times green fabrics faded to tan and I’m reminded of Martingale’s new book “Red and Green Quilts” which I can’t wait to see. Wouldn’t that center block make a great tablecloth?

Enough for today – our weather is almost a dream for December 1 – around 40 degrees! Our walk through the grove was downright balmy! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

33 thoughts on “November Dirty Dozen, 12-1-20

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    Bless Jo she is trying so hard to be what you want of her.
    Wish we on here had a chance to buy your quilts. Any chance since we don’t live near you. I bet there are others on here who are interested especially when we don’t live anywhere near Garner

  2. Mary Rhodes

    Sounds like wonderful news with Jo! Slow but for sure! Red and tan quilt pretty! The dirty dozens are all nice. We had the cold and snow here in Bethel. 34 degrees today. Getting down to 28 degrees. Too cold after having those warm days in Ohio.

  3. Jean

    Wow! Lots of finishes this month. I love the antique red and tan quilt. Just lovely. Bless Jo. She is trying but her little mind is still hurt I think. She will learn that you really do love her… and then what joy will be hers!

  4. Pat Smith

    Jo looks uncomfortable, but she’s making an attempt to do what you ask even though it makes her uncomfortable. That says increasing trust. It’s going down to 34 degrees tonight in central Florida. That’s only 1 degree more that tonight’s temperature in Stowe VT where I’ll be next week. Can’t wait! ha!

  5. Jeanine

    All of the DD’s are wonderful! Great job everyone. I like Janice’s black/white quilt. Such a simple pattern, but very striking. I may have to use her idea for charity quilts I make. We had a nice day in southeast Iowa today, too. It was about 40* but no wind, and that makes so much difference, especially with the sun shining. I got my #4 out. Will have to wait awhile before I work on it as I am doing things for Christmas right now. Our kids in Ohio would like more masks, so am making them, and I just finished making 7 more stockings for new members of our family. I love working in my sewing room.
    Jo is coming along. Keep up the good work, Mary!

  6. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Jo is so brave to stand up. She still looks scared, but not as much. She is beginning to trust you. Good for both of you😊!! The DD’s are so wonderful. I always get ideas from them. Still beautiful snow here today. Now the lights are shining through the snow—so pretty🎄🎄.

  7. Terry

    Jo is beautiful! You’re so good to her, Mary, I’m sure she will grow to love and trust you. I would love to know what fabric collection was used for the two quilts with dogs. (Photos 3 and 4, anonymous). I’ve not seen fabrics like those before, and I love them!

    1. Rose Mikulski

      Hi from Rose/IL, the fabric line used in the two dog quilts is Dogma designed by David Hearn and is a 2013 In The Beginning line. This finish was special for me because I picked up a kit of this fabric from Mary and was the first of several visits I made to Country Threads. We stopped there whenever we traveled to Colorado. The smaller quilt top was made in 2014 and while looking for a backing, I looked at my Dogma stash and decided another quilt needed to be made. Both are quilted and residing nicely in the guest room. If you google the fabric l think there still some out there.

  8. Pat

    Such great quilt finishes and interpretations. Gloria I love your punch needle work. The Christmas stocking is great. Mary, the red/ white/ cream quilt that you just got is very interesting. A very unusual pattern. Great find.
    Helping Jo is a labor of love. Thank you for caring about her!

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    It was great seeing the many DD finishes. I, too, especially liked the black and white quilt.
    That is a sweet picture of Jo. Bless you both, Mary.
    It was in the low 40’s here today with intermittent sunshine.

  10. Ann in PA

    I love to see all those quilts. I need to pick a UFO each month & get it done.
    Jo does look unsure of things but each time you touch her lovingly she will come to feel safe. She is so fortunate to have a good home. ♥️

  11. Joyce from NY

    Jo does look so much better, the trust is hard coming, you will get her there I know!!
    The DD’s are beautiful, such talented ladies! Rain & snow here today, sounds like winter is here, more time to spend at the sewing machine!

  12. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Keep up the good work Mary on Jo. She looks unsure but the fear in her eyes has gone. If anybody can do this you can! Very nice pictures. You ladies are inspiration. I have made and have 75 TOPS. I DON’T like the quilting part. I even bought a Sweet Sixteen 6 years ago in hopes to tackle my tops. Nope, it sits in a corner, covered up, hardly used. I am not good at it and do not enjoy it at all! Let me tell you my husband never forgets all the thousands of dollars sitting there. Ugh….

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I am with you Linda… many tops and don’t like to quilt them. Some I will pay for custom or all over work, other tops sit waiting for me to decide. I wish I had the talent to see what to do with them for quilting designs but I lack that detail. I just made a charity quilt where I am doing straight lines on it like Mary does so that is working out well. I laughed over your comment about your husband reminding you of the $$$ sitting there.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    Lovely show today. What a busy bunch of quilters.
    How terrifying Jo’s life must have been to practice standIng in the presence of a human. My very worst day couldn’t be anything like what she went through.
    God bless both of you.

