Number 9

We had yet another snow day on Monday, the day we had intended to celebrate Connie’s birthday with breakfast at Perkins followed by a day of sewing. Since that didn’t happen I spent the time working on my Number 9 project which, even though I finished, ended up creating another project with more leftover blocks than I could use!!!
How is your Number 9 coming — you have almost 2 weeks yet to finish.

4 thoughts on “Number 9

  1. Jean Elliott

    Wow, I know I should “know” but is that just scraps or is that particular layout for this. Love it! I’m in the process of gathering up all the scraps I haven’t cut for “stuffing” dolls and will trim them all in to squares.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      This was a vintage four patch quilt top that I added to so that it will fit a queen bed. My additional rows have no particular pattern.

  2. Karen

    I goal was to finish the blocks, which I did. Now I decided to see if I can get it all put together and quilted in the next 2 weeks.

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