    It was cold and windy here today. Even a little snow.
    Rub her ears for me.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary,Jo is improving, ears not up yet,no tail wagging, so a way to go yet, tha nk goodness you are so kind and patient with her, we love the work you put into caring for animals Mary.wonderful quilt finishes today,stay safe everyone, best wishes from sandy

  15. Charlotte Shira

    Beautiful quilt slide show today! Great job ladies!! That antique quilt is beautiful.

  16. Lorraine McGeough

    Always like to see the progress on Jo and you certainly have the patience of a Saint but it looks like Jo is making slow attempts to get to know you. I can’t even imagine what she has gone thru and it breaks my heart to think about it.
    I love the quilt show and thank you for sharing. Does anyone know the name of the pattern of the quilt made by Pattie from PA? It is the 13th picture down. Would love any information on the name of the pattern. Thanking anyone in advance.

  17. Sally J.

    Mary you were inquiring about the origin of the flamingo quilt i made. I made it from a pattern out of a magazine. I came to Florida the 1st of November (snowbird) and pattern is in Michigan. I will contact my daughter in Michigan for her help.
    Wonderful Quilt show today!! I need to get busy and finish my #1 and get going on #4.

  18. Donna

    Jo looks a little confused! Progress no matter how small still counts! Beautiful finishes!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    What a quilt show is right!!! Great pictures of projects. I love the variety your readers bring to us. That’s nice others get to enjoy your small quilts for years to come by selling them. So happy Jo trusts you to touch her so making headway.

    We woke to a winter wonderland here this morning and it’s beautiful. That kind of wet snow that covers every branch and limb and every outline in your yard. Always so pretty. Won’t last cause sun is coming out this afternoon but some good moisture for greening In spring for our lawns.
    And it’s above freezing so no worries for walking outside.

  20. Nikki M in Tx

    Jo will get there eventually…she is making progress & that is a good thing !
    All the DD’s are great. Afraid my DD’s have been lowered on the to do list…life has gotten in the way ! Doesn’t that happen to all of us at one point or another ?
    Your antique quilt acquisition is fabulous ! I have a question, is the center pieced or appliqué ? It gives me so many ideas !
    I acquired a summer quilt at a farm implement auction ( long & somewhat funny story ) years ago that is red/green that have used as table cloth that I adore.
    I was told it was a summer quilt by an elderly friend at the time , the quilt has no batting or backing, and finished edges. First time had ever heard the term, I thought it was just a quilt top that had edges turned under & basted to prevent fraying until could finish assembling.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – the center is pieced. I’ve had it for years but it’s stacked up with others and I hadn’t looked at it for awhile. Yes, I know about summer quilts – usually they are pieced tops with a backing and then bound but no batting in the middle- for obvious reasons during the hot months.

      1. Nikki in Tx

        Thank you…Busy all day yet feel like accomplished nothing…granddaughter coming to spend few days with me…she promised has been self quarantining for last 10 days & plans to remain so until comes up Friday, excited for visit even if only for weekend . Haven’t seen her since February except on Zoom !! Want to finish binding on quilt for her tonight or tomorrow so can wrap & she can take home with her…she wants to bake while here so that will be fun.

  21. Sue in Oregon

    Wonderful quilt show. I love the antique quilt. Bet you are right about the green fading to tan. Still gorgeous though. Oh, and the vintage blocks are great. Can’t wait to see them put together.
    I think Jo looks interested, maybe in Whats Next?

  22. Kim J LeMere

    I really enjoy seeing all the gorgeous finishes, its helps with being locked down this year. We have had some really cold mornings here in TN, only 17 this morning and my pansies were covered in snow! I know it wont last but its so strange to be this cold and its going to last a full week for us. Brrr….

  23. Janice Hebert

    All of the quilts are wonderful! Mary, I just love your project with the antique blocks, they are beautiful! I’m working on a doll quilt size “thimble” quilt, hand piecing it and will hand quilt once it’s done. I think every room has something in it that’s unfinished, lol. I have knitting, rug hooking, and the quilts in progress. Sigh… but I will never be bored! That is for sure. Jo is good to let you lift her up Mary! She doesn’t seem to be aggressive at all. It must be sweet when she eats from your hand. Give her a pat from me. Jan in MA

  24. Jeanne

    I remember people writing in to your blog asking how to get rid of pop up ads but at the time I didn’t have a problem with them. Well, now I do, and when I X out the ad, part of the blog comments under the ad are erased too. Is there a way to get rid of them entirely? Thanks.

  25. Paula in Texas

    I love the antique quilt……I sure hope you and Connie will develop a pattern! Jo looks pretty good, up out of the bed. Enjoy the nicer weather!

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